MobiTile lets you easily keep abreast of news from several accounts on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, being online or offline, sort incoming posts into thematic streams using custom filters, and much more.

Our online lives happen in a lot of places: social networking sites, blogs, news, and online services like Dropbox. It can be cumbersome to navigate to all the various apps and websites for all of these services.

MobiTile looks to remedy this situation by bringing all of your online services in one easy to use app. MobiTile is an app where you can gather all of your streams and cloud storage services in once place. After creating a free MobiTile app, sign into all of your different services from across the web: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Flicker, Dropbox, RSS feeds, and Google.

MobiTile lets you create customized feeds of content you want to see, then organize your feeds using filters. See all of your notifications and messages in one place in MobiTile, and get an overview of all of your accounts on the Home screen.

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Natter, the social network where your post consists only of three words, one hashtag, and one photo!

Jumping into Natter feels just like any other social network that you’ve experienced before. This is good because it makes it easy to jump right into Natter and find friends, post comments, post photos, and more. For your account, you’re able to setup a custom username, a profile picture, short bio, and location. Once you’ve got your account setup it’s time to Natter!

The Home tab is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Think of the Home tab as your Home feed, this is where you will see all of the posts from the people that you follow on Natter. Each post is comprised of three words, one hashtag, and one photo. Below each post you have the option to Like, Comment, and Repost the users Natter. If you choose to reply it will automatically fill in the users name and then you can enter your three words, one hashtag and a photo.

Finding friends on Natter is pretty easy and the more friends that you have the more fun that Natter will be. Jump into the Explore tab and you’ll be presented with suggested users to follow as well as recent posts from all around the world. Tapping on follow will allow you to follow the user and their future updates will show up in the Home tab. From the Explore tab, you can also search for Natters, Users, and Hashtags should you not see what you were looking for in the Explore tab. You can filter your search by most likes, kudos, newbies, and trending if you should need to narrow the results.

Make your words count with Natter, available in the App Store for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple Watch!

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ChallengeMe is a Chat App for Challenges! Accept chat-based challenges from brands and influencers and challenge your friends or anyone around the globe using ChallengeMe.

The first area that you are taken to in ChallengeMe is the Circle page. This is where you can see all of the challenges that your friends have accepted and then either join or reject them yourself. The Circle page is going to be a lot more fun if you have plenty of friends on ChallengeMe, so make sure and get everyone on board! If you are first starting off you can jump into the Popular page and see the most popular challenges as well as search for new ones.

It’s easy and simple to accept or decline challenges, swiping right on a challenge will accept it and swiping left will decline it. Once you have accepted a challenge it will show up in the Accepted page as well as the Circle page. For each challenge you will have to post a proof, this is used to showcase the fact that you did the challenge and users can either validate your proof or reject it.

Accepting a challenge will take you into the challenges page where you can view all of the users who’ve accepted the challenge, nominate friends to take the challenge, view challenge proofs, view the chat, and post your proof. Each challenge has a time limit and once that time is up the challenge will be closed but you’ll still be able to view them if you’d like. Posting your proof is quite simple, you can either import a photo/video from you camera library or use the camera inside of ChallengeMe to directly capture your proof. The proof will show up in the challenges Chat tab as well as the Proofs tab. Having it show up in the chat will encourage users to engage with one another other than just confirming or denying proofs. The more challenges you accept the more people who you can meet and connect with.

Challenge yourself and challenge others, join ChallengeMe now! Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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In dripthat, your moments are organized into exclusive collections of photos and videos called drips. You can have your moments drip out over time to all of your followers so there’s always fresh content for them to view! Get started today.

Upon first launching dripthat you’ll be presented with the sign-in screen. Here you can sign-in with your existing account or create a new one. When creating an account you’ll need to provide a phone number that can receive text messages as you’ll receive a verification text to finish your account creation. Once your account is created you’ll be able to sign in on either an iPhone or iPod Touch as you’ll only need to verification text to create the account. Now that you’ve got an account created it’s time to create some drips.

Tapping on the camera icon from the bottom menu will bring you into the camera where you can begin capturing photos and/or videos to share with other dripthat users. Once you’ve captured the media you can apply filters to them and then share your drip. If you wanted to upload media that you’ve already captured top the dripthat icon in the top left corner, from any screen, and select Create a Drip.

You can select as few as one photo all the way up to hundreds of photos and/or video to drip. Once you have your media selected tapping on the thumbnail in the bottom of the screen will allow you to edit the photo by cropping it and applying filters. You can tap and drag photos to re-arrange them and dragging them out of the timeline will remove them from your drip. Once you’re happy with what’s in your drip tap next and give your drip a name and description. Once you’ve done that you’ll select if you want the drip to be public or select friends that you want to share with privately. Once you’ve selected your crowd it’s time to edit the Drip Dial, this will allow dripthat to “drip” out the media over a period of time. You can have each moment drip immediately or over a period of time. For example, if you have ten moments and choose to have them drip over 5 minutes, dripthat will post two photos per minute for 5 minutes. You can drip out media as low as 5 minutes and all the way up to 90 days, the counter in the middle of the screen will show you how often a piece of media will be dripped. Tap Start Drip and your drip will begin.

