IRD : Free Music Player


Search, Listen unlimited free music from Free Music to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Millions of free songs, DJ sets, remixes and live concerts.

The Main page in IRD : Free Music Player is a display of Best and New music that is available for you to listen to. Here you will see beautiful artwork that represents their perspective artists. Tapping on an image will bring you into that artists page where you can begin listening to their available music, concerts, and more.

By default IRD : Free Music Player will automatically being playing the available music once you’ve selected an artist. Playback controls are always available in the top right hand corner where you can disable autoplay, play, pause, skip, and refresh. If a music video is available for a song you are listening to you can play that video as well as listen to the song, you can choose to do both or make the video full screen to watch it.

You can upload your own videos if you’d like to do so by tapping on the Upload tab from the Main page. This will allow you to choose from media that is currently on your device or paste in a YouTube video url. This will allow emerging artists to get their name out there and get their music played with IRD : Free Music Player.

Listen to unlimited free music with IRD : Free Music Player. Download for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the App Store.

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UrbanDenoiser Player


UrbanDenoiser Player is a convenient and beautiful music player, with a noise reduction mode, unique mode of sound improvement and a mode which allows you to hear surrounding sounds without stopping the music.

Before beginning to listen to your music with UrbanDenoiser Player it’s best to set up your Hearing Profile. This can be done by going into the Setting and tapping on Hearing Test. You’ll need to have your headphones plugged in before doing this step so make sure they’re handy. Once you’re ready to go you’ll start the Hearing Test and you will be presented with 9 different frequencies of sound in each ear, you’ll have to tap the button when you hear the sound, and once you’ve done all 18 your custom Hearing Profile will be made. This will be used when listening to music.

UrbanDenoiser Player works best when used in conjunction with headphones that have an in-line microphone but will still work perfectly fine with regular headphones. UrbanDenoiser Player uses the microphone on your headphones and/or device to help block ambient noise or to help you balance the two, so if you use headphones with an in-line microphone you may get better results as that will be more likely to get most of the ambient room noise.

When you’re listening to music with UrbanDenoiser Player you can select to use the Noise Arround, Denoiser, or Natural sound enhancing settings. The Noise Around setting will help you balance the music and ambient room noise so you can hear both around the same volume level. Denoiser will take the ambient room noise and try to drown in out so all that you hear is the glorious music that you’re listening to. The Natural setting will take the sound profile that you set up in the settings and play the music at natural frequencies that your ear can receive to make the music sound fuller and better.

Stop listening to music the old-fashioned and boring way, enhance your music experience with UrbanDenoiser Player! Available for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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ThinPrint Cloud Printer


With ThinPrint Cloud Printer, print easily with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to any printer.

Upon launching ThinPrint Cloud Printer you’ll be logged into your ThinPrint account where you can access all of the printers you’ve added to your account. Once it logs you in you’ll see a screen confirming that you’re ready to print and from there everything is a piece of cake. Tap on the OK button and being printing from either your Camera Roll or any other application on your device.

To print an image from your Camera Roll with ThinPrint Cloud Printer tap on the Image Library button on the main screen. From there you’ll be taken into your photo library where you’ll choose the photo that you’d like to print. Once you’ve selected a photo you’ll then have to choose the printer you’d like to print to. If you’d do see your printer or you’d like to add a new one tap on the “+” in the top right corner of the Print screen. Once you’ve selected the printer the photo will print and you can go get it from the printer!

If you would like to print from another application using ThinPrint Cloud Printer all you have to do is open up the app. For example if you wanted to print a document from Pages all you would have to do is open Pages, selected the document you’d like to print, tap on the share button and selected “Open in Another App” and from there choose ThinPrint Cloud Printer. You’ll then be brough back into ThinPrint Cloud Printer where you’ll select the printer to print the document and then you’re good to go!

Print whatever you want from wherever you are! ThinPrint Cloud Printer available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Thanks to Google, My Next iPhone Will Be Half the Size!


When it comes to files, I am kind of a hoarder. I have always had plenty of storage space to store files so I tend to hang on to files. When it comes to the photos and videos I take, I like to save just about all of them. Unless it’s just not a good photo, I keep it. As a photographer, I have a system of organization down for my photos and videos, but it has not always been easy to have them with me all of the time.

