More Pages for Mac Templates


Pages for Mac is one of the best and easiest ways to create great looking business marketing materials. Apple has done a great job at including a basic list of templates that you can use to create well designed documents with ease. Templates can be downloaded and imported into Pages and can be used alongside the Apple templates. We have complied a list of even more useful free templates, and some paid templates, so you can quickly create your presentation and get your business done.


Your Mac Teacher


Download a selection of our free templates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Check back often as we add new templates regularly.

Creative Market


Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design
content from independent creatives around the world.
We’re passionate about making beautiful design simple
and accessible to everyone.

Free iWork Templates


Free iWork Templates has dozens of well designed templates for practically all of your layout needs. The site features plenty of user submitted designs for not just Pages, but Keynote and Numbers too!




Now you can get professional quality graphic design templates made especially for the Mac. With our Apple iWork Templates, it’s easy to customize and print! Browse our newsletters, flyers, brochures and more!

New Youtube Layout Early Look


Hey everyone! We’re going to be looking at the new YouTube layout, set to release soon. We’ll even show you a trick on how to get this layout early if you’d like to test it out. A new, cleaner User Interface and a ton of features that have been streamlined to enhance your viewing experience make this new step from youtube a sure success.

Check it out

A Few Apps to Help Your Computer Run Faster


1: Memory Clean

Memory Clean is a useful memory bar application that clears up RAM after using a memory intense application that can clog up RAM and slow down the overall speed of your machine. When you click the icon, which looks like a speedometer and the number of free memory you have at the moment, the application window opens on your desktop.  There is a key of colors, showing what each color means on the bar chart of used memory. After clicking the “Clean Memory” button the percentage begins to rise at it cleans memory that you are no longer using. The first time I used this application I had only 8GB of 32GB free, after cleaning the RAM my free memory had jumped up to nearly 22GB free. I’d say that is quite the jump and my other applications are running at full speed as well.


Download – Free

2: Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is a pretty dense application, in that it has a good amount of features to help you. The first portion of the application is the Process screen. This shows all of the running processes on your system and how much memory they are using. At any point you can choose to quit a process, “inspect” a process, which gives you memory, statistic, and Open Files and Ports information, or sample a process as well.

The application also allows you to see CPU, System Memory, Disk Activity, Disk Usage, and Network information.

Download – Free

Disk Doctor:

Disk Doctor is a great application to help get rid of unneeded and unnecessary files on your computer. When you open the application, you see a sleek window showing you a bar chart of how much space you have used, as well as your Disk’s total capacity, Free space, and Used space. Simply Scan and delete the unnecessary files it finds on the Disk, it is as simple as the 3 step process.

Purchase – $1.99