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Farmer Sim 2015

Farmer Sim 2015 is the latest farming simulator that will allow you to become a real farmer! Start your agricultural career by cultivating … Read Full Article



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Transfer photos from your camera to your iPhone or iPad without having to use a laptop or a computer. Want to share the photos you’re taking … Read Full Article


Angies Stories

Angie’s Stories combines three interesting activities; READ, DRAW, and PLAY all into one amazing app! This entertaining story app is … Read Full Article




As one of our favorite devices of the past couple years, we thought we would share our love of the Nexus 6 by Motorola with you through this series of tips & tricks articles. These articles are meant to help you get the most out of the Nexus 6 and all of it's features and raw horsepower. Check out our roundup of articles below: … Read Full Article


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Samsung's latest flagship for 2015 device features advancements in nearly every aspect from it's predecessor in newly designed hardware refresh using premium materials to create a smartphone that instantly became the standard to which all other Android devices are compared. To get the most out of your new Samsung Galaxy S6, we have … Read Full Article


This year's latest flagship phone from HTC focused less on new features, and aims more to refining and improving an already impeccable mobile experience. In continuing with our tradition of exploring the latest and greatest hardware, here's a round up of all our HTC One M9 Tips & Tricks to make the most of your new device. Check it … Read Full Article

Photo by Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

Smartphones these days are equipped with cameras that have steadily improved to the point where they frequently produce better quality photos than dedicate point-and-shoot cameras, and the ubiquity of high quality cameras in everyone's pocket has caused billions of photos to be taken and shared in recent years. But these capable new … Read Full Article