Top 5 Apps for Mobile Data on Samsung Galaxy S6


Even though there are more Wi-Fi networks than ever, and mobile apps are becoming more conscientious about the data they consume, most people still need to be mindful of the amount of mobile data they use on their smartphones. The majority of smartphone users do not have an unlimited plan (and even some of those aren’t truly unlimited), and need to keep their data usage under a certain limit if they want to avoid overage fees.

We wrote about some features of the Galaxy S6 that help limit our data use in the article How to Manage Mobile Data on Samsung Galaxy S6. However, there are still more ways to help make our data plans stretch even farther. Check out State of Tech’s picks for the top five apps that will help make your mobile data last even longer:



DataEye is a unique app when it comes to helping you save your data: like many apps, DataEye helps you find out what apps are using data and can block them. Where DataEye differs is a feature that is unlike anything else: providing apps that are “data free,” meaning they have no negative impact on your data usage. DataEye pulls this off by working with app developers and the carriers to provide usage of these apps using “sponsored” data provided by companies with apps and other content producers.


DataEye on the Google Play store

onavoiconOnavo Extendonavoss

Onavo Extend is kind of like magic. The app is able to simply reduce the amount of data you use across every activity on your Galaxy S6, regardless of which app it is. Now, Onavo Extend is not actually magic, the app runs in the background of your device to analyze and compress you data as often and as much as possible, seamlessly.


Onavo Extend on the Google Play store


“Wait,” you’re thinking, “Isn’t Chrome a browser? Aren’t we trying to SAVE data?” You are absolutely correct, dear reader. Chrome doesn’t make this list simply as a browser, but because the app now has a nifty little feature called Data Saver that can possibly reduce your browsing data by as much as 50%. To turn on Data Saver, open the Chrome app, tap on the three dot icon menu in the top left, tap on Settings, then Data Saver, then switch the toggle to the On position. After using the browser for a while, go back to that settings page to have a look at the amount of data that Data Saver has been able to save.


Chrome on the Google Play store

cmdatamanagericon CM Data Managercmdatass

Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly how much data your apps are using is one of the best ways to keep your data usage in check. There are quite a few apps on the Play store with the ability to track your mobile data usage, but CM Data Manager gets our pick for tracking with class. CM Data Manager features a gorgeous interface with tons of information about your data like which apps are the biggest data hogs, and giving you easy ways to check your data usage anywhere.


CM Data Manger on the Google Play store

Your Carrier’s Appcarriers

Despite our best efforts at determining how much data we have used, our carriers probably count the 1’s and 0’s differently for a variety of reasons. With this fact in mind, it’s in our best interest to go to the source when it comes to finding out how much data we have used. Most carriers provide an app for mobile access to your account, and your plan’s data usage statistics. Conveniently, using your carrier’s specific app does not ding your data plan.

If you bought your Galaxy S6 directly from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint, you can find the account app pre-installed (look for MyAT&T, My Verizon Mobile, T-Mobile My Account, or Sprint Zone in your app drawer). An odd caveat: if you bought your phone unlocked, you cannot download the account app for Verizon or Sprint from the Google Play app store.



Top Five Free Keyboards for Samsung Galaxy S6


While the Samsung Galaxy S6 is excellent at a lot of things, the built-in keyboard is a little bit, well, underwhelming. Just like you, we like to spice things up, and make our devices more useful and more fun. Check out our picks for the top five free keyboards for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and don’t forget to check out our article on How to Change Keyboards on Samsung Galaxy S6!




As the elder statesman of the group of keyboards here, SwiftKey has made a name for itself as one of the mainstays in the Android ecosystem. This maturity begets a robust and polished experience rarely seen among apps in the Play store. With SwiftKey, you get intelligent autocorrect that better learns the more you type, beautiful themes, and Flow, a feature that makes typing a fluid experience using gestures and swipes.


SwiftKey on the Google Play store

CM Keyboardcmsscm

Cheetah Mobile is another developer that has made a name for themselves by providing excellent user experiences across a variety of apps. CM Keyboard is their fantastic addition to the keyboard category, and they have set the standard for what a keyboard should be capable of. CM Keyboard provides a smooth typing experience, easy access to every emoji symbol and tons of ASCII art, and plenty of other features.


CM Keyboard on the Google Play store



Fleksy is a keyboard that focuses not so much on addition of features, but on careful refinement of the typing experience. With Fleksy, the name of the game is the speed and ease of typing, utilizing highly advanced auto correction algorithms so that you can type as fast and as sloppily as you want and Fleksy will, more likely than not, fully understand what you intended to type. Speed is also the reason behind their intuitive gestures for the most common keyboard actions to be lightning quick.


