Turn your favorite text, message and photo art apps into unique expressions of your personal vibe. Stereojis has emoji’s for everyone, and can be inserted almost anywhere you can type text!

Before getting started with the Stereojis, you’ll need to enable the keyboard in your Settings. Open the Settings app, then navigate to General, Keyboard, Keyboards, and then Add New Keyboard. From this menu select the Stereojis keyboard and then you’ll be brought back to the list of enabled keyboards. Tap on Stereojis and Allow Full Access so Stereojis can be allowed to function as a system keyboard. After that’s all done, you’re good to go!

From the Stereojis, you’ll see all of the available emoji’s that are offered. There are, at the time of writing, five available emoji packs and one of them is free with download. Each pack has over 60 emoji’s that can be added to your Stereojis arsenal! Once you have purchased an emoji pack it will then be available in the Stereojis keyboard when you are using it.

When composing a message with Messages you can enable the Stereojis keyboard by tapping on the “Globe” icon next to the “123” in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. From there you’ll see all of the emoji’s that you’ve unlocked. Swiping right to view more and swipe left to go back. At the bottom of the emoji’s, you’ll see all of the packs and tapping on one of them will bring you to that pack. Once you’ve found the emoji you’d like to use tap on it and then paste it into your conversation and send that message! Boom, that’s all it takes to send your friends the most amazing emoji’s of all time!

Download Stereojis and show off your stylish side with over 80 unique emoji’s!

Download Stereojis on the App Store
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Get Dismissed


Dismiss Your Traffic Tickets for Less! Get Dismissed helps you dismiss your traffic ticket without going to court for less. It’s that simple.

Who likes getting traffic tickets? No one right! Not only is it paying the precious money for the ticket but it’s the hassle of having to go down to the count to appeal your ticket and hope that you have the right defense to get out of it. You’ll no longer have to worry about doing that with Get Dismissed!

With Get Dismissed you’ll be able to fight your traffic ticket in three easy steps; Photograph your driver’s license and ticket, provide details about your ticket so Get Dismissed can build your defense, download and print your documents and send them to the court. It’s honestly that simple and took me less than 15 minuets to have my defense ready to go!

At the time of writing there is a $79 fee that is associated with getting your documents but in the long run this can be much cheaper than actually having to pay for a traffic ticket. All of the information that is submitted to Get Dismissed is kept confidential and secure, you won’t have to worry about anyone else getting their hands on your vitals!

Mount your defense against those pesky traffic tickets with Get Dismissed, available for your iPhone and Android devices.

Download Get Dismissed on the App Store
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Silent Beacon


Silent Beacon for iPhone quickly and discreetly alerts an emergency contact of your location and that you need help.

Silent Beacon is a must have app for anyone who could find themselves in a potentially perilous situation. Once set up, Silent Beacon will attempt to contact one or more emergency contacts of your choosing to let them know that you are in danger. When possible, Silent Beacon also sends your emergency contacts your current location. If your contacts also have Silent Beacon installed, they can view a live map of your current location as well as where you’ve been since your beacon has been activated.

Setting up Silent Beacon is simple and straightforward: simply register and account, and assign your emergency contacts. Assigned contacts will receive a text message notifying them that they are your emergency contact. We suggest you discuss this with your chosen contact to plan and agree on a plan if the worst happens.

Silent Beacon can also be configured to dial 911 on activation of the beacon. Silent Beacon features support for their easy to use wireless key fob that can be used to activate your beacon even more discreetly. You can purchase the system separately from Silent Beacon’s website.

Download Silent Beacon on the App Store
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CallerSmart Reverse Lookup Phone Book


CallerSmart frees you from the annoyance of unwanted calls and texts.

CallerSmart is an easy way to determine if you should call back that unknown number or not. Once signed up, CallerSmart gives you access to a reverse number lookup service with a database of known spammers and telemarketers. This gives you the power to make the decision of who to reply to or not.

Keep up to date on who is looking up your phone number with CallerSmart’s push notifications whenever somebody tries to find your phone number or other sensitive information.

CallerSmart also gives you quick guides on how to block numbers from being able to call or text your iPhone, as well as easy access to sign up for and confirm your registration on the FTC Do Not Call List and the ability to file a complaint directly to the FTC.

CallerSmart makes your safety and security fun with unlockable badges that you earn by using the app in various ways, and even gives you a global ranking to compare with other CallerSmart users.


CallerSmart on the App Store

Developer Website

AtHome Camera


Athome Camera is a remote video surveillance app that can turn your personal computer, smart TV/set-top box, smart phone, and tablet into a professional home monitoring system in seconds.

