Down to Chill


Down To Chill is a trendy place to hang out with friends who share your interests. Hanging out with friends is now easy, convenient, and fun.

To get started with Down to Chill you’ll need to create an account by logging in with your Facebook account. What this will do is pull in all of your profile information and allow you to connect with your Facebook friends that are on Down to Chill. There aren’t any other profile options from there, whatever your profile picture and name is on Facebook is what it’s going to be on Down to Chill. The only option that you’ll have as far as customizing your profile will be the custom hashtag that you can add to your profile, and we’ll get into hashtags and how they work below.

To see who’s available in your area to chill you’ll want to come into the Home tab. Here you’ll tap on the Down to Chill button and your profile will go into Online mode. Down to Chill will then use your current location to find others around you that are ready to chill as well. Once a profile card is show to you in the Home feed you can either Chill with that person, which will send them a request and open a chat with them, or Next them, which will discard that profile card and show you the next available person. The Home feed is where you are going to find your Facebook friends as well as people who are close by.

The Feed tab is where the hashtags are going to come into play. There will be two sections to the Feed tab, your Current Location and Following. The current location will show the city name in the top left of the screen. Here you will see updates and comments from people who have used your cities hashtag to leave a post. For example, we are located in Modesto and our cities hashtag is #Modesto, so whenever someone posts to that hashtag they will show up in my cities news feed. From there I can comment and like other people’s postings. The Following tab will allow you to search for specific hashtags to follow and you’ll see posts for the hashtags that you follow. The custom hashtag that you set for your profile will automatically be followed in this section.

The last tab in Down to Chill is the Chat. This is where you’ll be able to chat back and forth with the people who you have connected with by tapping on Chill from the Home feed. You’ll see all of your chat history with everyone you’ve connected with as well as any hashtags that you’ve posted to. Tapping on a chat will bring you into it where you can continue to reply to that person, where you can send text or photos. If you’d ever like to leave a chat tap the three dots in the chat history and you’ll have to unmatch yourself from them and you’ll leave the chat. But the main purpose of the chat tab is for you to set up a time and place to go chill with the person that you matched with.

It’s time to start chilling with all of your friends. Don’t be a homebody, get out and do something with Down to Chill!

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Bounce – Share Here


Bounce is a photo and location sharing app where you can share the world around you and see pics and spots your friends post.

Bounce is a photo sharing app with an emphasis on location. Share what you see, what’s going on around you, and the stops along your journey! Opening Bounce brings you to the timeline, where you can scroll through and view all of the photos and locations your friends have posted. Each bounce shows the name and profile picture of the friend that shared it, your distance from the location of the bounce, a description, and of course the photo itself. And of course you can fave and comment on any bounce.

You can also view bounces by location using the map tab! Here you can see bounces all around you on a map that you can zoom and scale, and filter by distance from you.

Sharing a photo is easy too! Tapping on the “b” button on the bottom of your timeline will bring you to the create a bounce page. Here you can add your description, photo, expiration time of the bounce, as well as how big of a bounce you want to show. You can slide the scale from as little as 100 yards all the way up to 100 miles, whatever is most relevant.

Bounce is great for showing off nature during a wilderness hike, or sharing a cool hangout spot or event happening near you. Discover the world with Bounce!

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Locate and communicate with friends, family, or virtually anyone in the world with TruVu for the iPhone and iPad.

Upon first launch, TruVu will ask users to create an account. You can either choose to create a new one or connect with Facebook. If you choose to create a new one you will have to fill in all of the fields manually and upload a profile picture. If you choose connect with Facebook all of the profile information from Facebook will be pulled over and you can begin using TruVu. Once you’ve created your account it’s time to find some friends!

TruVu allows users to locate each other and begin communicating and building relationships. The way that this works is that TruVu uses the geo-location of each users device to pinpoint them on a map for others to see. If someone would like to communicate with someone else all they have to do is tap on the pin on the map and they will see an overview of that user’s profile. If they like what they see that can then friend that person and begin chatting with them.

There are a few privacy settings in TruVu to help you filter who can see your profile. You can set it to Public which allows all users of TruVu to see your profile, Friends which only allows friends to see your profile, and Off which hides you from everyone. There is a search option that will allow you to find someone specific should you know their username or actual name.

Find new friends or reconnect with old ones with TruVu, available now on the App Store.

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Who’s On Now


Who’s On Now connects you to highly rated and most responsive professionals in your area and provides a safe and secure way to pay for services.

