AltiChord is a chord reference application for various stringed instruments like guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin or bouzouki.

AltiChord knows both simple chords and complicated ones used in jazz music, including slash chords (Cm/G) and works equally well with custom instrument tunings.

Download “AltiChord” for your Apple device here.
Visit the official website of “AltiChord” here.

You can display, compare and practice several different chords at once – may they be chords of a song or different variations of the same chord.

You can adjust the complexity of the chord shapes shown according to your skill. In addition to the usual chord shapes, AltiChord lets you choose among more difficult chord shapes with two barres and big stretching between fingers.

Several strumming options or finger-picking style are available.

AltiChord allows you to create and experiment with alternate tunings for instruments with three, four, five or six strings in case you do not find your favourite instrument or tuning in the list.

AltiChord features an auto-complete chord entry field that lets you quickly enter chord symbols. You can easily reorder chords using drag and drop over the tokens.

You can see individual shapes in tablature notation so that you could transfer them into your music sheet.

Some other features include:
• Filtering icons for progressively adjusting the chord shape difficulty
– using one, two, three or four fingers
– without barre, small barre, big barre, two barres
– no stretching, small or big (two frets)
– strumming / picking options – the chord shape must include all strings; all strings with possibly omitting few from the lowest, from the highest or allow any string combination (suitable for finger-picking)
• Sorting by fret (neck position) or by difficulty
• Supports left handed players
• Playback of individual chords in three different styles
• Possibility to configure which intervals may be excluded from a chord shape – suitable when there is a separate bass instrument or when trying to play more complicated chords on an instrument with three or four strings. Options to limit how many intervals to exclude at most and how many times a tone may repeat at most in a shape.
• Option for showing the shapes for all inversions of the chords
• Options for limiting the number of open and muted strings in a shape
• Supports English (C D E F G A B) and German/European (C D E F G A H) notations
• Drag-and-drop of shapes to other applications
• Supports retina displays
• Runs in sandbox mode

A free trial is available on our web site.

Happy playing!