StateofTech has been an ad-supported network since we started back in 2008. We have helped tens of thousands of companies expand the reach of their products and apps through our sponsored content program. Over the last few years, we have experimented with different content subjects and delivery methods. In 2015, we narrowed our focus to our website and Youtube. We found that our organic content centered around subjects our viewers care about performed the best. Sponsored content worked well when it was complementary to our organic content. This is why in 2016, we are focusing even more on organic content and are looking for companies who want to partner with us along the way.

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StateofTech is looking for advertisers who have products and services that would benefit our audience. We want our sponsors to be a good fit for our audience. If you are interested in advertising with StateofTech, please fill out the form below to be directly connected with our Sales team.