Disk Cartography


Disk Cartography scans and analyzes your disks and folders for real space hogs. It’s more than just a disk cleaning tool – Disk Cartography is a professional Mac data mapping app built with elegant simplicity.

Launching Disk Cartography will show you an overview of all of the disks currently connected to your Mac. This will include any internal hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, thumb drives, network drives, and more. Next to each drive will be the thumbnail of the drive, that you usually see in Finder, as well as an indicator letting you know how much storage that drive is currently using as well as how much free storage is available. Next to each drive is a button labeled “Map It” and by clicking it will the true power of Disk Cartography be displayed.

Mapping a drive with Disk Cartography is a breeze. By clicking on Map It next to your desired drive will ask you to choose the folder that you would like to map out, you can choose to map the entire drive by choosing the root folder but that may take some time depending on the size of your drive. If you are wanting to map your main HD it is suggested that you choose to start with your user folder to get started. Disk Cartography will begin mapping the drive and you can see the results in real-time.

Disk Cartography mapping shows the drive in its entirety by displaying files & folders and showing how much occupied disk space each takes up. There are plenty of sorting options and filters that you can apply so you can quickly find the troublemakers on your drive. Disk Cartography will show and filter all hidden and system files, photos, videos, audio, documents, and archives that are on the drive you’ve mapped. You can then filter out files by size so you can the one that are taking up the most space first. From there if you select either a folder or file the “Delete Permanently” button in the top right hand corner will become green allowing you to delete those storage hogging files once and for all.

Download Disk Cartography and put your Mac’s storage back to good health.

Download Disk Cartography on the Mac App Store
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Card Data Recovery


Card Data Recovery helps ensure that you never lose data from a Memory Card (SD Card) again! Card Data Recovery is designed to help you recover deleted photos, videos, audio files, and documents from various types of memory cards including SD Cards, USB Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, and more.

To ensure that you can recover your Memory Card you must first make a backup of your card. The way that Card Data Recovery restores your memory card is to take a disk image that you’ve created and restore your Memory Card to that state. This is very simple to do and generally takes no time at all and best of all the application you need is built right into your Mac.

To create a Disk Image you need to open Disk Utility in your Utilities folder. From there your Mac will list out all of the drives that are connected, meaning you will see your Hard Drive, Thumb Drive, Memory Card, External Hard Drives, etc. You will need to click on the Memory Card that you would like Card Data Recovery to be able to restore and from there select New Disk Image. Your Mac will then ask you where you’d like to save the Disk Image, select a location and the rest will be taken care of. Remember, don’t delete the Disk Image, this is the file that Card Data Recovery will use to recover if you need it to.

To recover a Memory Card with Card Data Recovery you will need to insert the Memory Card into the Card Reader on your Mac and launch Card Data Recovery. Once Card Data Recovery is launcher you will select Load Image and find the Disk Image that you previously created. Once the Disk Image is loaded Card Data Recovery will begin scanning your Memory Card and Disk Image to find any discrepancies. If there is anything out-of-place or missing Card Data Recovery will copy the files from the Disk Image to the Memory Card restoring it from the backup that you’ve created. Keep in mind, Card Data Recovery cannot recover a Memory Card without a Disk Image, it is vital to the restoring process that you’ve created the Disk Image, if you have not then there will be nothing to recover.

Recover your deleted data with Card Data Recovery.

Download Card Data Recovery on the Mac App Store
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Beautiful Backup


Beautiful Backup for Mac makes creating and organizing your file structure for photos and videos easy in just a few short steps.

Beautiful Backup is the quickest way to get all of your photo and video files organized on your Mac how you want, without the tedium of dragging and dropping hundreds or thousands of files by hand.

To start, you create a new folder or select an existing one where your files will be organized. Then you can pick the source folders where your existing files are located. After that, you can tell Beautiful Folders how your want your files to be organized. The structure is up to you: Beautiful Folders provides pre-made templates for the most common ways to organize, or you can customize the format to your liking.

Other options include settings like filetypes to include, target file resolution, and more. At this point, Beautiful Folders will analyze the source folders and report back how much data will be included and moved, and the total size of each media type.

Beautiful Backup also includes the ability to reorganize your file structure, even after you’ve already created one. Beautiful Backup performs this function perfectly, and won’t create any mess or leave space hogging duplicates.

Download Beautiful Backup on the Mac App Store
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Prep for iMovie for iOS


If iMovie for iOS has got you confused and you’re in need of help then Prep for iMovie for iOS has you covered. Prep for iMovie for iOS was designed to help you learn how to edit movies within iMovie on the iPhone and iPad. Following along with all of the lessons from the convince of your Mac computer.

Prep for iMovie for iOS is set apart by the quality of the video capture. Following along with the editing process is made easy because you are able to see all of the finger swipes and taps, making all of the visualizations viewable on screen. You’re not just being told what to look for, you can actually see the instructor do what they are talking about. This will help users easily make edits to their own movies as they following along with Prep for iMovie for iOS.

There are fifteen different lessons to follow along with on Prep for iMovie for iOS. These lessons range from going over the interface of iMove, learning to edit, adding transitions, adding titles, and more. Each of these lessons will prepare you to edit your own movie in iMovie on your iPhone or iPad. All of the lessons are narrated in English but each lesson also offers subtitles in English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Japanese!

If you feel like you’re crammed for time and can’t take on another study don’t worry, Prep for iMovie for iOS has been designed as a quick course to iMove for iOS. All of the lessons equal out to twenty-three (23) minuets and can be started and stopped at your convince. And if you would like the movies can be played full screen so you can see all of the beautiful details of iMovie.

