Top Five Mac Wallpaper Websites


Most people stare at their computer screen for most of their day, why not have something nice to look at? Below is a list of some of the best wallpaper websites that you can use for your Mac. These are not the only ones around but we feel that they are some of the best ones and are updated frequently.
Wallbase has a vast collection of wallpapers for your Mac. The main feature of this site is its search feature. There aren’t wallpaper categories per say but you can search by a keyword and the search will show you all wallpapers that match your search. If that isn’t good enough then you can use the Randomize feature that will randomly search the Wallbase catalog and show you a wide variety of wallpapers. There is also a Global Toplist so you can see what people are liking and download the most and choose from something there as well.

The Paper Wall
The Paper Wall is the place to go if you are wanting to look for wallpapers by specified categories. There are over thirty categories that you can choose from to find the right wallpaper for you. The Paper Wall features a wallpaper every day in their Wallpaper of the Day section, giving you the option to get a new wallpaper each and every day. There is also a section on the website where you can see the most popular wallpapers and even choose your wallpapers based upon screen resolution. The Paper Wall has got you covered on your Mac wallpaper search.

Simple Desktops
Simple Desktops goal is to remove the clutter of desktop wallpapers and give you a clean and simple looking background. The wallpapers on Simple Desktops are user submitted but before they are featured must go through a rigorous checklist to ensure they are not full of busy and distracting type or images. The wallpapers here aren’t in categories, they are going to be on one page that you can scroll through and see all of their offerings. And if that isn’t enough for you, they offer a Mac App that will allow you to easily access their wallpaper database and change your wallpaper even faster!

InterfaceLIFT has a great collection of photography wallpapers for your Mac. Each wallpaper has a description from the photographer and you can even see information about the camera and software they used to make the wallpaper. Each wallpaper comes in a variety of resolutions and InterfaceLIFT automatically determines your screen resolution and sets that as the default download size for each wallpaper. If you have multiple screens they have even optimized their wallpapers to scale both screen continually.

HD Wallpapers
HD Wallpapers has ten categories of full HD wallpapers for you to choose from for your Mac. Each category has pages of wallpapers for you to choose from. Each wallpaper comes in a 1920×1080 resolution but can still be used on any desktop if you wanted to.

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