Since the very first iPhone was released, I have always purchased the largest storage option available. I would do this to allow me to always have space to capture and save any photos or videos I wanted. Before the iPhone, I had iPods and other media storage devices, so I was aware of my need for storage in order to have the media I wanted available. These days I stream all of my music, so there is no need for extra storage to have songs on hand. Apple currently offers iPhones in 16, 64 and 128GB storage options. The price difference between the 16GB and 128GB options being $200.

Google recently announced their new Google Photos service which allows for unlimited storage of reasonably compressed images. I have been allowing my photos to upload to the Photos section of Google+ for quite some time now and have enjoyed being able to get access to other photos. I also switch devices often as I also have a Google Nexus 6. When I take photos on that phone, I like the fact that all of my photos are saved to a general pool where I can access all of my photos regardless of the device I am on.

Photos Google Photos

Google does compress your photos on upload which means they are not exactly the same quality of photo you started out with. They do this so that people like me don’t start uploading RAW files out of my camera at 30MB each. Large JPG images can also be 20MB in size. Google has limited the size of photo they will store to 16MP which is enough resolution for me. I primarily want to use Google Photos to back up photos and video captured by my phone. I will find another solution that is more cost effective for backing up photos I capture with my DSLR style cameras. Here is what Google says about the print quality of their “High Resolution” photos:

You can print good quality 16 MP photos in sizes up to 24 inches x 16 inches, which is larger than typical printing sizes.

IMG_9358In this screenshot, you can see where I stand with storage. About a month ago I backed up and deleted about 20GB of photos and videos using Dropbox. With Dropbox, if I want to keep everything backed up, you have to pay for the storage regardless of the type of file you want to keep backed up. I was using the Dropbox app to automatically upload all of my photos and video to Dropbox and then I would periodically move that backup folder over to a hard drive that I have at home. Just to give you an idea of what kind of storage that has required, my Camera Roll backup folder currently contains 140GB of photos and video clips. I know people with four times that amount of media that they have captured with their iPhone alone.

I have three young children. Since having kids, I now capture a lot more media then ever before. My wife and I love to look through old photos. Kids grow up fast and even though my oldest son is just turning 5, it seems as if the time has flown by. One of our favorite past-times is looking through old photos. We usually do this once each week.

The problem with having so much media is that we want to have it accessible at all times. It is not easy to have 140GB of photos and videos available at all times, but in the Google Photos app, I will be able to “stream” my photos and videos to my phone at any time and through whichever phone I happen to be carrying. This means that when I get my LG G4 on Friday, I can log into the Google Photos app and have all of my photos and videos right there. If I take any photos with the LG G4, they will automatically upload to Google Photos and when/if I switch back to my iPhone, the photos are there. This is how life should be.

The problem with Apple’s iCloud Storage is that the cost for that service scales. I have a 200GB plan that is shared across several Apple devices that is 75% full. The more I want to back up, the more it will cost me. I am also stuck on an iPhone as I can not easily access my iCloud Storage from another device. Google Photos keeps me cross platform.

Because of services such as Google Photos, I will no longer need to pay for large storage devices like my current phone, the iPhone 6 Plus with 128GB of storage. After deleting the 19GB of media currently stored on my iPhone, I could easily get away with a 32GB phone. When on Android, a 32GB phone is more than enough for me, so I look forward to being able to purchase the next iPhone at a cheaper price.

Google just launched Google Photos and of course there are limitations. I am sure that their free offerings will grow as soon as they have an idea of what people will do with it. My hope is that Google would remove the file size limitation or cap it at 2GB like Amazon does. I would also like to see support for RAW files in their free offering.

Other Photo/Video Storage Options:

Google Photos is not the first to provide Unlimited storage as a free option, however, they are the first to bring a simple to use, cross platform solution that still gives you good quality media for free. Flickr gives you 1TB of free storage and I do not believe they compress your photos the way Google does, however it just becomes a race to that limit. 1TB is a ton of storage, but ifI decided to upload everything there, I would quickly hit that limit. My photo/video server currently has 32TB of storage space and it is 65% full. Flickr is also suppose to be used to display your photos and share them. To use it as a storage/backup option would be different than it’s intended use.

