Disco Baby


Shake it, baby! No ads, no in app purchases, just the cutest game around. It’s 70’s disco fun with a baby boy and girl. Change the color of their clothes, hair and skin. Press the buttons, make them dance and git on down!

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Disco Baby, just the cutest game around. It’s 70s disco fun with a baby boy and girl. Change the color of their clothes, hair, and skin. Press buttons, make them dance and git on down. when we first open the application, we are taken to the main menu. The first thing we want to do is make our baby ours. adjust the hair color, and the eye color. We are then going to adjust the color of their clothes. The tone of their skin, and the color of their diaper and socks. Do this between a boy and a girl, and start playing. The first game is remember my game. Match the color sequence on the dance floor to see our baby start dancing, and change their moves. our score goes up the more correct answers we get. In the top numbers game there are two sections, beat the clock and set questions. we can set the type of math and answer our questions. In the dance with me section we press the buttons to change the dance moves. View fun 70s style disco moves right on your device. Disco Baby, pick it up in app store today.


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