Tuner iPhone App Review

Listen to 1000’s of internet radio stations on your iPhone of iPod touch. Bookmark your favorites and browse by genre. This is a great that gives you access to a ton of music.

Price: $5.99
Download This App: Tuner Internet Radio

Developer Website
Tuner Support

In the tutorial the numbers 98, 128 etc. I refer to are actually the Bitrate of the audio feed which is the quality. The higher the bitrate the better quality the audio. Though the higher the bitrate also creates a bigger file to stream resulting in possible lag. Use your best judgment. I have found that 128 sounds just fine as most mp3’s are encoded at 128.

UPDATE 7/19/08:
Tuner is back in the iTunes App Store. I just received an update to the App and then noticed it is back in the store. This must have been why it was pulled from the app store. I have read that some major upgrades have been done to Tuner app to fix bugs that were causing problems. If you already have the app, look for the update in your iPhone’s App Store. If you were looking to buy this app, it is back in the store for purchase.

Tuner is back


  1. Jerad Hill says

    As of matter of fact it is bitrate, I don’t know why that didn’t come to mind when I was recording the tutorial. Thanks!

  2. MattSG says

    Most of 1.FM’s streams are up there and they’re pretty good, playing the decent music from a full range of genres (e.g. from baroque to bangra, including alternative etc.).

  3. DWILL says

    Thanks for the review (I’m sure you know it’s in the NY TImes today, too– the app that is)—- and has the app been pulled from the store?

    Can’t find it!


  4. TK says

    Where is this app available? I’ve seen it here and in a NY Times article, but I don’t actually see it on iTunes available in the App store.

  5. says

    They pulled it and it makes sense why. It completely cannibalizes Pandora and AOL Radio, somebody made a phone call from one of those companies and killed it.

    Another thing – this is a dynamite app that will suck ATT network time and they could have also decided that it was going to cost them too much in terms of network resources.

    Anyone else been able to get it?

  6. Jerad Hill says

    I really doubt they would just pull it after charging people for it. I have the app obviously and it works fine for me. If what you say is true then they will have to continue to support an app that was just released though not sell it any further.

    To think about it, what if every iPhone listener was streaming radio at the same time? What would that do to the AT&T 3G network? Is it strong enough to support that much streaming? Personally I think the whole concept of streaming audio or video over a 3G network is premature. I have a 3G broadband card in my laptop and it has a hard enough time itself streaming anything.

  7. says

    yeah – it disappeared on me, I was angry. but all is well now.

    looks like they worked out some kinks.

    my friend would like better buffer settings so he can control the buffer size he wants.

    personally i want to be able to edit both the URL and the title of stations in my favorites. it looks like they started down that path by asking for a station name, but it’s not complete. and for providers like di.fm, they redirect requests to random streams – i want to bookmark the main stream not a random mirror. right now i can’t go back to edit that. i’m going to send this feedback to nullriver myself, but it’s nice to see them updating it so quickly. i was worried it disappeared :)

  8. madmax says

    hello… since the update today the most stations are missing and my bookmark got lost? where are the gone???

  9. gabriel says

    do you have in search radio genders —-manele ?
    before i buy the radio i need to know.
    thank you

  10. Rama says

    Jared, I saw your review for Tuner and now I have it and am very pleased! But in your video, you showed how Tuner had so so many genres, like dub and dubstep.. But mine doesn’t have that many at all! Why does mine not look like yours?

  11. Jerad Hill says

    When the latest version of Tuner was released many streams that were not working were removed from the list. When it was first released there were tons of streams listed but many were broken. I’m sure more will come. Remember, you can always add your own streams as well.

  12. Si says

    One of my favourite apps is the Tuner. If only they’d sort out some of the minor teething troubles.

  13. says

    Hi Jerad,

    I downloaded this app and fired it up at my desk at work. I hooked my iPhone into the speakers at my desk, and plugged my 3G iPhone into the AC adapter cord. It was streaming music beautifully. But half way through the day I noticed my battery was almost drained! Is it possible this app consumes more power than the charger is able to supply? Anyone else have a problem with this?


  14. says

    Mike, you know that is a good question. I have never attempted to run my phone streaming like that. If you were using 3G network opposed to an available WiFi network I know that 3G takes a lot more energy from the phone then WiFi.

    Next week I am going to get a adapter for my truck so I can plug in my iPhone using the headphones jack and play streaming music into my truck’s stereo. I will be making a road trip down to Southern California next month and want to see how well it performs. I know that 3G availability will only be there for about a 1/10th of my trip but I can switch over to iPod mode. I also want to try out Simplify Media on the road.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  15. MilMascaras says

    KCRW is available on AOL Radio iPhone App.

    p.s.:Does Tuner pull in ” .pls ” streams?

  16. says

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  1. […] Tuner – Tuner is very similar to AOL Radio, but with full listings of Internet radio stations, or ShoutCast radio stations. These are indie stations created by users and their own playlists. There is just so much music here its insane. Comedy and talk as well. I heard this app was pulled from AppStore though, but I cannot confirm. […]