Hungry Moles


The most challenging maze game every made. This app is a fun and interactive game that will test your skill and memory. Help Murray the Mole get away from the Sylvia the Snake and get him home safely. Navigate your way through the different mazes and collect gems but be sure to avoid the bombs and the traps.

Opening Hungry Moles will bring you to the main menu where you will navigate Hungry Moles. Tapping on Play will take you into level selector where you can begin playing Hungry Moles, tapping on the Store will take you into the in-game store where you can purchase lives and power-ups, and Login will allow you to login with Facebook to keep track of your scores and challenge your friends to beat your high scores. Now, let’s get into the game play.

Playing Hungry Moles is very simple and very addicting. Coming into the level selector will allow you to choose from 10 levels per location. To switch locations tap on the left and/or right arrows in the middle of the screen. Tapping on a level number will take you into it as long as you’ve already beaten it or are currently on it, you cannot jump ahead.

Tapping on the level will show you your objectives which usually involve the number of moves you’re allowed to make, the number of gems you’ll need to collect, and the amounts of gems to collect. To move Murray the Mole you’ll need to swipe on him in either up/down or left/right. Swiping in the direction you want him to go in will move him and dig that square of dirt away. You’ll want to watch out for dirt clods that will force you to make two moves instead of one, they will bring your move counter down more quickly. And hidden thought the maze will be bombs and bear traps that will effectively bring about a game over and take away one of your five lives. There are some power-ups that will help you in this though, you can use a shield to keep you safe from bombs for 20 seconds, a drill to get through dirt clods or cement squares, and a timer increase to keep you in the game longer. These power-ups and lives can be replenished in the store but using in-app-purchases or by using the gems that you collect.

Help Murray the Mole get home safely while avoiding Sylvia the Snake! Download Hungry Moles, available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Down to Chill


Down To Chill is a trendy place to hang out with friends who share your interests. Hanging out with friends is now easy, convenient, and fun.

To get started with Down to Chill you’ll need to create an account by logging in with your Facebook account. What this will do is pull in all of your profile information and allow you to connect with your Facebook friends that are on Down to Chill. There aren’t any other profile options from there, whatever your profile picture and name is on Facebook is what it’s going to be on Down to Chill. The only option that you’ll have as far as customizing your profile will be the custom hashtag that you can add to your profile, and we’ll get into hashtags and how they work below.

To see who’s available in your area to chill you’ll want to come into the Home tab. Here you’ll tap on the Down to Chill button and your profile will go into Online mode. Down to Chill will then use your current location to find others around you that are ready to chill as well. Once a profile card is show to you in the Home feed you can either Chill with that person, which will send them a request and open a chat with them, or Next them, which will discard that profile card and show you the next available person. The Home feed is where you are going to find your Facebook friends as well as people who are close by.

The Feed tab is where the hashtags are going to come into play. There will be two sections to the Feed tab, your Current Location and Following. The current location will show the city name in the top left of the screen. Here you will see updates and comments from people who have used your cities hashtag to leave a post. For example, we are located in Modesto and our cities hashtag is #Modesto, so whenever someone posts to that hashtag they will show up in my cities news feed. From there I can comment and like other people’s postings. The Following tab will allow you to search for specific hashtags to follow and you’ll see posts for the hashtags that you follow. The custom hashtag that you set for your profile will automatically be followed in this section.

The last tab in Down to Chill is the Chat. This is where you’ll be able to chat back and forth with the people who you have connected with by tapping on Chill from the Home feed. You’ll see all of your chat history with everyone you’ve connected with as well as any hashtags that you’ve posted to. Tapping on a chat will bring you into it where you can continue to reply to that person, where you can send text or photos. If you’d ever like to leave a chat tap the three dots in the chat history and you’ll have to unmatch yourself from them and you’ll leave the chat. But the main purpose of the chat tab is for you to set up a time and place to go chill with the person that you matched with.

It’s time to start chilling with all of your friends. Don’t be a homebody, get out and do something with Down to Chill!

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How to use Periscope to Livestream Video


While live video streaming has actually been around for a while (, a video streaming service, launched in 2007), there has been new life breathed into the idea with the recent release of two competing apps with a similar idea: instantly stream video from your phone to your followers. One of those two apps is Periscope, the new live video streaming app brought to you by Twitter.

