YouCam Makeup


YouCam Makeup is the smart cosmetic kit in your purse. Designed for the modern woman, the YouCam Makeup app lets you create makeup and hairstyles to match your unique lifestyle.

Launching the Makeup Cam will open the camera to the front facing camera, allowing you to capture a selfie to use and stylize. What’s really neat is from the Makeup Cam you can enable a Skin Beautifier which will smooth out your skin, giving you the look of an airbrushed photo. Where the Makeup Cam excels is in the Looks feature. What you can do is create a look by selecting a predefined look, or create your own by going through all of the menus, and it will augment the look onto your face before you even take the photo! You can tap and switch looks on the fly so you can get a feel for what would look best on you.

Once you’ve snapped a selfie, or selected a photo from the camera roll, you can then begin switching out looks. Even if you selected one when taking a selfie you can switch it out in the customize section. You can choose from the predefined looks and/or costumes which have everything done for a specific look; so you will see eyebrows, eyelashes, lipstick, blush, and more automatically applied to match your face. If you would like to take a more traditional approach to applying the makeup you can always go into the Face, Eye, Mouth, and Hair sections and apply each one of them individually to get the perfect look!

When you have your desired look you can save a before and after so you can see your transformation. There is even an option the save the formula so you can go and get the materials required to make that look happen in real life!

Let out the inner you with YouCam Makeup. Download for your iPhone and iPad below.

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WataWaka is a game where you get to free animals from the poachers, run through forests, swing across vines, avoid dangerous falling boulders, spikes of death, and so much more.

Gameplay in WataWaka is very simple and easy to understand. Swiping left will move your character left, swiping right will move your character to the right, swiping up with make your character jump and/or kick poachers, and swiping down will make your character slide and/or kick poachers. There will also be opportunities for you to tap on poachers and throw a boomerang at them to free the animal that they are trying to capture.

You can selects from 5 different locations to run through and free the animals from poachers. You can select from a Forrest, Fire, Volcano, and Coral Reef. Each location will present different challenges; for example on the Volcano mission you will start off in a boat that you will then drive across the water rescuing animals from rock tops and then at a certain point you will then run across the water again. No matter what location you select there will be challenges for you to complete to earn higher multipliers and these challenges can include collecting coins, completing events, freeing animals, and more.

Once you’ve selected a location to play, you can then select and purchase power-ups to use for that run. You can purchase Eco Elves to automatically destroy enemies and free animals, Score Booster to increase your multiplier by 5 for one run, and Head Start to zoom you through the sky at the start of a run. Some locations will limit you to the use of only one or two of the power-ups, so keep that in mind before you select a location to play.

Save the animals, walk on water with WataWaka. Download for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices below.

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In CubX you must skillfully catch falling blocks, which are called tetrominos, in order to create lines, which then disappear. If you don’t do this quickly or often enough, the game will end and you’ll have to start over!

Upon first launching CubX you’ll be presented with the tutorial on how to play. If you are familiar with the classic game Tetris it will be a little easier for you to get the hang of CubX’s unique gameplay but if for some reason you’ve never played Tetris, you’ll be able to pick up the game in no time.

The basics of CubX’s game play will have you moving a paddle in all directions – up, down, left, and right – catching falling tile pieces. What’s unique to CubX is that the pieces will fall from the top and rise from the bottom, making both sides of the paddle playable. While a puzzle piece is falling you can tap on the screen to rotate it and tapping with two fingers will make the piece fall into place on the paddle. If you make pieces form a complete row, they will disappear and shift all of the other pieces down. The more that you can do this the higher your score will be and if you can chain together row clears you’ll get even higher points. And remember when I mentioned that pieces fall and rise, you can connect both sides of the paddle for even higher points! If you stack the pieces to high and can no longer have any fall or rise the game will end and you will be given your final score.

CubX features six different game modes that you can play. Classic mode gets you as close to normal Tetris as can be expected, although you’ll still have to move the paddle to catch falling pieces. CubX mode is where the pieces will fall from the top and rise from the bottom, as described above. Arcade mode gives you a board with cubes already in place, you’ll need to fit in the falling pieces to complete rows and remove the tiles. Time Trial mode will put you in a classic CubX mode but you will compete against the clock. Contract mode will give you a shape that you’ll have to create with the puzzle pieces, if you fail to do so game over! And finally, Missions mode will give you goals that you must reach using the falling puzzle pieces.

In each game mode you can use Boosters to help you achieve higher scores and some will even help remove or replace puzzle pieces on the board! CubX is sure to proved you with hours of challenging fun! Download for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices below.

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100 Balls 3D


100 Balls for iOS is a simple yet surprisingly difficult game where you try to keep what’s yours.

In a unique take on the traditional balls and cups motif, 100 Balls 3D sets before you what seems like a not-too-lofty goal: keep 100 balls in your possession. Using realistic 3D graphics, your goal is to control the gates of the hopper where your 100 balls are kept. Under the hopper passes a conveyer belt full of cups that will pass back around the hopper and dump your balls back in.

There are to main challenges to what seems like the simple game of 100 Balls 3D: keep your balls from rolling away, and keep your cups from disappearing. You have control of both: touching the screen during the game will open up the hopper to drop balls into the cups below. Aim badly, and your balls won’t hit their target and roll away. Miss a cup entirely, and that cup will be removed from the conveyor belt entirely. Lose all of either one, and it’s game over.

You gain points as well as advance through the levels by recycling as many of your balls as possible, and the higher levels you reach, the bigger color-based multipliers you can earn.

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Silent Beacon


Silent Beacon for iPhone quickly and discreetly alerts an emergency contact of your location and that you need help.