Who’s On Now is an app that combines three things in a novel and easy to use way: a professional services directory, a direct-to-business communication tool, and an simple, secure payment platform. Who’s On Now is a great way to find service contractors and consultants that are active and involved in providing great customer service. As each company or contractor in Who’s On Now can be rated, commented on, or reported, you can feel confident knowing that you’ve picked the right person for your needs.

There are two ways to find businesses in search tab of Who’s On Now; you can sort by the ones near you, or you can find those in a specific field of service. Tapping on each listing will show the business name and profile picture, information about the business such as the overview, experience in the field, any licenses they carry, and a warranty if applicable, as well as a rating out of five stars from other Who’s On Now users. You can chat with companies directly in Who’s On Now simply by tapping “Message” and you will be entered into a chat with the business where you can initiate a conversation. This is a really great way to find out if you and that business or contractor are a good fit. In addition to the search function, Who’s On Now has a News Feed where businesses can post updates that might be of interest to you.

After you find the right service provider and the job gets done and you’re satisfied with the work, Who’s On Now makes it easy for both the company to invoice you and for you to pay directly in the app. Who’s On Now even lets you avoid the tedious task of typing in your credit card info, as the app will let you scan the card using the camera, and everything will be detected and entered for you.

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NoteStream helps you learn about subjects you’re passionate about in self-contained streams containing easy to understand language and relevant illustrations.

NoteStream is for people who are passionate for learning, but don’t have time (or maybe the patience) to research the subject themselves. With that in mind, the developers built NoteStream to solve this problem. You can think of NoteStream as a series of encyclopedia articles that are laid out in an article format, are very easy to read, and contain both text and visual media to aid in understanding.

Each of these succinct and easily digestible lessons are called NoteStreams, and there are a few actions you can perform when browsing and viewing them. When you first tap on a NoteStream in Explore, you are presented with a short blurb about the NoteStream as well as the name of the author, community rating, and the option to either read the NoteStream or share it.

The power wheel contains five options, and is the way you navigate through the app. On the power wheel, you have a shortcut to the explore tab where you can find new and interesting NoteStreams, you can bookmark the current note page you’re on for quickly revisiting later, a feel tool where you indicate your feelings about the note you’re reading (where you can select eager, smart, excited, or confused), an option to share the note you’re reading via email or social networks, and finally the shortcut to your current streams.

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DreamTwits is a social network for dreamers. Users can come onto DreamTwits and post what they dreamed about, day dreams or night dreams, anonymously. Users of DreamTwits can then comment on other dreams and discuss that dream privately with the poster if they should like to. Post a dream to a category or use a hashtag to get maximum exposure! Start logging dreams today with DreamTwits.

The Home section of DreamTwits is where the feed of dreams will be. Images at the top of the feed are dreams that have recently been posted. There is also a section at the top of this menu that will let users cycle between Day Dreams and Night Dreams. Tapping on a dreams image will load the image full screen where users can read what the dream was and see the corresponding image. From this page users can engage others in the comments, like the dream, and even private message the user who posted the dream. Tapping on a users profile image will take you to their profile where you can see just that specific users dreams.

Posting a dream with DreamTwits is simple and quick. Tap on the Share Dream button and then the user can select to post either a Day Dream of Night Dream, the process is the same for both. After selecting the type of dream to be posted the user can then enter the text of their dream. The next step will be selecting an image to go with the dream. DreamTwits will do it’s best to find an image that suits the keywords of the dream but users can also choose to use their own image. Once the image and text are done the user will then select a category and hashtags that they would like to add. Multiple categories and hashtags can be used when posting a dream. Once that’s done the dream will be posted for all users of DreamTwits to see in the categories and hashtags chosen.

Explore dreams will fellow dreamers. Download DreamTwits for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Evanesce: Photo & Video Share


Evanesce is a new social networking app for your iPhone that makes it easy and quick to send your friends photos and videos. Each photo or video sent with Evanesce will self-destruct after 15 seconds, you’ll never have to worry about your friends saving those embarrassing selfies that you’ve sent them! Evanesce also has an anonymous send feature that will generate a code that you can send in secret so your friends won’t know who sent it, quite fun!

Evanesce’s main page is where you are going to be spending most of your time as your messages and friend requests will show up here. If your friends have sent you a photo or video message they will show up in the messages section of the main screen of Evanesce. What’s neat is that Evanesce will show you each individual message, even if there are multiple from the same person. Plus, Evanesce will differentiate between video and photo messages with a little video camera icon next to video messages. Tapping on a message will load it for you to view and from there you tap and hold on the screen to view the message, keep in mind that these messages will only last 15 seconds so be sure and get a good look.

