YouTube Gaming for iPhone Walkthrough


YouTube Gaming is Google’s solution to keeping users connected to the games, players, and culture that is online gaming! Twitch has long owned this market and the question is can YouTube Gaming knock it off the throne? Check out this walkthrough of YouTube Gaming to find out:

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Spark – Dating App


The Spark App is the hottest new way to ignite your dating life! More than just swiping, this app introduces swiping with a choice.

To begin using Spark, you’ll first need to create your profile. This can easily be done by signing in with Facebook as Spark will pull over your photo and profile information to make the create simple and fast. You’ll be able to select up to six different profile images, fill out a bio and interests, and add points to your profile. More on the points later on. Once your profile is done it’s time to find your match!

From the main screen in Spark, you will see two different profiles that they feel would be a match for you. You can tap on each of the profiles to view their entire profile or you can swipe to the right and each bit of information can be swiped through. If you feel that one of the profiles is a match you can then either swipe up for the top profile or swipe down for the bottom profile. This will “favorite” that person and in the hopes that they would “favorite” you can so you can then communicate. Once you’ve “favorited” a profile you will then be shown two more profiles and the cycle will continue.

If you feel that neither profile displayed is a match for you then you can Skip this selection and two new profiles will be shown to you, but this comes at a cost. You can skip up to five times within a 24 hour period of time so you’ll want to use this feature wisely. If you have reached your five skip limit you will then begin using the points that are in your profile. Each skip after your five free ones will cost three points each and you can earn free points or purchase more in your profile.

Once two people have “favorited” each other in Spark you’ll be able to communicate with them one-on-one using the built-in chat feature. You’ll receive a notification once the match has been made and then you’ll see the chat open up. You can chat back and forth like any other messaging application, it’s that simple!

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Watch, clip and share current live TV moments from memorable shows while they air. Share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere!

clippit-screen1Upon first launching Clippit you’ll have to create an account using either your Twitter account or Facebook account. Once you’ve got the account created you’ll then have to choose Genres of shows to follow to choose clips from. You can choose from Comedies, Dramas, Movies, News, Reality, and Sports.

From the Home tab of Clippit, you’ll be able to see all of the New and Popular clips that have been shared from the categories and/or shows that you’ve chosen to follow. Tapping on the play button on a clip will begin playing the clip that a user has shared. Below the clip you’ll be able to see the comment that they’ve left and on the right-hand side you can upvote the post, share the post with iOS, and follow the users/genre/show.

clippit-screen2To share your own clip, you’ll need to visit the Clip tab. In the Clip tab, you’ll see a list of shows that are currently On Right Now that you can select and share clips from. Tapping on the show that you are watching will show you what is happening right in that moment and allow you to rewind all the way to the beginning of the show. Select a clip and you’ll then have to trim it into a 30-second segment. Once you’ve trimmed the clip you’ll then choose a cover image, give it your caption, and then share it with Clippit along with Facebook and Twitter.

clippit-screen3The Discover tab will allow you to browse what’s Trending, Newest Clips, Shows, and Categories. Tapping into a section will quickly load up all of the clips that are available to you and from there you’ll be able to comment, share, and upvote any of the ones that catch your eye! You can even search at the top of the Discover tab from shows or hashtags so you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Turn your mobile device into a free, personal guide and transform from a tourist into a pro traveler. Explore cities, museums, tourist and cultural attractions effortlessly. Be inspired by local stories in audio guides.

Android Demo

iPhone Demo

izi.TRAVEL will use your current location to show Guides and Tours that you may find interesting. From the Explore menu, you will see all of the Tours that you can go into and being exploring your location. If you are looking to expand your horizons even more, you can jump into the Map and see different areas of interest that are close by your current location. And if you’d like to explore a location that the editors think you’ll find interesting jump into the Editor’s Choice section.

Tapping on a tour in izi.TRAVELwill gives you a brief overview of the tour you’re about to embark on. You’ll have options to change the language you view it in, bookmark the tour, download it to your device and more. Some tours will feature Audio and Images to help enhance the experience. The Content tab of the tour will show you a list of all of the content that is provided, this means that you’ll see all of the landmarks that the tour has to offer. Each piece of Content will have its own overview, images, and audio for you to listen to and explore.

To take your experience to the next level, let izi.TRAVEL guide you with its interactive maps. While taking a tour, you can open the map and watch your location indicator move as you walk along with the tour in your ears! If you want to get to a specific location let izi.TRAVEL give you directions from right with the maps as well! Touring your dream destination has never been so easy!

Enjoy the freedom of vacationing with izi.TRAVEL, available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Share and explore nearby experiences, news, and people with Truhmpit!

Truhmpit for the iPhone is the place for you to share your local stories, whether that’s news about events, reviews for local hotspots, weather, points of interest, and more. Truhmpit consists of five tabs: Home, Browse, Post, NearBy, and Following. On the Home tab, you’ll see posts from cities follow, as well as nearby posts. The Browse tab will show a stream of every post from around the globe. The Post tab is where you post your own updates. NearBy shows posts around you. And finally the Following tab shows posts from your followed cities.

Whenever you post to Truhmpit, you can choose from one of six categories that your post relates to: Food & Drinks, Local Places, Neighborhood Watch, Shopping, Traffic & Transportation, and Other. These categories let others know what your post is about.