Amazon Prime Photos allows you to upload unlimited photos for free but it not as nice of a platform as Google Photos. Amazon Prime Photos accepts any photo or video up to 2GB in size per file. There is no mention of compression so it sounds like you are able to keep the large file size originating from your device. There is RAW support which means if you take a large RAW file with your DSLR camera, it saves that as well. As an Amazon Prime member, which you have to be in order to use the service, you get 5GB of free Amazon Cloud Drive for files and then unlimited photo storage. Amazon does not include unlimited videos in this plan, just photos.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

The main reason I have not adopted Amazon’s offering is due to the slowness of their app. I have tried to backup my photos and videos to Amazon Cloud Drive, but they never get there. Their offering is just about the best I have found as they have an Unlimited Everything plan for $59.99/yr which means you can upload unlimited photo, video and files. I like the no limits option, but their app is horrible. Should Amazon update their app to be more intuitive, I might switch from Google Photos to Amazon Prime Photos/Cloud Drive.

What is your method of backing up your photos and videos? Are you still connecting your phone to your computer to backup, or are you using a service? We would love to hear about your backup method. Share it in the comments below.



ChallengeMe is a Chat App for Challenges! Accept chat-based challenges from brands and influencers and challenge your friends or anyone around the globe using ChallengeMe.

The first area that you are taken to in ChallengeMe is the Circle page. This is where you can see all of the challenges that your friends have accepted and then either join or reject them yourself. The Circle page is going to be a lot more fun if you have plenty of friends on ChallengeMe, so make sure and get everyone on board! If you are first starting off you can jump into the Popular page and see the most popular challenges as well as search for new ones.

It’s easy and simple to accept or decline challenges, swiping right on a challenge will accept it and swiping left will decline it. Once you have accepted a challenge it will show up in the Accepted page as well as the Circle page. For each challenge you will have to post a proof, this is used to showcase the fact that you did the challenge and users can either validate your proof or reject it.

Accepting a challenge will take you into the challenges page where you can view all of the users who’ve accepted the challenge, nominate friends to take the challenge, view challenge proofs, view the chat, and post your proof. Each challenge has a time limit and once that time is up the challenge will be closed but you’ll still be able to view them if you’d like. Posting your proof is quite simple, you can either import a photo/video from you camera library or use the camera inside of ChallengeMe to directly capture your proof. The proof will show up in the challenges Chat tab as well as the Proofs tab. Having it show up in the chat will encourage users to engage with one another other than just confirming or denying proofs. The more challenges you accept the more people who you can meet and connect with.

Challenge yourself and challenge others, join ChallengeMe now! Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Get Dismissed


Dismiss Your Traffic Tickets for Less! Get Dismissed helps you dismiss your traffic ticket without going to court for less. It’s that simple.

Who likes getting traffic tickets? No one right! Not only is it paying the precious money for the ticket but it’s the hassle of having to go down to the count to appeal your ticket and hope that you have the right defense to get out of it. You’ll no longer have to worry about doing that with Get Dismissed!

With Get Dismissed you’ll be able to fight your traffic ticket in three easy steps; Photograph your driver’s license and ticket, provide details about your ticket so Get Dismissed can build your defense, download and print your documents and send them to the court. It’s honestly that simple and took me less than 15 minuets to have my defense ready to go!

At the time of writing there is a $79 fee that is associated with getting your documents but in the long run this can be much cheaper than actually having to pay for a traffic ticket. All of the information that is submitted to Get Dismissed is kept confidential and secure, you won’t have to worry about anyone else getting their hands on your vitals!

Mount your defense against those pesky traffic tickets with Get Dismissed, available for your iPhone and Android devices.

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Scourby YouBible


YouBible is a Bimodal presentation of the King James Bible, with Text and audio Synced together. It includes the complete Old Testament and New Testaments and is masterfully and majestically narrated by Alexander Scourby.