Fleksy on the Google Play store


Google Keyboardgooglessgoogle

With the same goals in mind as above, but using a different strategy, Google Keyboard is the evolution of the built-in Android keyboard. Google Keyboard focuses on speed an accuracy through correction algorithms that learn from your habits, intuitive swipe typing, and Google Now voice-to-text baked right in.


Google Keyboard on the Google Play store


TouchPal is the most feature-packed addition to this lineup. Built on top of a remarkably good typing experience, TouchPal adds awesome features like Emoji, emoticons, and ASCII art, downloadable and customizable themes, a dedicated editing keyboard layout, trend tracking, and more. One of the most useful features, however, is the ability to resize the keyboard on the fly, so that you can have the most comfortable typing experience, or so that you can get the keyboard out of the way of what you want to see.


TouchPal on the Google Play store

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpaper Apps

Photo by Axel Hartmann Via Flickr

It’s time to equip your new Galaxy S6 with some sweet new duds, and in the battle for your homescreen, the wallpaper reins supreme. Check out five of the best wallpaper apps for your Samsung Galaxy S6:


qhd Wallpapers QHDwallpapersqhdss


Wallpapers QHD delivers full quad HD wallpapers for maximum pixel goodness on your Samsung Galaxy S6. The app includes hundreds of high quality images that are perfectly sized for your S6 across many categories so you can find the perfect image. Wallpapers QHD even includes a favorites feature: fave photos so that you can easily find that photo again and quickly download on the Favorites tap.



Wallpapers QHD on Play Store



Wallrox is a sleek app with hundreds of of the highest quality images that will go great with your Galaxy S6. Wallrox focuses on clean, unadorned images to give your home screen a timeless look. Wallrox even includes a feature that will automatically download and apply any wallpaper with a single tap on the magic wand icon below every image.



Wallrox on Play Store

linedeco LINE DECOlinedecoss


With more than just wallpapers, you can use LINE DECO to customize your Samsung Galaxy S6 an infinite number of ways using icon packs, widgets and more. Wallpapers are curated using dozens of categories and collections based on themes, artists, styles, and colors. LINE DECO even lets you customize your wallpaper before applying it with a variety of filters to get the exact look you want.



LINE DECO on Play Store




With many categories of images that can be sorted by featured images, recently added, or most popular, My TinyPhone features an endless supply of wallpapers that are pixel-perfect for your Samsung Galaxy S6. Beyond wallpapers, MyTinyPhone has curated feeds of ringtones, games and apps.



MyTinyPhone on Play Store




Wally is the first dedicated wallpaper app for the Samsung Galaxy S6 that full embraces Google’s new Material design aesthetic implemented Android 5, and accordingly has a constantly updated library of wallpapers to perfectly match. Wally lets you sort images either by popularity or recently added, or tap the random button to get a unique set of images. If sorting doesn’t work for you, use the search function to find something right for you.


Wally on Play Store


Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Photo via NASA

The newest entry in Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones is the Galaxy S6, and it comes with a slick new case design that improves both looks and grip using premium materials like Gorilla Glass 3 and aluminum. Unfortunately, while the new Galaxy S6 looks and feels great, much of the durability of the previous generation’s plastic body has been sacrificed. Luckily for us, accessory manufacturers are more than happy to provide us with what seems like an endless supply of new cases for flagship model phones. After much research, we have picked what we believe to be the five best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Check out our list below:

Speck CandyShell

711YT8gbZBL._SL1500_ copyOne of the most well-known and established names in the mobile accessory market is Speck and their CandyShell line of cases, which has been updated to include the Samsung Galaxy S6. Like the rest of the line, the CandyShell case for the Galaxy S6 features an impact resistant combination of soft rubber inner and hard plastic outer shells that protect every face of the phone. Not to mention doing all this stylishly with a plethora of pleasing color combinations.

Speck CandyShell on Amazon


81sZioYjzoL._SL1020_ copy For absolute maximum protection, SUPCASE has you covered with their Rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S6. For those who need their mobile device to be ready for practically any situation, this case provides nearly 100% coverage, dual layer impact protection, corner and edge fortification, and an included swiveling belt clip. The case also comes in five different colors.


SUPCASE Rugged on Amazon

Incipio Feather

816znAViFOL._SL1500_ copy For those days when your phone doesn’t need to be ready for a war zone or being thrown off a mountain, Incipio’s Feather line of cases provide scratch and dent protection without sacrificing too much of your Samsung Galaxy S6’s thinness and lightness. This case has cutouts for unfettered access to every port and button, an anti-glare diffusion rim around the camera, and protective coverage of the most vulnerable areas of the phone.