Periscope is awesome for getting a glimpse into the lives and happenings of people you follow. But don’t just watch, get in on the action and live stream your own video to an engaged audience. Here’s how:

First you’ll need the app. Right now you can only stream from the iPhone app, but Twitter says the Android app is coming soon. Go ahead and download Periscope from the App Store right now:

Periscope on the iOS App Store

When you open the app, you’ll get an introduction to what Periscope is and how it works. You’ll then get a list of live streams from people you follow on Twitter. You can tap on any of these to watch their stream and comment. Comments will be sent out as tweets from your Twitter account and show up in real time at the bottom of the video stream where everyone watching can read. You can also tap the screen to “heart” the stream, and these hearts build up for each broadcaster over time to show an overall score.

Let’s get to the fun part though: making our own stream. You might be tempted to hit that “stream” button right now, but you should probably do some preparation first. Ask yourself a couple questions first:

1. Do I have something people want to watch?

Right now, you’ll find lots of people live streaming their walk to work or school. I’m willing to bet not many of your followers want to watch your face bounce up and down their screen as you’re taking a walk.

The most interesting streams –and the ones that will get the most watchers– will be where you are doing something interesting. Skydiving? Zip lining? Painting? Creating? Go for it. Writing a paper for for your Econ 208 class? Probably not.

2. Am I prepared to not use my phone for as long as I stream?

Streaming on Periscope will be the full-time job of your phone as you stream. You might be able to close the app during your stream, but your viewers will get a lovely blurred screen and nothing to watch.

3. Do I want random people around the world watching what I’m doing?

Periscope is live video from your iPhone’s camera, so whatever your phone can see, anyone in the world can see too. You need to be prepared to forsake your privacy for as long as you stream. This means cleaning up anything you don’t want people to see, and not saying anything you don’t want heard. It’s also a good idea to let the people around you know what you’re doing, and make sure that taking broadcasting is allowed at your location. Using Periscope while you’re cooking a fancy dinner at home is ok, but you could run into problems if you try to stream at a major league game or a museum.

If all three questions are met with a yes, tap stream and broadcast to the world. The app will ask permission to use your camera and your microphone, and you’ll be streaming almost immediately. The interface is similar to watching a Periscope stream, but with a few more options. You can change which camera to use (front or back), a button to turn on the rear camera flash to light your scene, and a stop button, in addition to the comment button.

Once you end your stream, Periscope will ask if you want to keep the stream. Tapping yes will enable anyone with the link to the stream to watch as a video after you’re off the air.

And that’s it. Periscope could potentially create a huge impact on how we view events and get a glimpse into the lives of others from around the world. What and when you stream is entirely up to you, and as of this moment, Periscope is skyrocketing into relevance as a media tool and we’ve only just scratch at the surface of the possibilities of the platform.

AtHome Camera


Athome Camera is a remote video surveillance app that can turn your personal computer, smart TV/set-top box, smart phone, and tablet into a professional home monitoring system in seconds.

AtHome Camera will allow you to turn your Mac, Pc, iPhone, iPad, or Android into a security camera without the need of any other software. All you have to do is ensure that you have the app installed on at least two devices, one to broadcast and one to receive, and from there the rest is a piece of cake. You don’t even have to sign up for an account if you don’t want to, there are some advantages though and we will go over those later on.

When launching AtHome Camera you’ll want to select from your iPhone if you are going to connect to a Mac/Pc, Smart Phone, or AtHome IP Camera. Once you’ve selected the device that you are going to connect to AtHome Camera will have you scan the QR Code generated by the broadcast device, this will automatically input the username and password into AtHome Camera so you don’t have to set anything up yourself. From there you will see your broadcast device listed in the main menu ready for you to connect to.

Once a broadcast device has been added tapping on it will initiate a connection to where you can view the stream. This can be done via 3G/LTE connections as well as WiFi ensuring that no matter where you are you can check in on the camera. You’ll have options in the stream to record the broadcast directly to your device, snap screenshots, communicate via microphone with the broadcast device, and set up some preferences. You can enable AtHome Camera to detect motion and automatically record as well as setting up time frames to record continually. To use the Motion Detector and Time Frame you will need to create an account with AtHome Camera but they are free and only require an email address. Don’t let this derail you, all connections and accounts are kept secure and private, they are completely encrypted from both connection ends.