Upon launching YouBible you are taken to the last place that you left off on. You can either listen to the beautifully narrated audio or choose to read the text yourself, either way you are going to be fully immersed into the Bible itself! There are even options to do Word Searches, Chapter & Verse Searches, View a Reading History, and more!

YouBible offers topical Reading Plans that you can following along with. One example is a Love topic that take you through the journey of God’s love and shows you the Chapters and Verses of the Bible that you’ll need to read and/or listen to in order to follow along. You can save these reading plans as your own and come back to YouBible each day to catch up on your reading.

Each day YouBible will send you a notification showing you a Daily Verse. You can then share this verse, or any other verse, with your friends and family with any of your favorite sharing apps on your device! Spread the love of reading the Bible with YouBible!

Download Scourby YouBible on the App Store
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In dripthat, your moments are organized into exclusive collections of photos and videos called drips. You can have your moments drip out over time to all of your followers so there’s always fresh content for them to view! Get started today.

Upon first launching dripthat you’ll be presented with the sign-in screen. Here you can sign-in with your existing account or create a new one. When creating an account you’ll need to provide a phone number that can receive text messages as you’ll receive a verification text to finish your account creation. Once your account is created you’ll be able to sign in on either an iPhone or iPod Touch as you’ll only need to verification text to create the account. Now that you’ve got an account created it’s time to create some drips.

Tapping on the camera icon from the bottom menu will bring you into the camera where you can begin capturing photos and/or videos to share with other dripthat users. Once you’ve captured the media you can apply filters to them and then share your drip. If you wanted to upload media that you’ve already captured top the dripthat icon in the top left corner, from any screen, and select Create a Drip.

You can select as few as one photo all the way up to hundreds of photos and/or video to drip. Once you have your media selected tapping on the thumbnail in the bottom of the screen will allow you to edit the photo by cropping it and applying filters. You can tap and drag photos to re-arrange them and dragging them out of the timeline will remove them from your drip. Once you’re happy with what’s in your drip tap next and give your drip a name and description. Once you’ve done that you’ll select if you want the drip to be public or select friends that you want to share with privately. Once you’ve selected your crowd it’s time to edit the Drip Dial, this will allow dripthat to “drip” out the media over a period of time. You can have each moment drip immediately or over a period of time. For example, if you have ten moments and choose to have them drip over 5 minutes, dripthat will post two photos per minute for 5 minutes. You can drip out media as low as 5 minutes and all the way up to 90 days, the counter in the middle of the screen will show you how often a piece of media will be dripped. Tap Start Drip and your drip will begin.

From dripthat’s main menu you will see Drip Worth posts, these are popular public drips from other users on dripthat. Tapping on View Public Drip will bring you into the users drip where you can see all of the photos and videos that have been dripped so far. You’ll also be able to like, comment, and share each individual photo or video as well as share the entire drip once you’ve view all of the photos and videos. Tapping on a users profile picture while viewing their drip will take you to their profile where you can view their other public drips, their followers and followings, and you can follow them on dripthat.

Swiping right from the Drip Worthy posts will bring you to the My Stream page. This is where you will see all of the drips that you’ve viewed as well as drips that have been shared with you. The most recently viewed drip will show at the beginning of the page and tapping on it will bring you to the photo or video that you left off on. If you are seeing too much of one person and you no longer want to see them in your My Stream page tap on the lock in the top right hand corner, here you’ll be able to approve and disapprove which users show up in your stream.

Shared how you want, when you want, and with who you want. Download dripthat for your iPhone!

Download dripthat on the App Store
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Euclidea: Geometric Constructions Game


Euclidea utilizes your geometry skills to complete levels by creating geometric shapes.

Euclidea for the iPhone might surprise you by making geometry fun! In multiple levels over eight sections, your objective is to complete levels by using simple touch based geometry tools to create more complex shapes, angles, points, and lines.

Starting out with just one tool and a simple objective, advancing through the levels in Euclidea unlocks more tools and more complex goals. The fewer tools and moves you use to complete a level, the more stars you gain by completing them, and more stars unlocks even more levels in the game.

Compare your stats with other players using the built-in Game Center screen and climb up the worldwide ladder by finishing more levels with maximum stars.

