Watch ONE World Sports


Watch ONE World Sports showcases live and on-demand sporting events from around the globe. Watch ONE World Sports exclusive best-in-class streaming services deliver their network’s content to all of your Apple devices no matter where you are!

Upon launching Watch ONE World Sports, users will be brought into the Highlights section where they can view curated highlights based upon games or events that have recently taken place. Tapping on the video will begin playing the highlight selected and allow users to share the clip via Twitter or their favorite sharing options in iOS. Tapping on the Twitter icon next to the video will show hashtags that are related to the clip that they are watching.

If you’re wanting more than Highlights then you’ll want to visit the navigation at the top of the screen where you can access what’s Live, On Demand, Sports, and the Guide. Navigation is simple, easy to use, and can be accessed from whatever screen you are on. Each tab has its own content for you to consume, so let’s see what each one has to offer.

The Live tab will allow you to sign in to Watch ONE World Sports and view all of the games that are currently live. This will allow you to watch the game right from your device, no need for a set-top box. The On Demand tab will give you access to different leagues and games that are available for you to watch. This is part of Watch ONE World Sports best-in-class on demand system that will allow you to watch these videos. The Sport tab will let you choose from specific sports, as well as a couple of teams, that you are looking for. Tapping on a sport or team will show you the most recent videos that Watch ONE World Sports has to offer for that. Finally, the Guide tab will show you what’s playing on which day so you know when to come back to catch your favorite sport or team.

Never miss out on your favorite sports or team again, download Watch ONE World Sports for FREE now!

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My Racing Results

THE ULTIMATE FREE APP FOR ALL RACING FANS! ALL your racing needs covered directly on your iPhone/iPad. Includes FAST result notifications, bet tracking, LIVE odds, 1 click bet slip, IN DEPTH racecards, a DETAILED search function and over £300 IN FREE BET OFFERS*. It’s the racing app your mobile has been crying out for!

Download myracingresults on the App Store (UK only)
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– FAST RESULTS NOTIFICATIONS: 60 second result notifications for your tracked horses and races.
– BET TRACKING: Receive bet notifications for all of your bets at the touch of a button.
– MY BETS: Check the results for all of your tracked bets on one simple page.
– 1 CLICK BET SLIP: Add horses to your bet slip in just 1 click.
– RACECARDS: Containing form, weight, going, distance, jockey, trainer, age, rating, forecast starting price and the LATEST LIVE odds from one of the LARGEST bookmakers in the UK.
– FULL RESULTS: Result information for the last 3 days including; starting prices, jockeys, trainers. Share it easily with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
– SEARCH: Quickly search for your favourite horse, jockey or trainer to see upcoming race entries and results from the last 3 days.
– FREE BETS: Access over £300 worth of free bets and exclusive special offers – boost your bankroll today.

This app may only be used in the UK and Ireland by users aged 18+. *Terms apply, new customers only, see app for full terms.

Tetéu – Animated Football Assistant


Do you want an animated football assistant for the football 2014? What if the animated football assistant dances to every goal of your favorite team and gets sad when the game is lost? If yes, then Tetéu is the app for the soccer fans out there. A must for soccer addicts, Tetéu brings more than 15 animations for the football 2014. Each event such as Goal, Yellow card, Red card, Penalty, Half time etc. has exclusive animations. Each animation is played in case the event occurs in an ongoing match. In case you do not want animations, you can settle with app notifications too. Choose among 3 languages, set the name of your football assistant and make football 2014 exciting!

Download Tetéu – Animated Football Assistant on the App Store
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Tetéu Football app Features:

Animations to announce and celebrate important events such as goals, half time, red/yellow card etc.
Features 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Allows users to schedule the app updates as per favorite teams and matches.
Date wise match schedule for the football 2014
Descriptions of each and every team
Live commentary of goals for ongoing matches
Yellow card/red card commentary for ongoing matches
Standings of teams segregated within their respective groups
Rank wise sorting of top players with team name
Makes predictions before a game and allows sharing on Facebook and Twitter
Allows configuring notifications for goal score of favorite teams, opponent teams, favorite match, cards, penalty, etc.
Allows configuring animations for goals of favorite team, opponent team, cards, penalty, etc.
Brief description of each player

Online Betting – Your Guide for Online Sports Betting Information

The Online Sports Betting app brings you a full platform of services and features to keep you up to date with the latest happenings from the world of sport. It has also been designed to enhance your online betting experience as well. The app will deliver to punters all that they will ever need for their sports wagers, by providing immediate access to valuable betting information that will help you to bet your way to success. Keep the app with you on the go and never fall short of a betting opportunity.