Keep in mind that for our testing we installed AtHome Camera on a Mac and used the iPhone version of the app. The AtHome Camera for iPhone we are using is a viewer only, you’ll need the broadcast version of AtHome Camera to use an iOS or Android device as a broadcast camera.

Keep an eye on the things most important to you with AtHome Camera. Download for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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Stick Figure Movie Trivia


stick-figure-movie-triva-screen1Stick Figure Movie Trivia is a game where players must identify movie titles from a stick figure drawing of a famous scene. If you a big movie buff you’re sure to love playing Stick Figure Movie Trivia.

stick-figure-movie-trivia-screen2Stick Figure Movie Trivia has a super simple interface that makes playing fast and fun! At the top of the playing board is the stick figure drawing of a movie scene, this is going to be the scene that you are going to solve. Down below the drawing are blank tiles, this is going to be the spaces for you to fill in with the movie title. Finally, down below the blank tiles you will see a jumble of lettered tiles that you will use to fill in the movie title. All you need to do is tap on the letters that compose the movie title and they will automatically fill in and once you’ve completed the title correctly you will then move onto the next drawing.

Solving puzzles in Stick Figure Movie Trivia will earn you coins and points to level up. When you first start off in Stick Figure Movie Trivia you will begin at Level 1 which is the easiest level as the movies are more popular and the drawings easier to understand. As you solve the drawings and advance to the next level they will gradually become harder and more difficult to solve. But don’t worry, this is where the coins come into play.

stick-figure-movie-trivia-screen3If you eve get stumped on a drawing in Stick Figure Movie Trivia you can use the coins that you earn to help solve it. Tapping on the “?” box below the drawing will allow you to use your coins for help. Here you can use coins to receive; a Text Hint which will give you a little description of the movie, Reveal a Letter which will give you one letter in the blank tiles to get you started, Remove Letters which will remove all of the incorrect letter tiles from the jumble, and Skip Move which will skip the current drawing and advance you to the next one. You’ll want to use these sparingly as they do cost a lot of coins and they will go fast. Don’t worry though, you can always purchase more coins with an In-App-Purchase should you ever run out.

stick-figure-movie-trivia-screen5Now if using your coins for a hint didn’t cut it you can always Ask a Friend. Tapping on this button will take the current drawing that you’re stuck on and share it to your favorite social network so you’re friends and see it and help you out. For example, tapping on Facebook will bring up the iOS Facebook Post sheet where you can select to share it publicly or to just friends as well as add in your own text. You’ll also see a preview of the image that you’re going to share and when you’re ready tapping on Post will send it to Facebook for your friends to see and comment on. This won’t cost you any coins and it can be fun to see which of your friends knows their movies!

Test your movie knowledge with Stick Figure Movie Trivia, available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Karma Kounter


Karma Kounter is a mobile health app like no other, it’s an app that tracks all of your karma! Karma Kounter focuses on your unique personal development by keeping track of eight important health areas: creative, mental moral, physical, professional, romantic, social, and spiritual.

Launching Karma Kounter will bring you into the Kounter screen where you can tally all of the decisions you’ve made for the day that fit into the eight health areas. Tapping on the arrow next to the Health Area will drop down a menu of creative virtues that you could have completed throughout the day. If a virtue that you’ve done is not listed you can add in a new one at the top of the list. If you have completed some virtues in this list then tap on the “+” button next to the virtue to tally it for the day. You can, of course, tally more than one virtue for each area.

If you have a reoccurring activity that you would like Karma Kounter to automatically tally you can set that up in the Activities screen. This would be useful if you went on a daily jog or run that you would like to have added to the Physical area each time you did the activity. All you have to do here is select the days that you do the activity, give it a name, choose the category you want it added to, and the timeframe and you are good to go. Each day at the time you’ve set up Karma Kounter will automatically add in the virtue for you!

To make things more social, Karma Kounter has integrated with Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, and Health Kit to keep you on task! You can connect Karma Kounter with you favorite networks and it will automatically scan you posts for specific hashtags and add those hashtags to you Kounter. You can see a list of hashtags per category as well as add in your own like you would add a virtue to a category. This is really neat as you can share with your friends and family what you are up to and Karma Kounter will add points to your virtues for you!