Download Euclidea: Geometric Constructions Game on the App Store
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knwledge keeps the most important bits of knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips to help you become a better you.

knwledge is an app that acts as a capture point for snippets of knowledge and bits of wisdom that you come across so that you can keep coming back to them to absorb and learn. Add a new piece of knowledge in the Catch tab; paste in your text in the knwledge section, then add a category, source, and source type. Review and share your knwledge in the Review & Share tab, where you can see all populated categories. In the Learn tab, you can sign into twitter to find your favorited tweets of wisdom and add them to your knwledge. Finally, the @knwApp tab helps you discover more great insights from knwledge’s Twitter feed. Tap on any listing to save and share that piece of knwledge to your Twitter followers.

knwledge even lets you create knwledge kodes, an easy way to share multiple pieces of wisdom at once to send to other users of the app. Find out more about what you’ve learned from the Statistics page found in the settings to see your knwledge count, saves from twitter, number of categories, and your most popular category. Set knwledge to share with you daily of one of your saved pieces of knowledge using a notification for whenever you like in the Reminder Settings.

Download knwledge on the App Store
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Last Minute Travel Deals


last-minute-travel-deals-screen1Last Minute Travel Deals helps you start your adventure with big savings on hotels, flights, and more.

Whether you’re visiting the relatives back home or traveling around the world, you want to spend less so you can do more. Unfortunately, traveling can cost a ton if you don’t book months in advance. That’s where Last Minute Travel Deals comes in; LMTD agents hunt down and negotiate the lowest prices for last minute bookings at thousands of hotels, flights, car rentals, and activities in every major local around the world.

The Last Minute Travel Deals app for iPhone is designed to help you find your deal and get you booked as quickly as possible. Organized into four tabs for hotels, flights, car rentals, and activities, and with super easy search functionality, finding your deal couldn’t be easier. Sign in using Facebook, Google+, or register with Last Minute Travel Deals using your email. Once you know your destination, simply type in the first few letters and let LMTD predict where you’re going. After selecting a location, finding deals is a cinch with the split screen view that lets you see both a map view and list view of deals for your destination and dates. Last Minute Travel Deals are indicated with the deals tag icon to show the best rates for your search criteria.

last-minute-travel-deals-screen2Plan fun outings with the Activities search to find entertainment, events, and other local deals for the lowest prices available. Then you can plan how to get there using the car rental search. Don’t forget to check out the extended car options to pick exactly the kind of ride you want.

Tap on any listing to get detailed information, including description, reviews from trusted source TripAdvisor, photos, maps, and total price. After making your selection, the checkout process is painless and simple. Once your trip is booked, you can get an overview of your reservations in the My Reservations screen accessed from the menu.

Download Last Minute Travel Deals on the App Store
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YouCam Makeup


YouCam Makeup is the smart cosmetic kit in your purse. Designed for the modern woman, the YouCam Makeup app lets you create makeup and hairstyles to match your unique lifestyle.

Launching the Makeup Cam will open the camera to the front facing camera, allowing you to capture a selfie to use and stylize. What’s really neat is from the Makeup Cam you can enable a Skin Beautifier which will smooth out your skin, giving you the look of an airbrushed photo. Where the Makeup Cam excels is in the Looks feature. What you can do is create a look by selecting a predefined look, or create your own by going through all of the menus, and it will augment the look onto your face before you even take the photo! You can tap and switch looks on the fly so you can get a feel for what would look best on you.

Once you’ve snapped a selfie, or selected a photo from the camera roll, you can then begin switching out looks. Even if you selected one when taking a selfie you can switch it out in the customize section. You can choose from the predefined looks and/or costumes which have everything done for a specific look; so you will see eyebrows, eyelashes, lipstick, blush, and more automatically applied to match your face. If you would like to take a more traditional approach to applying the makeup you can always go into the Face, Eye, Mouth, and Hair sections and apply each one of them individually to get the perfect look!

When you have your desired look you can save a before and after so you can see your transformation. There is even an option the save the formula so you can go and get the materials required to make that look happen in real life!

Let out the inner you with YouCam Makeup. Download for your iPhone and iPad below.

Download YouCam Makeup on the App Store
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