AtHome Camera will allow you to turn your Mac, Pc, iPhone, iPad, or Android into a security camera without the need of any other software. All you have to do is ensure that you have the app installed on at least two devices, one to broadcast and one to receive, and from there the rest is a piece of cake. You don’t even have to sign up for an account if you don’t want to, there are some advantages though and we will go over those later on.

When launching AtHome Camera you’ll want to select from your iPhone if you are going to connect to a Mac/Pc, Smart Phone, or AtHome IP Camera. Once you’ve selected the device that you are going to connect to AtHome Camera will have you scan the QR Code generated by the broadcast device, this will automatically input the username and password into AtHome Camera so you don’t have to set anything up yourself. From there you will see your broadcast device listed in the main menu ready for you to connect to.

Once a broadcast device has been added tapping on it will initiate a connection to where you can view the stream. This can be done via 3G/LTE connections as well as WiFi ensuring that no matter where you are you can check in on the camera. You’ll have options in the stream to record the broadcast directly to your device, snap screenshots, communicate via microphone with the broadcast device, and set up some preferences. You can enable AtHome Camera to detect motion and automatically record as well as setting up time frames to record continually. To use the Motion Detector and Time Frame you will need to create an account with AtHome Camera but they are free and only require an email address. Don’t let this derail you, all connections and accounts are kept secure and private, they are completely encrypted from both connection ends.

Keep in mind that for our testing we installed AtHome Camera on a Mac and used the iPhone version of the app. The AtHome Camera for iPhone we are using is a viewer only, you’ll need the broadcast version of AtHome Camera to use an iOS or Android device as a broadcast camera.

Keep an eye on the things most important to you with AtHome Camera. Download for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Download AtHome Camera on the App Store
Download AtHome Camera on the Google Play Store
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Boatrax is a new way to log and capture your boat outings as well as share them with family and friends. With Boatrax you can share you location to enable your boating friends to find you and meet up and go on your next great adventure. You can share photos of your boating experiences with the social aspect of Boatrax and even invite friends to join you inside the boating world of Boatrax.

When you first launch Boatrax you will be prompted to create an account which you can do so by signing in with Facebook. From there you will need to completed the process of filling out detailed information on the boat you own. The information provided here will be used in your boat logs that Boatrax provides for you, some of the information will also be viewable when someone comes and views your profile later on. Once you’ve added your boat and fill out the profile information it’s time to dive into Boatrax and capture you moments!

When you are ready to launch you’ll want to visit the Snapshot tab of Boatrax. Here you will log all of your events that you take your boat out on. Tapping on the plus button next to Last Trip Info will allow you to enter in your trip details and log your boat hours and generator hours. In the Trip Entry page you can add a photo of your tip, add start and end locations, and add in your average consumption. This will then be posted to your boats logs and your profile where your friends on Boatrax can then view at a later time.

If you would like to engage the users of Boatrax you can visit the OnDeck tab where you can make public posts and updates. In the OnDeck tab you can share photos to the Boatrax community and then users can come and comment and like your photos. The same will work with public posts, just write something and it will be posted to all of the users. In the OnDeck tab you will also see any notifications that you’ve received in the top right corner of the screen.

Boatrax is a great app for boating enthusiasts or beginners alike. It brings a social aspect of boating to the digital age. Download it for your device and make those boating trips more exciting!

Download Boatrax on the App Store
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Piggy-Back.Me is a simple and easy way to access your contacts should you not have your iPhone with you or if your iPhone’s battery has died. Piggy-Back.Me is a free emergency access to all of your contacts. With Piggy-Back.Me you can select contacts that you’d like to backup and then, should you ever need to, you can access them from another mobile device.

Upon first launching Piggy-Back.Me you will be asked to enter in your phone number and choose a security question to answer. Doing this allows Piggy-Back.Me to keep your contacts private and secure on their servers. Once you have entered your number and answered the question you will then be able to choose which of your contacts you’d like to keep in the Piggy-Back.Me cloud. You can choose all of your contacts or choose just the important ones. Once you’ve selected them you can then exit Piggy-Back.Me and continue with your wonderful day.

Accessing your stored contacts on Piggy-Back.Me is simple and quick. Download the app onto another device, enter your phone number, answer the security question, and boom, you’re done. Now you can have complete access to all of the contacts that you have chosen to store with Piggy-Back.Me. And now that you’ve accessed them, you can now call or text them like you were on your own device!