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Live Scores, Stats and Results

The app will keep you on the pulse of action by delivering live scores as they happen, alongside the latest updates in football tables as a well as results. This means that you can stay informed while you are on the go, and see how your bets are doing while they are still live. Or you may even see a tempting scoreline which will prompt you to jump into some live betting.

Event Previews

Written by our experienced contributors, the Online Sports Betting app will bring you reviews of forthcoming sports events. Our reviews cover everything from the major European football matches from competitions like the UEFA Champions League, to the latest WTA and ATP Tennis action, Cricket, Rugby and everything in between. Our knowledgeable contributors offer guides to the best odds for the event’s markets, along with statistical, historical and team data.

Free Bets, Bonuses and Promotions

One of the biggest factors about online betting is finding the best value. This can come in the form of free bets, bonuses and promotions. With so many offers around, and with a rapid turnover of new betting bonuses being announced, it is often hard to find the best of them. But our app will deliver the best of the current sports betting promotions right to your mobile device so that the punter won’t miss out on top value for their wagers. Don’t miss a free bet opportunity, or a Money Back Special insurance offer thanks to the Online Betting app.

System Bets Calculator

This valuable tool is a major asset to have with you wherever you are. Here you can configure your potential outcome from system bets, such as a Trixie, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz and Lucky 15. These bets are like accumulators, but not all selections in the multiple need to win in order to get a return. With this app, you can choose your System bet and number of Bankers, plug in the odds of your selections and calculate your potential return.

Betting Guides and Tips

Our contributors also provide valuable betting tips and guides to betting practices as well. So if you are in the position of wanting to gain more knowledge about online sports betting, then this will be a valuable resource tool to have at your disposal.

March Brackets 2014


Create your own NCAA® March Madness® Basketball Championship tournament brackets with updated bracket scoring results! Practice creating brackets with last year’s teams until the tournament starts. After Selection Sunday, to update your App to the 2014 teams, tap ‘Update Teams’ on the Main Screen. You can also update using the ‘refresh’ button in Current Bracket screen or using the ‘update’ button in the My Brackets section. To create new 2014 team brackets, tap ‘My Brackets’ on the Main Screen and then tap ‘Add Bracket’ on the Brackets screen and proceed to create and save your bracket(s). If you have created practice brackets prior to Selection Sunday, tap the ‘Edit’ button on the Brackets screen and delete old brackets accordingly.

iPhone App Demo

iPad App Demo

Download March Brackets 2014 iPhone App
Download March Brackets 2014 iPad App
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-Pool Functionality as an In-App purchase; create pools to help you organize your brackets; great for office competitions!!
-Brackets within Pools will indicate bracket scores for easy checking as the tournament progresses!!
-Team Stats for all teams in the tournament as an In-App purchase to help you make an informed decision on picks!!
-Practice creating brackets using 2013 teams up until the 2014 bracket is announced on Selection Sunday!
-Share brackets on E-mail, Twitter, Facebook
-‘Pick Favorites’ option allows faster team picking within each region bracket!!

Use the ‘Team Stats’ option on the Main Screen to get 2014 team statistics after new teams are announced on Selection Sunday.

Use the ‘Refresh’ button on the Current Bracket or the ‘Update Teams’ button on the Main screen to update the results of your bracket throughout the tournament. Your brackets will be updated with the correct bracket score based on your chosen scoring system. Winning teams will be highlighted in green and losing teams highlighted in red.

After teams are announced on Selection Sunday, there will be two team names indicated for the 4 play-in team slots. The two team pairing will remain indicated this way throughout the tournament.

