WeatherBug iPhone App Review

Weatherbug puts live, local weather conditions from over 45,000 locations in the world on your iPhone of iPod Touch. I personally have ditched the standard Weather App, to the back screen and wish I could delete it. I love Weatherbug though one of it’s downfalls in my opinion is that it only allows you to save three locations. I do not think I mentioned this in the podcast. Come on Weatherbug, let’s step it up. I want to know the weather of all of my favorite places.


  1. Jason says

    I didn’t mind this app for what it did do more than the native weather app, BUT the reason I deleted it was cause (as far as I could tell) you couldn’t change the F to C, which being from BC, I would want to know the type of reading I am used to. Maybe an update down the road.

  2. Navin says

    This app is bogus. The temparature is in error by 5-8 degrees on a regular basis. I tested it for a month and I am deleting it.