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Keeping the conversation alive is hard to find time to do. Let us help with that process. We have three subscription programs available to help keep your app from being forgotten. When you launch an app, you often do a huge media push. This is probably how you found DailyAppShow.Com. After that, you just sit back and see what happens. Media moves fast these days and maintenance is required. Our subscription programs make sure that fresh content about your app is flowing through the internet.

Besides keeping the conversation alive, you are always working to make your app better. You add new features and reach new milestones as your app matures over time. Our Video App Review Subscription programs can help get those new features and milestones out there to the viewers and other media outlets.

Here is how it works:

Choose a Video App Review Subscription program. After you sign up, we will create your first full featured Video App Review, add it to our release schedule and publish it based on the options you choose. Based on the options of the program you choose at signup we will produce new videos and syndicate them across our website and networks. Because of your subscription plan, we will keep your app installed on our devices. When updates come through, we can act fast and produce a new video for you. Alternatively, we can just schedule new videos to go out throughout the year to make sure the public is reminded of your app. All subscription programs are Featured or higher, which means that your app will spend a lot of time on our homepage through out the year.

How much does it cost?

We have a few different programs for single app subscriptions starting at $500 per year or $50 per month. For as little as $50 per month, our team will make sure new videos are going up about your app. The yearly option does not auto-renew however the monthly option is a recurring charge at which you can cancel at any time.

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Yearly subscription rates are discounted over monthly rates. Monthly subscriptions are coming soon. Please check back.