The friends tab in Evanesce is where all of your friends will live. Coming into this section will show you everyone that you’ve friended as well as any friend requests that you’ve sent that are awaiting responses. Swiping right on a friend’s name will allow you to delete them from your friends list, but honestly, why would you want to do that!? In the top right hand corner of the friends tab you can add new friends by searching for their username and then tapping on the plus button that shows up next to their profile image. The more friends that you have the more fun that Evanesce will be.

Now that you’ve got all of your friends added to Evanesce, it’s time to send some messages. Tap on the camera button on the main screen and you can choose a photo or video from you camera roll to send or take a new photo or video. Which ever you decide to do you will end up with either a photo or video to send to your friends. When you’ve chosen the photo or video that you’d like to send its time to select weather you want to send it to your friends or send anonymously. If you chose to send it to your friends you will then be asked to select which friends you want to send the photo or video to and then it will be sent. If you choose to send anonymously you will be given a code that you can send through any messaging app that someone can then come into Evanesce and enter to see the message.

Surprise your friends with a photo or video they’re weren’t expecting with Evanesce. Try it for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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MiuMeet – Live Flirt & Dating


MiuMeet is a new way for you to meet, chat, and connect with new flirts that are looking for some company just like you are. With MiuMeet you be chatting up new local friends in no time. Find people that share similar interests, chat them up, and them meet up in person and hopefully meet that someone special. People with similar interests can find a place to chat within groups inside of MiuMeet.

When you first setup your account you tell MiuMeet what you are looking for in a person such as gender, ethnicity, interests, and age bracket. Those preferences will allow MiuMeet to filter the search results so you can find exactly what you are looking for in someone. The Search inside of MiuMeet is where you are going to find that someone that you’ve been looking for. Tapping on someones photo will take you into their profile where you can read all of the information they’ve provided as well as see all of the photos they’ve uploaded. If you like the person, tap yes and you’ll be able to star them and start chatting. Saying yes to someone also helps their rating go up and well as allowing MiuMeet to learn more about your preferences.

Once you’ve established that you’re interested in someone it’s time to start a conversation. In the Messages you can send photos, location, and the usual text and emojis. You can see all of the chats that you have going on, allowing you to bounce back and forth between conversations. Once you are done with a chat you can delete it so it’s no longer there. MiuMeet even has a local Love Doctor that can help you out if you need it.

MiuMeet is the easiest way to flirt, hook up, or meet new people in your area. Find friendship or love with the help of MiuMeet.

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BYBER is designed to help you meet new people, connect with friends, and explore the world around you! BYBER helps you connect with singles around you and arrange meetings with them. If you found someone that interests you, offer to buy them a drink and connect with them outside of the app. BYBER is a great way to connect with people that share similar interests and who enjoy having a good time.

The Flirt section of BYBER is for all of you singles. This section of BYBER will show you other users who are in your area, this of course means that BYBER uses your geo-location to help find users and events around you. Searching through the Flirt section you can select a person and view their entire profile; this includes their interests, loves, hates, favorite sports, and more. If you see what you like you can add them on BYBER and you can connect from there. You can also offer to purchase this person a drink! There is also a messaging feature that you can use to chat back-and-forth to get to know the person better. Flirt away and find that someone you’ve been looking for.

In the Discover tab you can find out what’s going on around you. Discover really shines by showing you all of the places of interest in your area. If you’re looking for a new bar Discover will help you find the one that you’re looking for. BYBER allows you to filter results by category and star rating, ensuring that you find exactly what you’re looking for. And with Google Maps integration you can see all of the photos and information presented on Google Maps. As an added bonus, you can get directions to the restaurant with ease!

Find a new spot to hang out with your friends or meet someone new with BYBER!

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Huayu Messenger


Huayu Messenger is a photo sharing and messaging app for the iPhone with a new twist. In Huayu Messenger, not only do you send your friends photos and a message, you create a challenge for them in order to see the message. These challenges include jigsaw puzzles, a breakout-style game, or a pair matching game, and you set both the difficulty of the puzzle and time to solve.

When first launching the app, you will be prompted to create an account and confirm your phone number using a confirmation code sent via text message. This makes it easier for your friends and contacts to find you on the app. Once you have created your account, you can start using Huayu Messenger!

