Chillaxing is a location notification and photo sharing app that offers a convenient way to meet up with friends and share your life’s Chillaxing moments.

To get the most out of Chillaxing you’ll want to find other users to follow and interact with, this can be done in a few different ways. From the slide-out menu, you can tap on Chillaxers and/or Recommended Chillaxers to view other users to follow. The Chillaxers will show the most recent users to join and the Recommended Chillaxers will show the top users of Chillaxing. If you wanted to find people in your area you can use the Who’s Chillaxing page to find other users within a 10-mile radius of your current location to interact with! Don’t forget to invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text so you can get them in on the fun too!

From the main Chillaxing page, you will see all of the most recent photos posted by other Chillaxing users. Tapping on any of the photos will bring it into full view where you can see the location the photo was taken, the likes on the photo, as well as the username of the person who posted it. Tapping on the user’s name will take you to their profile where you can see other photos that they’ve posted as well as users they are following and users who are following them. Tapping on the Follow button will follow this user so you can get all of their updates in your Feed instead of having to come into the Chillaxing main page.

To post your own photo tap on the Take a Photo tab in the slide-out menu or tap on the green camera icon in the top right corner of most screens. You’ll be able to take a photo directly with the camera or load in a photo that you’ve already taken. Once you have your desired photo loaded you can then crop, rotate, and black and white the image if you’d like to. Once you’ve done the basic edits you can then add a frame, caption, hashtags, and location information to your post. Adding the location will help other Chillaxing users who are close by you find your posts. Once you’ve added everything tap post and the image will be posted to your feed, the main Chillaxing page, as well as your followers, feeds!

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Ever waited a lifetime to place your order or overpaid for a tiny steak? Maybe you barely heard your date over dinner? Even worse, you got food poisoning from your local take-out. Help out your fellow diners by reporting on TaintedNapkins.

When launching TaintedNapkins you will be brought into the map and you will see restaurants pop-up all around your current location. The restaurants will be represented by green, yellow, orange, and red napkins and these napkins will correlate to the restaurants ratings. The green napkin will represent a good restaurant and the red napkin will represent a bad restaurant.

Once you’ve tapped on a napkin, you’ll be able to see that restaurants ratings based upon four categories and those are; Bad Atmosphere, Food Poisoning, Poor Food Quality, and Bad Service. If you feel that a restaurant meets one, or more, of these categories you can rate it by tapping on the category that you found offensive and then tap on the”+1″ button. This will submit the rating and then you’ll be able to come back and rate other categories or come back out to the map.

If you’d like to visit a restaurant because it has good ratings all you need to do is tap on the Get Directions button on the restaurants menu. This will open up the maps and give you the guided directions that you’ll need to visit the location. Also, at the bottom of the map you can tap on the arrow the see a list of restaurants that are close to you if you would rather view them that way as opposed to the map.

Eat at the places that you love and avoid the ones that will cause trouble with TaintedNapkins, available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Win huge discounts on your favorite products through fast and fun trivia quizzes in gameit!

If you are a fan of trivia games and like to win prizes, you are going to love gameit. Gameit for the iPhone lets you win as much as 100% off discounts off some of the most popular products today. All you have to do is play!

Once you are signed into gameit, simply pick a product you want, and press play. You will play a simple timed trivia quiz, and you are rewarded points for right answers, and the faster you answer, the more points you win. Once a sponsored product has reached 100% funded (the more people that play, the more its funded), the point leader on that product will receive a 100% discount on that product at the end of the timer.

Even if you are not the leader at the end of the timer, you can still win huge discounts on tons of different products, so keep playing! gameit combines the fun and entertainment of trivia games with the satisfaction of getting big discounts on awesome products.

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WeatherBrush is the best way to style your hair based on the weather. Create a personalized diary of your best hair days and always be prepared to beat the weather!

The Diary is where the features of WeatherBrush really shine! Tapping on the Diary tab will show you all of the entries that you’ve created sorted by the date they were created. Each of your entries will include notes, detailed weather information, and the selfie that you took with the entry. Tapping on an entry will show you the location you created the entry, the date and time of the entry, as well as any notes and hashtags you added to it. You can then share the entry with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the iOS Share Sheet. The Diary entries are going to come in handy when you come into the Weather tab.

To create a Diary entry tap on the Add Entry button. You will then be able to take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you to use for your diary. Once you’re happy with the image you can then add notes to your diary, something along the lines of what you did to style your hair or how the weather was feeling to you. These notes will be for you to look back upon and get some ideas on how to style for the day. And finally, add some hashtags so you can quickly filter between different styles that you had on different days. These Diary entries will come in handy when you visit the Weather tab.

The Weather tab where you will see the current weather conditions of your current location. These weather conditions will include wind speeds, humidity percentage, and precipitation percentages, as well as the highs and lows for the day. Swiping to the right will bring you into the hourly forecast for the day and swiping to the right one more time will give you a weekly forecast. All of this information is great and would service any weather apps needs, but where WeatherBrush stands out is the Similar Days section at the bottom of the Weather Screen. This will show you snippets of your Diary that are close in relation to the current weather conditions to give you a look at different hairstyles you wore on days like this, this will help you determine how you should style your hair for the day.

