Foodily… More like “Food…ILY”


If you’re anything like me (which I bet you are) you like….nay…love to eat. Oh, what’s that you say? You ARE like me?! I told you so! Let’s talk about the joys of food, or rather an app that allows us to do so.

Foodily gives the user daily recipes inspired by friends, food experts, and people with similar tastes that you choose to follow within the app.

In the Feed you can scroll to view recipes with a big picture and the name of it, so you can tell if it looks and sounds delicious or not. once you select the recipe the picture of the wonderful food gets even bigger. The user can view more photos of the food, see how many people have saved the recipe and view any comments about the food.

You may then continue to scroll down and see an ingredient list with the number of ingredients and then you have to option to email the list, perhaps to someone at the grocery store, or yourself for a reminder to buy the things you need later on in the day.

At the bottom of the ingredient list there is a nutrition information section, which can be expanded to show all of the detailed information about the food you are about to eat.

You can share the recipe of choice via email or Facebook so that all of your friends can be inspired and drool all over their keyboards at the amazing dish you are about to eat.

Once you are done you can post a picture of the finished product and add it to the photos in the recipe section so that others can see how your dish turned out. You can even add a “Yummify” filter to give the food some extra contrast.

At any time you can go to the very first option in the bottom menu and check out your FAVES section to view the recipes you favorited so you can make them again and again.

This app is wonderful for making delicious dishes, or learning to make some more! Impress your friends with the food you can create, especially during the holiday season when you have the picky relatives coming over and you need to make something special. Happy times stuffing your face!

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