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AltiChord is a chord reference application for various stringed instruments like guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin or bouzouki.

AltiChord knows both simple chords and complicated ones used in jazz music, including slash chords (Cm/G) and works equally well with custom instrument tunings.

Download “AltiChord” for your Apple device here.
Visit the official website of “AltiChord” here.

You can display, compare and practice several different chords at once – may they be chords of a song or different variations of the same chord.

You can adjust the complexity of the chord shapes shown according to your skill. In addition to the usual chord shapes, AltiChord lets you choose among more difficult chord shapes with two barres and big stretching between fingers.

Several strumming options or finger-picking style are available.

AltiChord allows you to create and experiment with alternate tunings for instruments with three, four, five or six strings in case you do not find your favourite instrument or tuning in the list.

AltiChord features an auto-complete chord entry field that lets you quickly enter chord symbols. You can easily reorder chords using drag and drop over the tokens.

You can see individual shapes in tablature notation so that you could transfer them into your music sheet.

Some other features include:
• Filtering icons for progressively adjusting the chord shape difficulty
– using one, two, three or four fingers
– without barre, small barre, big barre, two barres
– no stretching, small or big (two frets)
– strumming / picking options – the chord shape must include all strings; all strings with possibly omitting few from the lowest, from the highest or allow any string combination (suitable for finger-picking)
• Sorting by fret (neck position) or by difficulty
• Supports left handed players
• Playback of individual chords in three different styles
• Possibility to configure which intervals may be excluded from a chord shape – suitable when there is a separate bass instrument or when trying to play more complicated chords on an instrument with three or four strings. Options to limit how many intervals to exclude at most and how many times a tone may repeat at most in a shape.
• Option for showing the shapes for all inversions of the chords
• Options for limiting the number of open and muted strings in a shape
• Supports English (C D E F G A B) and German/European (C D E F G A H) notations
• Drag-and-drop of shapes to other applications
• Supports retina displays
• Runs in sandbox mode

A free trial is available on our web site.

Happy playing!

Chord Dictionary


Chord Dictionary will name every conceivable chord on the guitar neck also the ones physically impossible to play. If you need to know a name of a chord, Chord Dictionary will tell you. With 22 frets and super simple interface, just click on the fretboard and Chord Dictionary will do the rest. An ideal reference tool for musicians of any level of expertise including students of music theory, jazz guitarists, composers, transcriptionists, and midi-programmers and more.

Purchase – $1.99

iTunes 11

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 1.13.16 PM

A completely redesigned player with a remodeled store and iCloud features. Everything you love about iTunes just got better.

iTunes is the portal on the Mac and PC to Apples iTunes and App Stores as well as all of our Music, Movies, Podcasts, and TV Shows. iTunes has looked and acted relatively the same for the past few years allowing us to sync all of our content with our iPod’s, iPhone’s, and iPad’s, and has only seen incremental updates with each new version number. Those incremental updates have seen support support for new features such as iTunes Match, Podcasts, iCloud, etc., but never something that really brought all of the features that people love on their iPhones and iPads to the Mac and PC.

With iTunes 11, Apple looks to close the gap between iOS and OSX even more. Welcome to iTunes 11.


Redesigned Player

The player window in iTunes 11 has been completely redesigned. It may look familiar but it is far from the player window that we had in iTunes 10.

Menu Bar

At the top of the window you’ll notice the menu bar with has different tabs that will take us into different views. The far left menu is a drop down menu that will allow us to navigate our iTunes Library giving us access to our Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, iBooks, Apps, and Tones. Click on one will bring us to that section of our iTunes Library and allow us to view the files in that section. In the middle of the menu bar are different fields that we can narrow down what we are seeing, this menu bar will be different per section in our iTunes Library and will sort in different ways in each section. On the right hand side of the menu bar is our iTunes Store button which will take us out of the player and bring us into the iTunes Store.

Library View

In the middle of the iTunes window is our Library view which is where we will do most of our navigation. This is where our Album Artwork is displayed and the lists of our music and files are seen. Depending on the view we are in is what will be displayed. In the Songs view there is just a list of sorted songs that are in our iTunes Library, the Albums view displays the Album Artwork per album, the Artists view displays artist icons, the Genres view displays artists and albums broken down into their genre, the Videos view only shows music videos, the Playlists view only shows playlists, and the Radio view displays all radio stations that can be accessed through iTunes.

There is a new look in the Albums view called Expanded view which is completely new to iTunes 11. When an Album is clicked on iTunes 11 will expand the album and show all of the songs and artwork below the Album Artwork square above. From here you can being playing the album and even shuffle or add songs to the new Up Next Queue. There is even the ability to search other songs and albums from the current artist selected on the iTunes Store without having to leave the Expanded view by clicking on the In The Store button above the artwork. You can even see recommended songs right in the expanded view as well. This will make finding new music even easier than before.

