Top 5 Cases for Galaxy S6 Edge


The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge adds a new twist to one of the world’s most popular series of phones. The curved screen edges of the device — along with the all new design — makes for a premium feel and additional features. But to hold up to the rigors of daily use, it’s in your best interests to invest in protective case for your brand new phone. To save you time, StateofTech has done the research and gathered together the top five cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:



Speck CandyShell Gripspeck

One of the most well-known and established names in the mobile accessory market is Speck and their CandyShell line of cases, which has been updated to include the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Like the rest of the line, the CandyShell case for the Galaxy S6 Edge features an impact-resistant combination of soft rubber inner and hard plastic outer shells that protect every face of the phone. Extra points for coordinating with your Stormtrooper armor (501st approved! …Probably).



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Supcase Ruggedsupcase

For absolute maximum protection, SUPCASE has you covered with their Rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. For those who need their mobile device to be ready for practically any situation, this case provides nearly 100% coverage, dual layer impact protection, corner and edge fortification, and an included swiveling belt clip. The case also comes in four different colors.



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Incipio Featherincipio

For those days when your phone doesn’t need to be ready for a war zone or being thrown off a mountain, Incipio’s Feather line of cases provide scratch and dent protection without sacrificing too much of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s thinness and lightness. This case has cutouts for unfettered access to every port and button, an anti-glare edge around the camera cutout, and protective coverage of the most vulnerable areas of the phone.



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Verus WalletVerus

Add protection, class, and functionality to your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with the Verus Wallet case. The case features full coverage of your device using durable leather and strong stitching, a front cover with magnetic enclosure for complete screen protection, and space for three cards plus cash.



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OtterBox Symmetryotterbox

OtterBox is the de facto standard in ultimate smartphone protection, as you might expect from a company that originally began as a manufacturer of everything-proof containers for even the most grueling tasks in extreme conditions. The Symmetry case is a bit of a different than OtterBox’s usual fare, instead opting for a more stylish and slimmed down design while still offering world-class protection for your Galaxy S6 Edge.



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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases on Amazon


Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of smartphones is incredibly popular for a reason: the flagship phones always feature the very latest and best features of any smartphones out there. The Note5, just released this month, is absolutely no exception: a 5.5 inch QHD display, ultrafast processor and 4GB ram, slick aesthetics made with premium products like glass and steel, and an ever improving user experience on the software side.

If you have already gotten your hands on one, you might have noticed just how…slippery the device is. So you are going to want to wrap that handsome new smartphone with something protective, and we’ve got just the ticket. Here are our top 5 picks for the best cases for your new Samsung Galaxy Note5:


spigenneoSpigen Neo Hybrid

The Spigen Neo Hybrid case provides all around protection for your device without losing the slim form factor of the Galaxy Note5. The case provides extra grip for your phone and integrated side buttons for easier use.



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ionicbellaIonic BELLA

Keep all of your daily carry items in one convenient and protective package with the Ionic BELLA card slot case. The case features room for standard credit cards behind a hidden door on the back, a raised bevel to protect your screen while face down, and soft shell for drop protection.


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i-Blason Halo Seriesiblasonhalo

The i-Blason Clear Case is one of the thinnest on the market, so you don’t lose any of your new Galaxy Note5’s thinness. This simple case will protect your device from the scratches and scruffs of daily use while showing off the stylish back of your phone and adding protection where you need it most.



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verusvergeVerus Verge Series

The Verge series case by Verus provides all-around shock and scratch protection in a stylish package. Double layered protection from an impact-absorbing core and hard outer shell provide the best protection for your new Galaxy Note5.



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poeticaffinityPoetic Affinity Series

This bumper-style case not only protects the edges, but also the glass back of the new Galaxy Note5. You can still protect your new phone while showing it off through the clear back.



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spigenwalletHonorable Mention: Spigen Wallet S

If you are looking for an all-in-one pocket solution, this vintage-look case combines your wallet and phone case into one convenient and protective package. The case provides spots for three cards plus space for cash and a magnetic enclosure to keep everything safe. You don’t lose any functionality of your Galaxy Note5 with a camera cutout and unimpeded access to all your phone’s controls.


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After lots of interest in our Hoverboard review, we created this video on the best ways to operate the device safely and how to navigate less-than-flat terrains. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but you will get the hang of it in no time.

As mentioned in the video, we got our hoverboard from here on Amazon.

