Murder Detective 2


A murder mystery adventure game. Join detectives Phil McDermott and Stephanie Rogers as they try to solve the death of a man at Lynton Church. Unravel the complex story as you try and solve the mystery.

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Hey everybody welcome to the Daily App Show. Today we have an app for you for the iPad called Murder Detective 2. Now this is a great application that is going to allow us to solve the mystery of a man that was murdered in a graveyard. So you can see here in the main section of the application we have a few different options. We can turn our sound on and off, as well as continue an existing game, start a new game or view the credits for the application as well. So we are going to come in here and start a new game. There are going to be a lot of different elements to this game, you can see that there are going to be cinematic cut scenes during gameplay that are going to enhance our gameplay so we are going to be able to see different footage and movies in here, and this first one is going to be a premise and overall storyline of the game. We can come in here once we watch this, we are going to go through mini games, find hidden objects, interact with different characters, have inventory interactions and a bunch of locations as well. So you can see we are now going to have to go through this sequence where it is going to show us our storyline where we are going to have to answer our phone. We just got in here and we are going to have to find our phone and answer it, and it will tell just that there was somebody that was found and we are going to have to come and check it out. We are going to have to find all of the items that are down here and just select them so that we can take them with us as we go through. We have a few different items and as we grab them, they disappear off of our list. Now we can also press our zoom button here in case we need to find some different items that are a little more difficult to find. We have our screwdriver there; we just have a few different items here such as our sock and our sunglasses. Once we find all of those we are presented with another task where we have to find all of the different keys in here so we can find our car keys. All we have to do is select them once we see them and like I said some of these smaller objects we can zoom in. you can see there are twelve left and we are going to see if we can find those. Some of them are in odd places but we are still going to be able to find them fairly easily. We have 8 more here, now we have 4 more. Now obviously they are going to get more scarce as we go through and try to find them so we have to keep that in mind as we continue looking. It looks like we have one left, let’s see if we can find it somewhere on this screen. And once we find it we are going to be taken into the next location section of the game here you can see we are going to be interacting with our partner, we have different clues we have to find on this level as well, and we can start interacting with the different characters and things like that as well. Now if we ever want to go to different locations we can press our compass here we have different locations, this is the one that we are at and the ones that we have unlocked so far. Later on we are going to have to interact with inventory such as our ladder to get up a tree, find different items like tree branches to get different things out of there as well. Once again this app is available for the iPad, it is called Murder Detective 2, if you like it be sure to pick it up in the app store today.