Keep track of all of your Karma with Karma Kounter, available exclusively for the iPhone!

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React Mobile – Personal Safety


React Mobile is a simple yet powerful personal safety solution that is transforming the way people call for help in emergencies. The React Sidekick personal safety device pairs with the React Mobile safety app so that users can quickly send out a widespread emergency alert without having to access and unlock their phone.

react-mobile-peace-of-mindReact Mobile is broken down into three main Safety Statuses; I’m Fine, Follow Me, and Help Me. Each one of these statuses will help your friends determine if you are safe or are in need of help.

I’m Fine
The I’m Fine status lets your friends know that everything is fine and no action is needed. In this mode React Mobile won’t send out any notifications to your friends as there are no actions required. If you are making changes to the settings of React Mobile such as adding friends or adding in default messages you’ll more than likely want to leave it in the I’m Fine mode so no unnecessary notifications are sent out.

Follow Me
react-mobile-stay-connectedTo enable the Follow Me mode you’ll want to slide the status bubble from I’m Fine to Follow Me. Once you’ve done this the Follow Me page will pop-up allowing you to fill in the information for your friend. On this page you’ll invite your React Mobile friends to follow you by tapping on the “+” button, add in the duration that you’d like your friends to follow you, add in your destination using the maps, add in the message you’d like to send to your friends, and choose if you want the Follow Me request to be sent to your Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve filled in all of the information tapping on Send Request will send notifications to all of your friends and social networks chosen and you’ll see a list of people you’ve invited to follow on the Main Screen. From the Main Screen you’ll be able to quickly message or call the people who are following you by tapping on the perspective icons. Once the Follow Me request has been completed you can move it back to I’m Fine to end the request that you’ve sent. You’ll also be prompted to save the Follow Me request so you can quickly use it again if this is something you do frequently.

react-mobile-widespread-alertsHelp Me
If you feel that you are in immediate danger you’ll want to enable the Help Me status. Slide the status bubble over to Help Me and React Mobile will automatically place a call to your local emergency services as well as send an immediate notification to all of your React Mobile friends. From the Settings Menu you can select the country for your emergency services to ensure that React Mobile contacts the correct departments or if you just want React Mobile to contact your friends you can disable calling emergency services. You can also edit the message that will be sent to all of your friends and choose if you want React Mobile to send a Help Me request to your friends, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Make sure to come into the Settings and customize these details before you’re in a situation where you’ll need to use the Help Me status. Once you feel that you are out of danger slide the Help Me back to I’m Fine and you’re friends and/or social networks will be updated letting them know that you are ok now.

React Sidekick
React Mobile also works with the bluetooth connected React Sidekick which can be used to update statuses without the need to be inside of the app. If you purchase one you can connect it with the React Mobile app on your iPhone to enable you to click a button to update statuses. What’s really nice about using this is that if you iPhone screen is locked and in your pocket you can simply click a button and sent React Mobile into a Follow Me or Help Me status to alert your friends without seeming like you have. You can learn more about the React Sidekick by watching this video.

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Visho is the first video shopping app, exclusively on iPhone, that allows you to buy and sell items directly from your device.

When you first launch Visho you’ll be asked to create and account, this will be used to both purchase items as well as sell them. Make sure and fill out as much of the information as possible, this will help ensure that people will trust you as a seller and buyer. The next important thing to do is to tie Visho in with your PayPal account, this will enable you to purchase and sell items directly from within the app.

From the main Feed in Visho you can see what people you are following are selling. From here you can watch the video of the item they are trying to sell as well as comment and like the video. If this is something that you would like to purchase, all you have to do is tap on the price and you’ll be taken to the page where you can purchase it. You’ll be able to select to have the item shipped directly to you or you can meet the seller in person. Either way you’ll have to complete the purchase via PayPal which is why you’ll want to have your account connected. Once the purchase is complete, the seller will either ship the item to you or meet up with you are the agreed upon location.

If you’d like to sell an item on Visho just tap on the Tag button on the bottom of the screen and you’ll be able to make a listing. First you’ll need to record your video, tap and hold in the black area below the camera and it will record. You can release and then tap and hold again to record segments to make the video more appealing and informative. Once the video is recorded you can add a filter to make it pop and choose a cover image to display before the video is played. Once you’ve done all of that you’ll need to fill out the listing details such as price, description, tags, categories, location, and more. After all of that is completed just tap on Sell and the item will be posted for all to see. If anyone decides to buy it you will be notified in your Messages and can proceed from there!

