Amazing Voxel Bird Saga. THE REAL CHASE IS ON! NOW IN 3D! Tap to flap the wings of our cute little bird in this #1 thrilling and action packed 3D challenge. The little blue bird needs your help passing the 3D landscape of Voxel-Land. Collecting as many coins as possible and surviving long term are the goals in this voxel based adventure. Avoid hitting the ground and other obstacles, collect red flowers for some extra energy, pick up mushrooms to grow and become invincible to destroy anything in your way – or collect a bomb and blast a path through the environment.

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Get all achievements and become a real flappy, floppy, fluppy and fluffy Voxel Bird eagle!
Game Features:
– Fly in a real fully destructable 3D voxel world
– Easy to grasp touch control, just tap to flap bird
– Over 20 achievments to discover
– Cute and crisp graphics
– Chiptune-soundtracks by Amiga legend “WOTW”
– Online highscores
– up to 3 difficulty levels (full version)
– graphics quality adjustable to get the best out of your device
– Facebook intergration
How to play:
– Tap to flap and fly higher
– Gravity pulls you down
– Collect as many coins as possible
– Avoid mountains, stones and bricks
– Collect mushrooms to become invincible and smash through anything
– Collect red flowers to recharge your energy level
– Collect bombs to demolish the whole environment in one blast!
Wether you liked or disliked Flappy Bird, you’ll certainly love Voxel Bird!