Incipio Feather on Amazon


91WmX+qp3FL._SL1500_ copy

OtterBox is the de facto standard in ultimate smartphone protection, as you might expect from a company that originally began as a manufacturer of everything-proof containers for even the most grueling tasks in extreme conditions. The COMMUTER is their mainstream line of cases that features both complete protection against drops, bumps, and scratches, and a stylish smooth exterior design. The case provides 360º coverage, including the front-facing ridge to keep the delicate display glass away from hard surfaces and protection for buttons and ports.


OtterBox COMMUTER on Amazon

Rokform Mount Case

rf-crystalv3-galaxys6_6 copy

Rokform is a company that brings a whole new take on smartphone cases. Beyond merely providing excellent protection for the device, Rokform smartphone cases extend the functionality of your device by adding an attachment point that integrates with an entire system of accessories and mounts available from Rokform. The Rokform attachment system includes adapters for everything from attaching a GoPro to mounting on your bike or car.


Rokform Mount Case on Amazon

Top Five News Apps for iPhone

Photo by shoobydooby via Flickr

The iPhone has fast become the most widely used method for receiving news of all sorts, whether it be personal, local, or global. News publishers have recognized this fact and have begun to embrace it, utilizing a mobile-first strategy and making the most of social media. And while newspaper readership has waned significantly over the past couple decades, there is still a desire for a one-stop place for your news. Luckily, there is no shortage of news aggregation apps for the iPhone, and we have round up five of the best. Check it out:


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Top 5 iPhone Games for March


As 2015 marches on (see what I did there?), we are treated to some excellent new games for the iPhone and iOS devices. Check out DailyAppShow’s roundup of top picks for the month of March below.

Flop Rocketfloprocket

Flop Rocket brings some interesting new twists to the increasingly popular propulsion scroller games (Think Jetpack Joy Ride, ALONE, Daddy Long Legs, etc). With Flop Rocket, you control the direction and thrust of your spaaaaaaaace rocket in a precarious, danger-filled cave (why is a space ship in a cave? The devs have an answer for you, “GOOD QUESTION”), collecting coins,  completing objectives, and avoiding collisions with…well anything. Your rocket is rather delicate, so smash into one thing and you’ll be fine, smash into another, GIANT FIRY EXPLOSION!

Check out Flop Rocket on the App Store for the cool price of $free.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hiremagictouchssmagictouch

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is one of those advanced twitch games. You control a wizard (what, the name didn’t give that away?) that uses spells to eliminate enemies that are floating down at you. Each enemy has a balloon with a shape on it. In order to pop that balloon and bring the enemy crashing down to earth, you must draw the shape before they land. As you might expect, the game starts slow enough, with just a single enemy on screen at a time. But don’t worry, soon enough you’ll get your fingers in a not trying to perform all the swipes and swishes required. The enemies themselves also scale up, in addition to the single spell ones, you also get enemies with a series of maneuvers to accomplish to bring down, or bosses with particularly complicated swipes.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is free on the App Store.

Block Amokblockamok

I’m gonna have a tough time explaining this one. You…play a sheep…on a circular train track…with a cannon. What do you do with that cannon? Knock down wooden structures, of course. Your staging area is the inside of your train track wherein ever more complicated structures pop out of the floor for you to knock down with your limited amount of cannon ammo. As you collect coins for doing your deed and accomplishing various challenges, you can purchase power ups, more skilled sheep, and fancier vehicles.

Check out Block Amok on the App Store.


Okay? Okay. Okay? is a fantastically simple, intriguing, and yet frustratingly difficult. The premise is simple: fling a ball around the field and bounce off of every white object before the ball flies off the edges of your screen. But as you might expect, a simple premise equals some very difficult times ahead. You play with a single finger, touch to place the ball, drag to set the direction, and hope your planned path is the right one, touching every element you need. Two additions I was happy to see in this game that many (most) similar games often lack: you can cancel your shot by dragging back to your ball’s origin, and a 90º lock for directions, which means you can direct your ball perfectly vertical or horizontal.

Okay? is free on the App Store.

Alto’s Adventurealto

I saved the best for last: Alto’s Adventure. This author has already sunk far more time than he is willing to admit in the few days since Alto’s Adventure was released to the world. You start out in the game playing as Alto, an avid skier who is trying to get his llamas back. With a single tap, you jump and flip as you ski down slopes littered with obstacles, creatures, and power ups. The most compelling reason that Alto’s Adventure keeps you coming back time and time again is the leveling system. Each level requires you complete three challenges during your trip down the mountain, and as you gain levels, you unlock more playable characters with unique skills. Alto’s Adventure also happens to be one of the most gorgeous games out today, rivaling the lauded Monument Valley in terms of sheer beauty, and near-perfect performance and playability.

Alto’s Adventure is $1.99 on the App Store, and it’s worth that price many times over.

Five Products That Are Way Too High Tech


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