Prep for iMovie for iOS is designed to work along side iPhone’s and iPad’s running iOS 7 or later. It is also using iMovie v2 for iOS, which has become a free download with any new iOS device purchase.

Prep for iMovie for iOS will teach you how to take photo’s and video’s and turn them in to masterpieces with iMovie. Wow your friends and family with your custom movies made right on your iPhone or iPad. Download Prep for iMovie for iOS on the Mac App Store and take your creativity to the next level.

Download Prep for iMovie for iOS on the Mac App Store
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Periscope Pro


Watch your home, kids, and pets from anywhere! Simply plug in your camera, or use the Mac’s built-in one, and feature-rich Periscope Pro does the rest. Easy to use, OSX Yosemite ready, motion detection, clip uploading, and much more!

You wanted a simple-to-use, fully-featured video surveillance app for your Mac, and Periscope Pro delivers!

Download Periscope Pro on the Mac App Store
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Periscope Pro is compatible with the Mac’s built-in camera, or countless other third-party / stand-alone IP cameras. You can monitor and/or record anything – your desk, your front door, the kid’s playroom, the baby’s room, your vacation house – anything. With features like motion detection, video/sound recording, and clip uploading, you’ll never miss a moment (or you’ll finally find out who is stealing your snacks from your desk!)

With its sophisticated motion and sound detection systems, you can set it to only record when there is something to see (this leaves fewer clips to sort through, and less storage used.) You can also record continuously if you wish. Clips are stored on your Mac for viewing and can be automatically upload to Dropbox so you can see what’s happening from anywhere, with any device!

By themselves, IP Cameras can be difficult to setup, but it’s fast and easy with Periscope Pro (in fact, it’s downright automatic!) Just input the camera’s address and model, and it does the rest. The setup screen preview window allows you see what’s happening as you set it up, so there’s no need to switch between screens (yes, we thought of everything!)

If you need to monitor covertly, using a USB or IP camera lets you separate the camera from your Mac (so there’s no telltale green light) and hide the camera anywhere. Sneaky, huh? 

But all of this ease of use and feature set wouldn’t be worth much if you couldn’t find and view the clips you want, right? So Periscope Pro makes it fast and easy. The integrated, one-click Clip Library has a large, full-screen expandable viewing window, complete with clip thumbnails/details in a scrollable frame on the right. It doesn’t get easier – simply click on a clip and it instantly starts running in the viewing window. Not the one you want? No problem – choose another and click it right then and there.

With Periscope Pro you can:
• Monitor your home office when you are away
• Watch your kids, pets or aging parents
• Monitor an office in another city, country or continent
• Check on the babysitter or nanny
• Keep an eye on your workspace, desk, papers, and your Mac
• Monitor your storage unit, boat, motorcycle, or camper
• Catch a volcano erupting, a shooting star, or whales breeching by connecting to a public IP camera
• Keep an eye on your server room or any other business area

World Clock

World Clock: International Time, Simplified. Meet your new simple and powerful world clock.

Download World Clock on the Mac App Store
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• Add cities and timezones like GMT and UTC with a few key strokes.
• Convert international time with a drag of a cursor.
• Schedule international calls and meetings and add them to your calendar.
• Add Interactive Widget to your Today’s View (OSX Yosemite only): quickly peek and see what time it is in the other location, drag the line to convert time, so you can find a time that suits quick, without getting distracted from whatever you were doing.

Easily tell what time it is with clocks that change color with time of day:
— black for evening and night,
— white for morning, and
— green for working hours.

TunnelBear VPN

Rawwr! Indigenous to the internet, TunnelBear puts you in control of your web browsing! TunnelBear is your digital companion on an increasingly fenced and monitored Internet!

iPhone App Demo

iPad App Demo

Mac App Demo

Android App Demo

Download TunnelBear VPN iPhone & iPad App
Download TunnelBear VPN Android App
Download TunnelBear VPN Mac App
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* Tunnel around censored and blocked websites
* Browse the Internet with more privacy from websites and advertisers that collect your personal information
* A really, really simple to use VPN
* Giant-sized animated bear

A Few Apps to Help Your Computer Run Faster


1: Memory Clean

Memory Clean is a useful memory bar application that clears up RAM after using a memory intense application that can clog up RAM and slow down the overall speed of your machine. When you click the icon, which looks like a speedometer and the number of free memory you have at the moment, the application window opens on your desktop.  There is a key of colors, showing what each color means on the bar chart of used memory. After clicking the “Clean Memory” button the percentage begins to rise at it cleans memory that you are no longer using. The first time I used this application I had only 8GB of 32GB free, after cleaning the RAM my free memory had jumped up to nearly 22GB free. I’d say that is quite the jump and my other applications are running at full speed as well.


Download – Free

2: Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is a pretty dense application, in that it has a good amount of features to help you. The first portion of the application is the Process screen. This shows all of the running processes on your system and how much memory they are using. At any point you can choose to quit a process, “inspect” a process, which gives you memory, statistic, and Open Files and Ports information, or sample a process as well.

The application also allows you to see CPU, System Memory, Disk Activity, Disk Usage, and Network information.

Download – Free

Disk Doctor:

Disk Doctor is a great application to help get rid of unneeded and unnecessary files on your computer. When you open the application, you see a sleek window showing you a bar chart of how much space you have used, as well as your Disk’s total capacity, Free space, and Used space. Simply Scan and delete the unnecessary files it finds on the Disk, it is as simple as the 3 step process.

Purchase – $1.99