Sell items you no longer need and buy the ones you’ve always wanted! Download Visho on the App Store!

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Five Tips for Better Android Photography

Photo by Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

Smartphones these days are equipped with cameras that have steadily improved to the point where they frequently produce better quality photos than dedicate point-and-shoot cameras, and the ubiquity of high quality cameras in everyone’s pocket has caused billions of photos to be taken and shared in recent years.

But these capable new cameras do not necessarily mean most people will instantaneously take better photos. Even the most sophisticated professional cameras will take crappy photos if you aren’t aware of photography basics. Using the front facing camera to snap a selfie in your unlit room to send to your ‘bae’ is fine, but to create an Instagram classic, or even a photo you want to print and frame, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind when using your Android for photography.

Here are five of the best tips I can share that will help bring your photography to a new level.

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SHUMURI SLIM case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


SHUMURI-clear-silverThe SHUMURI SLIM is a vanishingly thin case for your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that offers scratch and scuff protection in a sleek, branding-free design.

The SLIM case is quite possibly the thinnest case you can get for any phone, anywhere. At less than a third of a millimeter, it’s thinner than most business cards, and not much thicker than a couple sheets of paper. SHUMURI-bottom If, like this author, you prefer your phone to be naked, but have found the latest iPhones to be extremely slippery in the hand, the SHUMURI case is the next best thing. You gain some much needed grip from the textured finish, and scratch protection for the back and sides of the phone.

Blue-Side3-4_grandeDon’t expect this case to help your iPhone survive any nosedives, however. This slim case will provide exactly zero shock protection. The phone’s screen is also left vulnerable: this case does not rise past the level of the screen to prevent contact when lying face down, like some other cases.

Blue-Side_grandeThe SHUMURI SLIM rocks a branding-free aesthetic, which means nothing will detract from the design of the iPhone. The case also retains all functionality as well: headphone and lightning ports, as well as the volume, power, and vibrate switches are completely free from obstructions.

The SLIM case is undetectable in the pocket, so you don’t lose any ability to keep your phone in your skinny jeans. The translucent design also helps to unify the design of the back of the phone, which means the iPhone retains all it’s nice lines.

The SHUMURI SLIM case for iPhones 6 and 6 Plus are offered at a very reasonable $18.99 and $19.99 respectively, and can be purchased through their web store at

Visit SHUMURI’s Website
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UpdateZen is a simple status reporting solution for CEOs, Executives and Business Owners. Updates from team members are capped at 250 characters to include only what’s absolutely essential. Updates are consolidated and presented in one simple interface on iPhone and the web.

From the main menu you will see all of your Team Members as well as Updates on projects. Tapping on a Team Member will take you to the Projects screen where you can see all of the projects that are assigned to that team member. From here you will be able to view the most recent update on a Project as well as Adding a Project. Tapping on a Project will take you to the most recent stats on that project. From here you can Acknowledge that you’ve read the most recent update, Request an Update, Add Feedback, Share Project Update, See the Project History, and Archive the Project.

Adding a Project for a Team Member will allow you to give the project a title as well as a description. The team member will then be notified that you’d like them to join the project and then you will be notified once they join. Any time a team member leaves an update, which is a status with 250 characters or less, you will be notified and from there can leave feedback, which is a status update as well, and can acknowledge that you’ve read their update. If a project hasn’t receive any attention for a while you can always request an update which will send a notification to the team member the project has been assigned to asking them to update their status on the project. If you’d like to share the project with others that aren’t assigned to the project you can share it via email to them if you’d like to. And once a project is done you can archive it so it’ll be removed from the current projects list.

From the My Team section you can Add and Manage members of your team. Adding a new Team Member will ask you to send them an email, fill out their name, and give them a project task. This is useful as when the team member is added they will already have a project assigned to them so they can get started on it right away. If for whatever reason you need to remove a Team Member all you need to do is swipe right on their name and it will present you with a Remove button. Be careful though, removing a Team Member will also remove any projects that they’ve been assigned to.

Your team members will love using UpdateZen, the one simple place where project updates will live. Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Web.

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