Fully customizable formula calculator. Keeping ease of use in mind, myFormulas provides a new and intuitive way of creating, editing and calculating diverse formulas on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can define known (input) variables, output variables and mathematical expressions (functions) which describe how to compute output values from given known values. You can make a wide variety of formulas which can be as simple as a tip calculator and a unit converter, or as sophisticated as a mortgage calculator and electronic engineering calculator. myFormuals is for financial consultants, real estate agents, field engineers, technicians, surveyors, scientists, etc. who need highly automated special-purpose calculators.

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MusiDash is the perfect travel companion for music lovers. Its amazing graphics mimic a car dashboard while the app’s easy navigation lets users access their music library for favorite cruising tunes. Change displays, shuffle albums or keep track of the time, your battery level and cell signal – it’s all here in MusiDash. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

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Easily locate the best prices on books by scanning barcodes or using the simple search tool.

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PennyTalk Mobile


ennyTalk Mobile brings the savings and convenience of PennyTalk to the iPhone. With PennyTalk Mobile, iPhone users can make low-cost international calls without sacrificing voice quality or reliable connections. PennyTalk Mobile calls can be made from anywhere you have cellular coverage — Wi-Fi is not required. With rates as low as 2¢ a minute to many international locations, you can call internationally for a fraction of what your mobile carrier might charge.

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Heart Buttons


Heart Buttons is a fast, easy and fun way for designing your personal iPhone homescreen.
You will be able to add an individual heart for all your loved ones, friends and family. And the best thing is that you can name the buttons as you like! By a single touch on the homescreen you can call, text or mail your loved ones with the Heart Buttons you have created.

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Got Car Damage?

Why waste time driving around getting estimates from body shops?

CrashSpace is an easy 4-step process to enter information about your damaged vehicle and works in conjunction with

Local body shops (within a 25-mile radius of your location) review your information and bid on your repair!



Core functions of the FoundMe App:

Label your wallpaper
with your name, your “secondary” contact telephone number, an e-mail address and a message

Many Design Possibilities
(Colours, Styles, Transparency, Drag’n’Drop,Rotation, …)

Wide choice of wallpapers

Send Push Notifications
to your lost device using our FoundMe Online Portal



Friendlist app combines the features of a visual contacts app and a quick sms app with a nice usable Graphical User Interface people are used to. It launches very fast and supports all features of the standard iPhone favorites app, so you may use Friendlist App to get a quick access to your favorite contacts. You can add all your friends to the list to quickly start a call or send a text message. To start a call, all you do is tap a contact. To send a text message (SMS) tap on the sms icon. If you want to write an email, lookup the contacts address in the maps app, or any other information, you just tap the blue detail disclosure button to display all contact details.

Christmas Fun – 4 Apps in 1


On the run up to Christmas, you’ll have an exciting countdown, showing you how many days until you can open your first window. Once the 1st of December arrives, you can start opening your windows and unlocking the secrets in this Christmas application.

Loads of new features have been added to this version, a new and improved countdown, shopping list, new games and loads more.

There are lots of things to unlock including songs, wallpapers, extra features, jokes and facts about Christmas. You can open a new window every day in December and every window has something to unlock behind it!