Cowbell 2014 for the Sochi Winter Games


COWBELL 2014 is the ULTIMATE COWBELL APP for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi! Whether you’re in the stands, at home or watching at a party, you can cheer on your country by turning your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a customized cowbell. Cowbell 2014 is the only cowbell app you need for this year’s Winter Games. Download now and join in the tradition!

iPhone App Demo

iPad App Demo

Download Cowbell 2014 for the Sochi Winter Games iOS App
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-3 unique cowbell sounds to choose from
-Decorate your cowbell with your country’s flag
-Tap the screen to ring the bell, or shake it like a real cowbell!



Sportizza is an app that will allow you to follow along with your favorite sports teams and figures with no hassle. Find out times, channels and locations of their next televised appearance.

Download “Sportizza” for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Download “Sportizza” for your Android device.
Visit the official website of “Sportizza”.

Sportizza is your personalized slice of live sporting events as they happen around the world. You will never miss your favorite player or team in action.
It sends you reminders for the live sporting events that you follow.
Contents of the app:

1. App contains information like the local start time of sporting events that you follow.
2. You can choose teams or sometimes even players to follow. This will remind you of any live events that the player or team participates in.
3. Get a listing of all major sporting events around happening around the world, including the TV coverage information*

* TV coverage information is only available for some countries and for some sport events. Check with your broadcaster for actual coverage information in your area. Broadcaster may change the TV times for any event, in which case, information on Sportizza may not be in sync.

** The name and logos of the teams in this application are used under “fair use” with the sole purpose of identification of the respective teams and leagues, and remain the property of their respective owners.
** This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by any professional sports organization or the NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL, EPL, WHL, OL, UEFA, FIFA, ICC, WTA, ATP, BWF, Nippon or any other Leagues.

Injury Predictor


Sports Injury Predictor tells you who is most likely to be injured for the season as well as game by game.

Our patent pending algorithm takes over 50 points of data into account (including previous injuries, recovery periods, surgeries, strength of schedule) to work out how likely each player is to get injured. Draft like you have never drafted before – with 100% visibility into a players previous injury history along with the likelihood of them being injured this coming year. We update all our predictions week to week during the regular season – so you always know the likelihood of your player being injured during a game.

Have you have ever asked yourself before a draft or trade:
Who is most or least likely to get injured?
How long are they projected to be out for?
What previous injuries have they had before?
How many injuries do they average a season?
How many games do they miss per season?

The Sports Injury Predictor will give you season and week by week injury probability for each offensive player. As the season goes on and we receive injury data every players score will be updated weekly helping you assess trade offers and waiver picks with more intelligence.

We tested our injury prediction against players who missed games through injury in 2012 and we were accurate 68% of the time! That means for nearly every 7/10 players we identify as high risk they will miss games giving you the information needed to pick a team that will be present every game. (check out the results here:


– Injury prediction scores for the season and each based on our patent pending injury prediction algorithm
– Full injury history of every player so that you can make you own mind up about how likely they are to be injured before you invest a high round draft pick in them
– Average amount of injuries per season
– Average amount of games missed each season
– An injury specific news feed that gives information ONLY on injury news updated frequently

We supply our injury probability data to several Fantasy Football predictive models including Advanced Sports Logic’s “THE MACHINE”. Get it all on our app – and check out our site for more information. We’re also on Twitter @injurypredictor and Facebook –

Download Sports Injury Predictor for your Apple device here.

March Brackets


Create your own NCAA® March Madness® Basketball Championship tournament brackets with updated bracket scoring results! Practice creating brackets with last year’s teams until the tournament starts. After Selection Sunday, to update your App to the 2013 teams, tap ‘Current Bracket’ on the Main Screen and then tap the ‘Refresh’ button within the Current Bracket. To create new 2013 team brackets, tap ‘My Brackets’ on the Main Screen and then tap ‘Add Bracket’ on the Brackets screen and proceed to create and save your bracket(s). If you have created practice brackets prior to Selection Sunday, tap the ‘Edit’ button on the Brackets screen and delete old brackets accordingly.

Download March Brackets on the App Store