Each post on Truhmpit is anonymous so that you can speak your mind about local issues or concerns safely.

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Meet nag! You’ll enjoy the fastest, simplest, and most social reminder system available!

Now, hearing the word nag generally implies someone that is constantly reminding you to do something wheater you want them to or not, and this app brings that to the virtual world! From the home screen of nag will show you all of the nags that you’ve created. You can choose to nag individual friends, a group of friends, of yourself!

To create a nag tap on the New Nag button on the bottom left corner of the screen. The New Tag box will appear where you can enter your nag text and set the time and duration of the nag. Enter your text and then tap on the Date & Time to choose when the nag will be sent, then you can choose the Interval you’d like the nag to be sent out in. Once all of that has been chosen you’ll be able to select your Recipient. As mentioned before, you can choose to nag yourself or your friends, nag uses your contacts to send nags to, they don’t even need nag installed! Once the recipient has been selected the nag will send with all of your chosen items.

All of the nags that you send and receive will show on the home screen of nag. Swiping from right to left on a nag will show some advanced options. You can turn notification sounds off, reply to that nag with another nag, and even remove yourself from a nag. If you choose to remove yourself, you’ll no longer receive notification from that nag and your friend will be notified that you’ve left it. But don’t worry, I’m sure your friends will send you more nags in the future!

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Tripigy Navigator


Your trips are now easier, better planned, and more fun with Tripigy Navigator!

Tripigy Navigator brings you all the tools you need to plan your trip, discover new things along the way, and record everything along the way. The app features thousands of searchable points of interest including necessities like gas, rest stops, and medical facilities, downloadable maps and directions, detailed trip planning, and more.

Whether you’re just looking for something to do, or you need to find something specific, Tripigy Navigator has you covered. Points of Interest can be searched using text queries, category drill downs, and feature filters. Once you’ve found something, you can even save the listing for offline use.

On your way, you can let others enjoy your experiences with Tripigy Navigator via blogs, photos, trip plans, and location markers.

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Today in History


Just another day?…NEVER! With Today in History, every day is historic and epic!

Find out what happened in history on this date in years and century’s past with Today in History for iPhone.

Recorded history now goes back a long way (for some civilizations, many thousands of years), and every day on the calendar is now filled with important events in history that occurred on that day. The Today In History app will guide you through each day’s historical events.

Today In History lets you view events by event type (such as headlines, births, or holidays), and each event features detailed descriptions, beautiful imagery, and access to the Wikipedia article for the selected. You can even choose to receive daily notifications of the most important events on each day!

Today In History is a beautiful and free app that guides you through history from day to day, giving you context for history’s most important moments.

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Bam Bam Squid


Become the master squid that you were destined to in Bam Bam Squid! Your goal in Bam Bam Squid is to get as far as possible by avoiding pesky coral reef all while collecting Sandy Andy starfish!

From the main menu of Bam Bam Squid you’ll be able to Play the game, see an Overview of your progress, see your Game Center achievement’s, disable the Music, and purchase items from the Store.

Tapping on the Play button will bring you into the Squid Academy where you can see your current level. You start off on level 1 by learning the basics of Bam Bam Squid such as the controls and how to use power-ups, including the first power-up, Ink! To control your squid all you have to do is tap on the screen to swim up and not tap to swim down. To activate power-ups, you’ll have to swipe across the screen in the direction the power-up requires, swipe down for the Ink.

When you’re in a level you will have to swim through different stages of Coral Reef all while avoiding the reef itself. There is a dotted white line to guide you and the power-ups that you unlock will help you avoid being hurt by the reef along the way. Be on the look out for Sandy Andy’s as they are the key to unlocking additional levels and powers! Sandy Andy’s can be collected by swimming over them and they will be added to your inventor, but be careful, swimming outside of the reef will begin removing Sandy Andy’s from you bag!

As you are swimming through the reef, other sea creatures will swim in your path to distract you. You cannot be hurt by other fish, so swim right through them! There will also be mermaids that come at random times that will drop off gifts such as health and ammo to help you along your quest! Once all three of your hearts are gone it’s game over and your Sandy Andy’s will be collected and added to your overall score!

As mentioned earlier, Sandy Andy’s are the key to unlocking new power-ups. Collecting your first 25 get you the Ink, 1,00 unlocks Tornado Attack, 5,000 get you BBQ-mode, and 15,000 brings out the Electrical Shocks! Don’t forget to compete in the daily challenges where you can earn bonus Sandy Andy’s by collection a certain number of them on that day!

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Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball


Test your reflexes with Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball!

The gameplay of Virtual Tennis is very simple and straight forward, tap on the tennis ball to launch it into the air and continually tap on the tennis ball to keep it from reaching the ground. Sounds easy, right? Right, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t get challenging. If you tap the tennis ball in any direction it will fly off in the direction you tapped. If you’re not quick enough you’ll miss and the ball will fall to the ground ending the game!

Once the game is over you’ll have the opportunity to start a new game and challenge your friends. If you decide to challenge your friends you’ll be able to send them a tweet via Twitter, a post via Facebook, or a challenge via Game Center. Once you’ve challenged your friends it’s time for them to play and beat your high score!

If you ever need help you can always brush up on the rules of the Virtual Tennis from the Main Menu. From there you’ll also be able to download other apps from the developer as well as start a new game of Virtual Tennis to beat your high score!

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