Pick and Choose Grocery iPhone App Review

Pick and Choose Grocery is the only shopping list you will ever need. It contains over 1500 grocery items built in, organized into categories, search as you type, add your own custom items and remembers your recent items. This is great, you can even email your completed list to your wife 😉 My wife will kill me if she reads this.

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Pick and Choose Grocery Support
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  1. says

    I totally thought you were going to get beer so you could do some housework or something.

    Interesting app. Seems good – I just don’t know if I would use it.

    Shopping lists are one thing I still write on paper (that white stuff).
    Unless the To Do app you reviewed I can add the list in the notes part.

  2. says

    It definitely is better than notes because of the built in database… you can just click on items instead of typing… or just type the first few letters of an item… much faster than notes. You can also browse through categories deciding what you want to get.

    Plus when you’re shopping… you just click on items to remove them from the list.

    PS: Thanks for the review… very fun to see.

  3. Jerad Hill says

    Thank you for the comment! It’s great when the developer stops by to leave a comment on a review. Shows great community.

  4. says

    Good point P&C Support! The fact that you just need to type a few letters is certainly faster, and I hadn’t brought that into consideration before. For that point alone, I will change my mind and try it out. Can’t go wrong for under $5.

    It’s also encouraging the Devs are around to support their products.