FUNKY – A Vine style filter camera


We have taken the ever so popular touch recording feature and mixed it up with our professional fully manual filters to give you an amazing video scene creation app.

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It the Vine Camera on steroids with filters for each scene. When we first open the application we are directly taken into our camera modes. We can cancel a current video, use the front or rear facing camera, or flashlight accordingly, and confirm our video is done. Add as many filters as we want, as long as we stay within the allotted time limit, which we can see by the white bar going across the screen. Once we are satisfied with our video press the next button, add a caption and choose which social networks to share it to. Once you’re done you can see the video confirmed on where you wanted it sent, and start a new video. Let’s check out some action shots. Here our user applies a Sepia tone and taps and holds the screen for each position of the camera. Once done we press the check mark, and view our video. Here our user applies a Pop filter to really make the color of this banana pop. Once again tap the screen and confirm when we are done. Let’s apply a Black and White filter to this car; looks great to me! We can use the front or rear facing camera at any time. Funky; the Vine style camera on steroids with filters for each scene. Pick it up in the App Store today.