Rescue Cleaner


Rescue Cleaner has lots of dogs just waiting to help clean your screen. You can have Fargo the Landseer Newfoundland, Tina the Golden Retriever, Woody the Greyhound or any of the other dogs clean your screen. Just select one and watch them go to work cleaning your screen.

Battery Magic Pro


Battery Magic is now available, featuring the easy-to-use scroll menu that enables you to get all of your important battery stats presented in hours, minutes and percentages. Power users will appreciate the accuracy of how much juice they will have to complete their Game Play, Talk Time, Web Browsing or whatever iphone/ipod application you would like to run before the plane lands. Battery Magic helps you organize your battery life so that you can preserve your battery time and make that important phone call when you are on the go!



iFreelancer lets you check for jobs in bed, on the run, or anywhere else.
iFreelancer lets you choose what job categories you want to see.



iCarLibrary is the only car related iPhone application that has detailed car specifications, release prices and images of approx. 1,000 cars and 47 Car manufactures from around the world! In Addition, it contains over 7,800 high quality images of various cars on demand and counting… This application also allows users to extensively browse through various cars by prices, horsepower, model, top speed, or shuffle through cars randomly. It also has an integrated search feature to help users quickly select the car they want. If you can’t find the car your looking for, you can suggest it! with it’s “Suggest a Car” feature*.

Nice Trace


The Nice Trace utility traces the route to the host in the Internet using graphically nice style and animations. Then it continues to monitor the whole path to the network resource in real-time driving your attention to possible bottlenecks and network problems if any.

Nice Trace is not just a tool for network administrators, webmasters and developers to display a route to host in a nice way. It is also a helpful network diagnostics instrument that aims at finding bottlenecks and problems along the path to a given host.

Using a specially designed asynchronous algorithm it faster passes through the problematic hops not hanging on them thus helping to reach the destination host faster.

Pi Cubed iPhone App Review


Pi Cubed is a visual math application for the iPhone / iPod touch that lets you perform calculations as you would on a piece of paper. By using an animated, touch-based interface, even the most complex mathematical expressions can be entered and instantly evaluated. These expressions are typeset as they would be in a textbook or on a blackboard. Calculations are displayed with up to 34 digits of decimal precision. Additionally, a library of over 150 equations ships with the application.

Price: $9.99
Download This App: Pi Cubed
Developers Website

AlarmTunes iPhone App Review


AlarmTunes is a fancy alarm clock for your iPhone that uses the music in your iPod to wake you. Set the alarm and create a playlist to wake up to. This app is very clean looking and works great.

Price: $.99
Download This App: AlarmTunes
Developers Website

Alarm Tunes eliminates the need to get a expensive alarm clock that docks your iPhone and plays music from your phone to wake you up. This App is easy to use and has a lot of great features. You can add multiple alarms, can fall asleep to music from your iPhone (turns music off after 30 min), works in sleep mode, and many more. There are 2 color features. The defalt is blue with black text or you can simply touch the light bulb icon at the top of the screen to make the screen black with blue text. There are 3 volume setting in the app controlled by the speaker icon at the top of the screen. To play music to fall asleep to just hit the play icon at the top of the screen and the music will play for 30 min then fade out. To select what music you would like to listen to fall asleep and wake up to touch the music note and then select music from iPod. This will pull up your itunes song list. Scroll through and pick the songs you would like the app to use and then hit done. On the main screen you can choose for your music to continuously play, shuffle (you can also shake your phone to shuffle songs) , or play through the music you selected once. To set your alarms select the alarm clock icon at the top of the screen. Select what time you want your alarm to go off and then select add. This will add the alarm to a list. To the right of every alarm it will either say on or off if you select the on/off it will toggle that alarm on and off. Then select hide to go back to the main screen. The main screen has your options icon bar at the top. Below that is the time in large numbers that make it easy to see. Below that it the name of the song playing and your playback options. At the bottom of the screen the app displays the day, month, and date. All together this app is simple to use and very well put together.

Why spend $75-$130 on a iHome when you can spend $.99 on Alarm Tunes and get the same thing with out cluttering your night stand.