1. Lillian says

    Great review. My issue with apps like these are that they're one-way communicator aids. When I traveled to Spain, I was able to belt out some phrases, but I could not understand what they said back to me. So if I use an app to ask a question, it'd be cool to be able to record and translate their response. I would PAY for such an app.

  2. Paul says

    How can I get this?? Couldn't find it on my iphone at all via apps. I found this link on the web. When I click on the "app store link" Itunes pop up says it isn't available in the u.s. However, a friend here in the u.s. has it… how can I get it?

    • David says

      I agree. Damn that Apple. They have many non-free Spanish apps, but not this one.
      Having to use iTunes as the total interface to the iPhone sucks. iTunes is a great interface for music but to make it the entire interface for the iPhone is ridiculous. Apple is making a ton of money off of the iPhone, they should spend a few more dollars and create an interface specifically for the iPhone.