Mini Player

The new Mini Player in iTunes 11 is even better than before. When the Mini Player is enabled it takes us less space than before but can also do more as well. Moving the cursor over the currently playing song will bring up the playback controls and allow you to play/pause, skip, and stop the current song. Clicking on the list button will bring Up Next list down so you can even select the song that you would like played next. You can even search your iTunes Library from the Mini Player now as well.


Remodeled Store

If you’ve ever used an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS6 you’ll be right at home when using the newly remodeled stores in iTunes 11. The iTunes Store has been redesigned  so that it looks and works the same wherever you’re shopping. It has the same top banners that the iOS iTunes and App Stores have and then below the banners are the usual New This Week and What’s Hot sections and on the right hand side are the Top Charts. The iTunes 11 Store also features the History that was introduced with iOS 6 and syncs across your devices. If you preview a song or movie it’s saved in your history so you can quickly purchase it once you’re ready.


iCloud Features 

With iCloud being at the heart of every iOS and Mac device it makes sense for iTunes 11 to use more iCloud Features that ever before. With iCloud you can access all of your content on all of your devices at any time. With iCloud and iTunes 11 you can now stream all of your purchased content on iTunes without actually having to download it to your computer but if you’re going to be offline you can just download it with just a single click. Another great feature is the ability to pick up where you left off on any device. What that means is that if you start a movie or song on your iPhone or iPad you can continue right where you left off when you get on your Mac or PC and vise versa.


iTunes 11 Is Here

Without a doubt iTunes 11 is the best version of iTunes to date. It is the most responsive version that we’ve had, it feels and works like it should. The best part is that it’s easy to use and anyone will feel right at home after just a few minutes with iTunes 11.

What are some of your favorite features of iTunes 11? Let us know in the comments sections below.


Download – Free

Apps to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief


Hurricane Sandy Relief Apps Podcast Coming Soon!

Here at Dailyappshow we are beside ourselves as we watch what has happened on the east coast of the United States due to Hurricane Sandy. Being on the other side of the United States we feel a bit helpless in situations like this. As I was thinking about all that has happened as I tried to fall asleep last night I thought to myself, apps could help in so many ways. I wonder if people are even thinking about this? When you are going through a devistation, an app might not be the first thing you think of. The truth is that there are many great apps out there that can help people through this. Just on the top of my mind are navigation, list making, survival tips, relaxation and so many more apps that could help people in certain situations.

In photos I saw online of people who were evacuated to somewhere safe, I saw people on their phones and tablets playing games and watching movies. You can count on the fact that people made it out with their smart phones and tablets. In their down time they may be searching for apps to help them out with certain things and you can bet their loved ones are searching for things that can help them too.

Below is an ongoing list of apps and their categories that can help during this time. We will do our best to add to this list and keep it up to date over the next few weeks. If a developer offers their app for free, we will make sure to list it in bold.

This list will be updated periodically, so check back as the list will grow quickly.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to those effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Jerad Hill – DailyAppShow

Hurricane Sandy Relief Related Apps

Below is a list of apps and their categories. To keep the list organized we will list apps by device. At this time we have access to apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet. We will try to get access to apps for Windows Phone as well.

iPhone Apps



Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances
Simple Receipt

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes
ParkBud – Have to leave your car somewhere?
Localscope – Connect with what’s around you
My Mates Private Friends Network

Social Networking
SocialCam – Social Video Camera

Onavo – Manage Data and Prevent Overages
Download Meter
SOS My Location
Best Flash Light!


Weather Live

Health & Fitness
React Mobile

Places Around

1-Click Flashlight

iPad Apps

Apps Dedicating Funds to Hurricane Sandy Relief
Pirate Scribblebeard

A tale of a snowflake

Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes

Skitch – Take photos and make notes



Android Phone Apps

First Aid – American Red Cross
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Skitch – Take Photos and make notes
Quick Voice Reminder

HotelTonight – Get a hotel for now!
Distress Signal
Guard My Angel
Transit Times +

Accuweather – Keep up to date with the forecasts
The Weather Channel
Hurricane Software – Hurricane Tracker




Never miss new albums from your favorite artist again! AlbumTrackr analyzes your iTunes library and notifies you when artists you listen to release new albums. You can easily organize and filter the results by Artist, Album, and Release Date. You can even receive notifications for when your favorite artists have released new singles, EP’s, or full albums while you’re listening to them.

Price: Free – Download
Developer’s Website