The interface for Huayu Messenger is very straightforward and gets you to your messages quickly. In the main screen, you can swipe to the right to open the menu, which gives you options to change account settings, turn on help, and to contact the support staff. Swipe back out of the menu, and you have the main interface for the app. On the left, you have messages that have been sent to you, and on the right you have messages you have sent, as well as the create a new message button at the top.

Creating a new message/puzzle is easy: click the big plus button on the top right to get started. The camera will launch, and from here you can either take a picture or select a photo from your phone. Once you have taken or selected a picture, you can crop and resize the photo how you like. Then we get to the fun part: swipe right to type out a text-based message, then swipe again to create your message puzzle.

There are plenty of options to choose from: first, select the time your recipient has to solve the message. If they don’t solve it in the allotted time, they don’t get to see your message! Below that are three different types of puzzles to choose from; jigsaw, breakout, and pairs. Jigsaw mode is just what you might imagine, a puzzle with the pieces made from the image you are sending. Breakout gives your friend a brick breaking game in order to reveal your photo. Pairs mode presents a memory matching puzzle that you friend needs to get right in order to reveal the photo.

After that, select the friends you want to send your puzzle message to, and wait for a reply!

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gofuge-screen-1Gofugue is a great new way for you to explore the world, and meet new people, around you. In Gofugue you are a zombie! A zombie that is walking around on Google Maps searching for the best local restaurant, looking for a new secret view, searching for new friends, or just looking to explore and share photos!

Upon first launching Gofugue you are going to have to create an account and choose a unique username. This is done because the root of Gofugue is a social network, a social network that is base upon one’s current location. Once you are signed-in you will see a little zombie walking around on Google Maps using your current geolocation. You can then tap on the screen in the direct that you would like your little zombie to travel. If there are other Gofugue users in your general area you will see them on the map as well, so if you’re in a popular area you could see a swarm of zombies wandering the streets!

gofuge-screen-2As your zombie is walking around you can talk to others around you. There is a text box at the bottom of the screen where you can enter in a status update. This is how you are going to communicate with the other zombies that are around you. So if you would like to ask a question or share something just type it out and a speech bubble will appear over your zombies head. If someone else types back you’ll see a speech bubble over their zombies head and so on and so forth. Saying something new will just replace the current speech bubble with the new one. It’s pretty neat seeing a bunch of zombies wondering the streets talking to each other!

Don’t forget to add some photos to the map, this can be done with the camera button next to the text box! When you tap on the camera button you can then take a photo of what’s around you and add it to the map for other to see. Gofugue will add the photo to the map at the location where you zombie is standing, so make sure your character’s at the right spot when you take it, other will be sure to look for it. Tapping on a photo that’s currently on the map will bring the photo full-screen for your viewing pleasure! Oh, and don’t forget to share the photo will all of your favorite apps by tapping on the share button when you’re viewing the photo.

Go on a virtual adventure with others on Gofugue! Gofugue is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, download it on the App Store.

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Zoom Social – Shake, Locate, Share


Zoom Social is a personalized Twitter news feed that features location based photos and text directly from your iPhone. Zoom Social’s interface is very easy to use and finding what you’re looking for is a breeze. Shaking your iPhone will zoom you in on the map and show you trending content around your current location. This will include photos and text from Twitter that are popular in your area or that are currently trending in your area.

The navigation on the bottom of Zoom Social will allow you to jump between tabs and see more content. There is a more tab that will allow you to see specific topics such as followers, twitter users, topics, and more. Tapping on one of those topics will pull up Twitter cards and show you vital information about the topic you’ve selected. This will include user information, replies, and will allow you to favorite, retweet, and reply from the bottom of the card.

There is a mentions tab that works in a similar fashion to the More tab. This will show you a grid of popular mentions in your area. Tapping on one of those will show you the Twitter profile of the mention and then allow you to reply to them and then use all of your favorite Twitter features. This can come in handy to see who is popular on Twitter in your area.

Zoom Social also has the ability to post directly to your Twitter feed. All you need to do is open up the Camera tab, snap or choose a photo, and then you are presented with a Tweet sheet. From there all you need to do is compose your Tweet and send it out to all of your followers. This will then show up on the Zoom Social map and all users of Zoom Social will be able to see your tweets.

Zoom Social is an excellent platform for you to browse real time discussions that are taking place around you from the ease and portability of your mobile device. Be the one that’s always in the know with Zoom Social. Download it today for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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