1. Jon says

    great review, you just closed the deal for me. I was iffy on geting it but you really helped.

  2. says

    Great review, BETTER than the instructions than the developer provides. You made a sale for me and I’m subscribing to your site. Super.

  3. Nairb says

    I bought this app based on your excellent review–it is an great tool for mapping projects–I use it for work and it delivers a quality .png file that is easily imported into PowerPoint and edited (crop and resize).

    The developer (Andew) is responsive and appreciates customer feedback (I recommended allowing multiple lines in each thought as well as allowing e-mail to multiple recipients). Neither of these are a show stopper for me, but would greatly enhance the app.

    I do not even consider buying an application unless I see you review it. Keep up the good work Jerad!

  4. says

    Hey Jerad. Enjoyed your review. I checked this one out and was about to buy but then checked some of the other mindmapping apps and am not sure this is the best one. Particularly iThoughts has a ton of features and is a more mature app. Not sure I'll buy iBlueSky just yet. Does look extremely simple though. Any thoughts on the competition?

  5. says

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