Sometimes I sit in my room and wonder why my life is so full of woe due to the fact that I do not have a magazine of everything in my life. But that was the old me. Now I have found a solution for all of my problems. It’s called Flipboard

We start with the Get Started option on the first screen. There are 18 different categories to subscribe to to start out, anything from news to style, to travel and science. Really there’s at least one thing for everyone out there. Which makes this app a sure winner for the diverse.

Then you link your accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. This app will allow you to link them all, and once you do, it’s added. Think about all of the time you will save by having all of your favorite media outlets in one single, well designed app. There have been Internet browsers that have tried to do this concept but epically failed, this app knows what it’s doing.

Not only was this app voted one of TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Innovations, it has some of the highest reviews in the app store. So if nothing else, trust the masses.

Once you connect all of your accounts you simply flip through the app, like a flipboard, and choose the page you’d like to view. Each page has it’s own options relative to its respective app (instagram you can like, comment, share etc) and it is fully functioning.

I highly recommend this app to all of the innovators out there who are looking to shave time off of the tasks that they do everyday. This app will surely help you out in that, unless you add your tumblr to it, there’s no prying me off of that page to save my life.

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