Silent Beacon is a must have app for anyone who could find themselves in a potentially perilous situation. Once set up, Silent Beacon will attempt to contact one or more emergency contacts of your choosing to let them know that you are in danger. When possible, Silent Beacon also sends your emergency contacts your current location. If your contacts also have Silent Beacon installed, they can view a live map of your current location as well as where you’ve been since your beacon has been activated.

Setting up Silent Beacon is simple and straightforward: simply register and account, and assign your emergency contacts. Assigned contacts will receive a text message notifying them that they are your emergency contact. We suggest you discuss this with your chosen contact to plan and agree on a plan if the worst happens.

Silent Beacon can also be configured to dial 911 on activation of the beacon. Silent Beacon features support for their easy to use wireless key fob that can be used to activate your beacon even more discreetly. You can purchase the system separately from Silent Beacon’s website.

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bitplay SNAP! 6 iPhone Case


bitplay SNAP! 6 Series iPhone 6 Case – The easiest way to snap a shot with your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Bringing the feel to mobile photography
Like taking a picture with your traditional camera, now experience it on your iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. The heart of design of SNAP! 6 Series, embeds the shutter button without compromising the thickness and premium looks of iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus.

It just gets better, with lenses
It’s time to make your iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus camera really powerful. Other than taking extraordinary photos, with add-on lenses, these moments can be captured even better.

Keeping it secure, with a strap
We all love taking photos with our iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus, but sometimes, we might risk the chance of dropping them. With the strap, you can now hold on to your beloved phone without worries.

Keeping fully accessible, with your convenience
All ports, buttons and speaker are fully accessible for unhindered access when your iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus is in the case.

Considering ergonomics, the Grip
Hand posture matters and we want to get the experience right. The grip allows you to take a photo more naturally and steadily without sacrificing the slim design and sleekness of the phone.

Matching your style
SNAP! 6 Series is all about quality, simplicity and fun. With Its metallic finish and polished, modern look, it also comes in shades that fit everyone.
Classic Black, Premium Silver, Strawberry Pink and Deep Blue. No matter what your preferences are, you can always find a color that best represents your personality.

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Core Organizer


Core Organizer for iPhone keeps all of your personal and sensitive data in one convenient and structured place.

Core Organizer is a free app for iPhone and Android that can be used as an organizer and data collector for nearly every aspect of your life. You can use Core Organizer to keep track of all kinds of data, such as health information, journals, travel and entertainment plans, finances, and more.

Using various silos based on various sections of your life such as House, or Health, you collect relevant data. Adding new data is easy; in any silo, simply tap the plus button at the top right and add whatever information you need. Once added, you can view added information inside of any silo.

Core Organizer even includes a convenient way to use multiple devices for one user. Once signed into Core Organizer, your data can be synced to the cloud using the synchronize function in the setting. After installing the Core Organizer app on any of your other devices, simply log in with your account and synchronize to have your current data on both devices.

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Super Baby


Super Baby for iPhone helps new parents monitor and assist the development of their newborn baby with high quality instructional videos.

Super Baby is a free app for iOS devices that is jam-packed with instructional videos that guide parents of newborns through healthy development, and includes a profile for your baby and timeline to keep track of your child’s development milestones.

Super Baby features a beautiful and clean user interface that is easy to navigate and use. The baby profile lets you include your baby’s name, birthday, current weight and height, and a photo. The exercise and milestone videos are divided into sections according to age and the videos themselves are very high quality with simple and clear instructions.

As your baby develops sensory and motor skills, you can use Super Baby to check off milestones which will be gathered into the timeline where you can see how your child is developing. Super Baby even includes tips to follow and red flags to look for to keep your newborn moving in the right direction.

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CallerSmart Reverse Lookup Phone Book


CallerSmart frees you from the annoyance of unwanted calls and texts.

CallerSmart is an easy way to determine if you should call back that unknown number or not. Once signed up, CallerSmart gives you access to a reverse number lookup service with a database of known spammers and telemarketers. This gives you the power to make the decision of who to reply to or not.

Keep up to date on who is looking up your phone number with CallerSmart’s push notifications whenever somebody tries to find your phone number or other sensitive information.

CallerSmart also gives you quick guides on how to block numbers from being able to call or text your iPhone, as well as easy access to sign up for and confirm your registration on the FTC Do Not Call List and the ability to file a complaint directly to the FTC.

CallerSmart makes your safety and security fun with unlockable badges that you earn by using the app in various ways, and even gives you a global ranking to compare with other CallerSmart users.


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none* is a curious game –if it can even be called a game. Using a custom keyboard with no space key and only two buttons, you type answers to move through the game. Consisting of zero graphics other than the keyboard itself and the words above it on top of a black background, you are asked to answer mysterious quizzes in various ways. The answer might not always be straightforward.

The only controls given to you are the keyboard, and two buttons: one labeled “none*”, the other labeled “solve”. The solve button is the one you tap when you submit your answer, and the none* button takes you to what I assume is the only other page in the game. This page shows a bit of text stating what level you have reached, a share button that will pop up a share sheet to let you share this page, and a close button. Tapping close will bring you back into the game.

In none*, you cannot lose…but you might not be able to win, either.

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Top Five News Apps for iPhone

Photo by shoobydooby via Flickr

The iPhone has fast become the most widely used method for receiving news of all sorts, whether it be personal, local, or global. News publishers have recognized this fact and have begun to embrace it, utilizing a mobile-first strategy and making the most of social media. And while newspaper readership has waned significantly over the past couple decades, there is still a desire for a one-stop place for your news. Luckily, there is no shortage of news aggregation apps for the iPhone, and we have round up five of the best. Check it out:


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