You’ll never have to guess how to style your hair again! Download WeatherBrush for your iPhone!

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An addictively fun new coin-matching game, Coinnect puts your skills to the test! Play against yourself or in tournament play to clear as many matching coins as you can before time runs out!

The Free Play mode in Coinnect presents you with a board of colored coins that you will have to clear in order to earn points. To clear a section of coins you must match at leat three of the same color and they will disappear. You can match them in any direction that you would like to such as diagonally, forwards, backwards, left, right, and any direction as long as the colors are touching. There’s even a Prism Coin that you can use to connect two different colors together to create an even larger chain reaction, this will show up if you have purchased it and there is a connecting coin between the two sets of colors. Once the time runs out you will be given your final score and the opportunity to play again.

The Tournament mode allows you to compete against other Coinnect players for a chance of winning real life prizes such as iTunes gift cards! To play in the Tournament you’ll have to create an account with Coinnect, you can even easily use your Facebook account! Once you’ve created the account you will be able to play in the Tournament! The gameplay is the same as Free Play just the stakes are higher in this mode. After each game, you will earn credits for the game and you will climb the leaderboards towards the ultimate goal!

Compete against your friends for bragging rights or play in the tournaments to win prizes, Coinnect is sure to provide endless amounts of fun!
Available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Happy2Print makes the process of printing from your mobile device to your wireless and network-enabled printers seamless and fast.

Although printer manufacturers have tried to keep up with current technology by adding networking and wireless capabilities to their hardware, there has long been a disconnect between having a document or photo on your phone or tablet, and printing a physical copy of it.

Happy2Print is an application for smartphones and tablets that makes the process of printing documents easy and fast. Happy2Print covers every step of the way: from finding and retrieving your documents and media to getting a real copy in your hands.

Happy2Print features the ability to access documents and photos for printing from media on your device, web pages, email (including Gmail), contacts, cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more, and Facebook. Simply tap into the place you can find your document, log in if needed, and find exactly what you want to print.

Setting up Happy2Print with your printer couldn’t be easier. Happy2Print will automatically detect available printers on your Wi-Fi network or Windows shared devices, and you can connect Happy2Print to use the Google Cloud Print service and other business printing services. Happy2Print even has a Printer Setup Wizard to help guide you through the process of getting your printer ready to go.

After your printer is set up and you have picked something to print, Happy2Print gives you all the options you are used to when printing, such as paper type and size, orientation, color, number of copies, and more. Once you have set up your print run exactly as you want, simply tap the Print button, and you are printing from your mobile device!

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Prizap lets you compare prices from retailers like Amazon, eBay and Walmart to find the best deals on brands like Nike, Apple and Adidas. Now, all online offers from the biggest retailers are under one roof.

IMG_4812 You are a smart shopper, and smart shoppers know that to find the best deal on a product, you need to scour both the dozens or hundreds of top retail websites and all the stores.

Find today’s hottest deals, find products with the barcode scanner, and create a watch list for your favorite products using Prizap. To save you both time and money in the search for the hottest deals and products at the lowest prices, Prizap brings you steep discounts right to your phone. Prizap scours the most popular online marketplaces for the steepest discounts. Search in Prizap for your products to comparison shop across the web. Scan products in person to find better prices online and at other retailers. Create a watch list of items you buy regularly or just things you want so you can get the best deals.

IMG_4813When you first launch Prizap, you are greeted with an overview of how the app works. After the walkthrough, you are launched into the Hot Deals tab. On this tab, you can view today’s hottest deals from various marketplaces. Swipe left and right to see the steepest discounts from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

Use the Search tab or Scan tab to find deals for products you’re interested in. Use the Search tab to search the product by name, or the Scan tab to access a super fast barcode scanner. After creating a free account, you can add products to the WatchList tab to create a list of products and find the best deals for them.

Tapping on a product shows a detail page with a product name and photo, options to share, add to watchlist, and view reviews for the product, and details about the product including offer price, original price, and offering store.

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MobiTile lets you easily keep abreast of news from several accounts on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, being online or offline, sort incoming posts into thematic streams using custom filters, and much more.

Our online lives happen in a lot of places: social networking sites, blogs, news, and online services like Dropbox. It can be cumbersome to navigate to all the various apps and websites for all of these services.

MobiTile looks to remedy this situation by bringing all of your online services in one easy to use app. MobiTile is an app where you can gather all of your streams and cloud storage services in once place. After creating a free MobiTile app, sign into all of your different services from across the web: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Flicker, Dropbox, RSS feeds, and Google.

MobiTile lets you create customized feeds of content you want to see, then organize your feeds using filters. See all of your notifications and messages in one place in MobiTile, and get an overview of all of your accounts on the Home screen.

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Search Photo Library and Smart Suggestions on iPhone 6


People take a ton of photos with their smartphones. Hundreds of billions a year, in fact. That means many of us have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on our iPhones. To make finding photos easier, check out how to search the photo library and get smart suggestions on the iPhone 6.