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After lots of interest in our Hoverboard review, we created this video on the best ways to mount the device safely. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but you will get the hang of it in no time.

As mentioned in our review, we got our hoverboard from here on Amazon.

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Review: Hoverboard/Two Wheel Electric Balancing Scooter/Monorover


Check out our video review of the strange new device that is taking the web by storm. Most often referred to as the Hoverboard, the device goes by many names; Monorover, “Two Wheel Electric Balancing Scooter”, or mini Segway, the hoverboard is bringing us one step closer to the alternate reality of the year 2015 in Back to the Future (Or the end of Wall●E for pessimists). In this review, we talk about how to get one, how it operates, and some discussion about features and build quality:


As mentioned in the video, we got our hoverboard from here on Amazon.

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Cloud Photo Apps Shootout


The whole of humanity is on track to take more than a billion photos in 2015. In fact, we take now more pictures than were taken in the entire 20th century…every single day. And photos taken on our smartphones account for the majority of them. People love their photos, and we want to keep and cherish them for a long time. It used to be that you would take photos on an analog camera, get the roll of film developed, and you then have a stack of physical photos that you could store indefinitely.

Now we are in the digital age, however, and the overwhelming majority of our photos are taken with some sort of digital camera. It’s harder to keep track of our photos and organize them how we like. Software and app developers have answered this call by offering cloud-based photo backup and storage services.  [Read more…]

Top 5 Apps for Mobile Data on Samsung Galaxy S6


Even though there are more Wi-Fi networks than ever, and mobile apps are becoming more conscientious about the data they consume, most people still need to be mindful of the amount of mobile data they use on their smartphones. The majority of smartphone users do not have an unlimited plan (and even some of those aren’t truly unlimited), and need to keep their data usage under a certain limit if they want to avoid overage fees.

We wrote about some features of the Galaxy S6 that help limit our data use in the article How to Manage Mobile Data on Samsung Galaxy S6. However, there are still more ways to help make our data plans stretch even farther. Check out State of Tech’s picks for the top five apps that will help make your mobile data last even longer:



DataEye is a unique app when it comes to helping you save your data: like many apps, DataEye helps you find out what apps are using data and can block them. Where DataEye differs is a feature that is unlike anything else: providing apps that are “data free,” meaning they have no negative impact on your data usage. DataEye pulls this off by working with app developers and the carriers to provide usage of these apps using “sponsored” data provided by companies with apps and other content producers.


DataEye on the Google Play store

onavoiconOnavo Extendonavoss

Onavo Extend is kind of like magic. The app is able to simply reduce the amount of data you use across every activity on your Galaxy S6, regardless of which app it is. Now, Onavo Extend is not actually magic, the app runs in the background of your device to analyze and compress you data as often and as much as possible, seamlessly.


Onavo Extend on the Google Play store


“Wait,” you’re thinking, “Isn’t Chrome a browser? Aren’t we trying to SAVE data?” You are absolutely correct, dear reader. Chrome doesn’t make this list simply as a browser, but because the app now has a nifty little feature called Data Saver that can possibly reduce your browsing data by as much as 50%. To turn on Data Saver, open the Chrome app, tap on the three dot icon menu in the top left, tap on Settings, then Data Saver, then switch the toggle to the On position. After using the browser for a while, go back to that settings page to have a look at the amount of data that Data Saver has been able to save.


Chrome on the Google Play store

cmdatamanagericon CM Data Managercmdatass

Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly how much data your apps are using is one of the best ways to keep your data usage in check. There are quite a few apps on the Play store with the ability to track your mobile data usage, but CM Data Manager gets our pick for tracking with class. CM Data Manager features a gorgeous interface with tons of information about your data like which apps are the biggest data hogs, and giving you easy ways to check your data usage anywhere.


CM Data Manger on the Google Play store

Your Carrier’s Appcarriers

Despite our best efforts at determining how much data we have used, our carriers probably count the 1’s and 0’s differently for a variety of reasons. With this fact in mind, it’s in our best interest to go to the source when it comes to finding out how much data we have used. Most carriers provide an app for mobile access to your account, and your plan’s data usage statistics. Conveniently, using your carrier’s specific app does not ding your data plan.

If you bought your Galaxy S6 directly from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint, you can find the account app pre-installed (look for MyAT&T, My Verizon Mobile, T-Mobile My Account, or Sprint Zone in your app drawer). An odd caveat: if you bought your phone unlocked, you cannot download the account app for Verizon or Sprint from the Google Play app store.