Download Piggy-Back.Me on the App Store
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If you’ve been looking for a creative way of using your handwriting as a keyboard then Penquills has got you covered. Penquills is a revolutionary 2-in-1 custom keyboard for iPhone’s and iPad’s running iOS 8. Penquills combines single character and whole word recognition inside of one powerful and easy to use keyboard.

To enable the use of Penquills you will have to set it up as a keyboard in the system settings of your device. This will allow you to use Penquills as the default keyboard of your device, if you should wish to do so. Keep in mind that you will have to give Penquills full access to your device so that it can create and keep track of your user dictionary, this is something that all third party iOS keyboards require.

To use the single character input method you will have to hold your device in portrait mode. This will allow you to handwrite single letters, symbols, or numbers one at a time to create your words. Penquills will learn how you communicate with others and will predict words above the keyboard that it feels that you may use. You can change how quickly Penquills will allow you to write in individual letters in the Settings of Penquills, by default it lets you input within 2-3 seconds after each character is recognized.

If you are wanting to write in words instead of just characters at a time you’ll have to rotate your device into landscape. This will convert the keyboard into a whole word recognition mode where you can write multiple words at a time to formulate your sentences. This makes texting or jotting down notes much faster and easier, in my opinion, than using the single character method. This is where adding words into the custom dictionary in the Penquills settings comes in handy because as you’re writing Penquills does its best to ensure what you are writing is actually what you are wanting to input and will input the closest match to what you’ve written.

Penquills brings the feel of writing on paper to your iOS device. Make writing more personal, download Penquills in the App Store.

Download Penquills on the App Store
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PDF Reader 6 Premium

PDF Reader 6 Premium_DailyAppShow

PDF Reader 6 Premium, a full-fledged PDF app with solid viewing, editing, sharing and managing capabilities, makes it possible for anyone to handle various daily tasks on iPhone or iPad. PDF Reader 6 Premium is your best choice for interacting with PDFs anytime, anywhere.

Download PDF Reader 6 Premium on the App Store
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-iOS 8 Specials
• iCloud Drive – access your files stored in iCloud on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac or PC via iCloud Drive.
• Document Picker – get and share documents between apps using Document Picker
• Touch ID – secure private folder with your fingerprint (Made for iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus devices running iOS 8)
• Image detection – recognize rectangles in your scans for adjustment
• Photo extension – transfer images from your Photo Library and convert to one PDF

Voice Reader (Text-To-Speech, TTS)
• Ability to adjust the TTS voice speed
• Continuous/Discrete reading mode
• Support a total of 36 voices for 26 languages

File Manger & Viewing Mode
• Fast and stable rendering performance
• Display video/audio files in PDFs.

Document Scanner
• Continuous scan & image adjustments
• Export scanned images as PDFs

File Annotation, Markups & Form Filling
• Text highlights & markups, sticky notes, text boxes, freehand drawings, shapes, etc
• Sound notes supported
• Send/Create flatten copies
• Insert images/hyperlinks to a PDF
• PDF signature & form filling

Page Editing
• Rotate/Rearrange/Extract/ Add/Delete PDF pages
• BOTA list – displays a summary of all annotations applied to the PDF file
• Export all annotations via email

File Transfer & Backup
• Full integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Evernote, MyDisk, SugarSync, and Box
• FTP and WebDAV client support
• File Backup: WiFi, iTunes USB and Open-in feature

Kdan Creative Cloud – Sign up for FREE
• Sign up now and get 500 MB of free space on Kdan Cloud!
• Subscribe to our premium cloud services and enjoy more advanced tools that optimize your productivity!

Subscription plans:
• Kdan cloud: $2.99/month or $9.99/year
• Kdan Deluxe Business Pack: $5.99/month or $29.99/year

Send Plus – Save Your Data Plan, Send Photos


Get more out of your data plan. Use Send+ when you send photos in Messages and Email or when you post with Facebook, Twitter & more. Send Plus lightly compresses your photos when you post or send them. Send Plus lets you post more, post faster, and save money.

Download Send Plus on the App Store
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– Send Plus works on iOS7 and also includes an iOS8 built-in Sharing Extension to work with native iPhone and iPad apps.
– Send Plus works inside Photos, Camera+, VSCO Cam and many other apps.
– Send Plus can save you money by not using up your data plan.
– Send Plus lets you post faster because you are sharing less data.
– Send Plus never modifies your original photos.
– Send Plus works with panoramic photos
– Send Plus keeps track of how much data you’ve saved.
– Send Plus is FREE to use and no signup or account is needed.