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knwledge keeps the most important bits of knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips to help you become a better you. knwledge is an app … Read Full Article


YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is the smart cosmetic kit in your purse. Designed for the modern woman, the YouCam Makeup app lets you create makeup and … Read Full Article



WataWaka is a game where you get to free animals from the poachers, run through forests, swing across vines, avoid dangerous falling … Read Full Article



In CubX you must skillfully catch falling blocks, which are called tetrominos, in order to create lines, which then disappear. If you don’t … Read Full Article


100 Balls 3D

100 Balls for iOS is a simple yet surprisingly difficult game where you try to keep what's yours. In a unique take on the traditional … Read Full Article




Samsung's latest flagship for 2015 device features advancements in nearly every aspect from it's predecessor in newly designed hardware refresh using premium materials to create a smartphone that instantly became the standard to which all other Android devices are compared. To get the most out of your new Samsung Galaxy S6, we have … Read Full Article


The Samsung Galaxy S6 features one of the most advanced cameras ever used in a smartphone, and includes some very advanced features. One of these awesome features is Autofocus Tracking. Let's go over what this feature is an how to use it on your Samsung Galaxy S6: Open the default camera app by either opening the Camera app or … Read Full Article


Recently there has been a push towards enhancing and tracking various aspects of one's health using their smart devices and all the technology they now pack in. Samsung has pushed the envelope of health and fitness tracking with their S Health app and features built into their hardware. Check out how to use the heart rate sensor built … Read Full Article


There's an app for that. And that. And that. All the apps we download onto our phones can quickly become a daunting and never-ending list that we might rather not navigate. Thankfully, Samsung has provided us some relief. Here's how to add and customize app folders on your Samsung Galaxy S6: On your home screen On any page of … Read Full Article


We've all been there before: something terrible happens to our device (like taking a dive into the toilet, or fallen into a storm drain, or been the victim of a two year-old), and suddenly lose access to all of the data stored within. Losing treasured photos, videos, and other media can be heartbreaking. Luckily, there are ways to prevent … Read Full Article