Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Trover Over!


Ever find something so cool and you really wanted to share it with your friends but weren’t able to, and then it was so magical that when you told them, they just wouldn’t believe you? Well fret no more my friend; Trover is here to save you from your woes!

Trover is a location-based app for the iOS system that lets you share discoveries with your friends, family, or strangers nearby.

Here’s how it works, Step one, find something neat. Step two, take a picture of said neat object. Step three, post it to Trover and have all of your friends be jealous of you because you are clearly much cooler than them for having found this neat thing. (Results of jealousy by friends may vary.)

Users can select the nearb

y option to view photos (and a map) of things or places others have found in the area.

You can also choose the Feed button, from which you can view the “All” section and see what’s going on in the world of Trover, or you can select the “Following” option and view updates from your friends and family.

You can follow folks on Trover by searching for them via facebook, twitter, or contact list, if none of your pals have it yet, you can send them invites to get them started.

The “Featured” section of the app shows some of the most popular discoveries that people are viewing and talking about all over the world!

If you would like to take a picture, just press the big + in the middle of the menu and start clicking that camera away!

Trover is not only one of the cool discovery apps out there, it is creating a new social media outlet to connect to other people with and share off your taste. I know I’ll be using this app whenever I go out Geocaching!

Download – Free