From dripthat’s main menu you will see Drip Worth posts, these are popular public drips from other users on dripthat. Tapping on View Public Drip will bring you into the users drip where you can see all of the photos and videos that have been dripped so far. You’ll also be able to like, comment, and share each individual photo or video as well as share the entire drip once you’ve view all of the photos and videos. Tapping on a users profile picture while viewing their drip will take you to their profile where you can view their other public drips, their followers and followings, and you can follow them on dripthat.

Swiping right from the Drip Worthy posts will bring you to the My Stream page. This is where you will see all of the drips that you’ve viewed as well as drips that have been shared with you. The most recently viewed drip will show at the beginning of the page and tapping on it will bring you to the photo or video that you left off on. If you are seeing too much of one person and you no longer want to see them in your My Stream page tap on the lock in the top right hand corner, here you’ll be able to approve and disapprove which users show up in your stream.

Shared how you want, when you want, and with who you want. Download dripthat for your iPhone!

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Down to Chill


Down To Chill is a trendy place to hang out with friends who share your interests. Hanging out with friends is now easy, convenient, and fun.

To get started with Down to Chill you’ll need to create an account by logging in with your Facebook account. What this will do is pull in all of your profile information and allow you to connect with your Facebook friends that are on Down to Chill. There aren’t any other profile options from there, whatever your profile picture and name is on Facebook is what it’s going to be on Down to Chill. The only option that you’ll have as far as customizing your profile will be the custom hashtag that you can add to your profile, and we’ll get into hashtags and how they work below.

To see who’s available in your area to chill you’ll want to come into the Home tab. Here you’ll tap on the Down to Chill button and your profile will go into Online mode. Down to Chill will then use your current location to find others around you that are ready to chill as well. Once a profile card is show to you in the Home feed you can either Chill with that person, which will send them a request and open a chat with them, or Next them, which will discard that profile card and show you the next available person. The Home feed is where you are going to find your Facebook friends as well as people who are close by.

The Feed tab is where the hashtags are going to come into play. There will be two sections to the Feed tab, your Current Location and Following. The current location will show the city name in the top left of the screen. Here you will see updates and comments from people who have used your cities hashtag to leave a post. For example, we are located in Modesto and our cities hashtag is #Modesto, so whenever someone posts to that hashtag they will show up in my cities news feed. From there I can comment and like other people’s postings. The Following tab will allow you to search for specific hashtags to follow and you’ll see posts for the hashtags that you follow. The custom hashtag that you set for your profile will automatically be followed in this section.

The last tab in Down to Chill is the Chat. This is where you’ll be able to chat back and forth with the people who you have connected with by tapping on Chill from the Home feed. You’ll see all of your chat history with everyone you’ve connected with as well as any hashtags that you’ve posted to. Tapping on a chat will bring you into it where you can continue to reply to that person, where you can send text or photos. If you’d ever like to leave a chat tap the three dots in the chat history and you’ll have to unmatch yourself from them and you’ll leave the chat. But the main purpose of the chat tab is for you to set up a time and place to go chill with the person that you matched with.

It’s time to start chilling with all of your friends. Don’t be a homebody, get out and do something with Down to Chill!

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Bounce – Share Here


Bounce is a photo and location sharing app where you can share the world around you and see pics and spots your friends post.

Bounce is a photo sharing app with an emphasis on location. Share what you see, what’s going on around you, and the stops along your journey! Opening Bounce brings you to the timeline, where you can scroll through and view all of the photos and locations your friends have posted. Each bounce shows the name and profile picture of the friend that shared it, your distance from the location of the bounce, a description, and of course the photo itself. And of course you can fave and comment on any bounce.

You can also view bounces by location using the map tab! Here you can see bounces all around you on a map that you can zoom and scale, and filter by distance from you.

Sharing a photo is easy too! Tapping on the “b” button on the bottom of your timeline will bring you to the create a bounce page. Here you can add your description, photo, expiration time of the bounce, as well as how big of a bounce you want to show. You can slide the scale from as little as 100 yards all the way up to 100 miles, whatever is most relevant.

Bounce is great for showing off nature during a wilderness hike, or sharing a cool hangout spot or event happening near you. Discover the world with Bounce!

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Locate and communicate with friends, family, or virtually anyone in the world with TruVu for the iPhone and iPad.

Upon first launch, TruVu will ask users to create an account. You can either choose to create a new one or connect with Facebook. If you choose to create a new one you will have to fill in all of the fields manually and upload a profile picture. If you choose connect with Facebook all of the profile information from Facebook will be pulled over and you can begin using TruVu. Once you’ve created your account it’s time to find some friends!

TruVu allows users to locate each other and begin communicating and building relationships. The way that this works is that TruVu uses the geo-location of each users device to pinpoint them on a map for others to see. If someone would like to communicate with someone else all they have to do is tap on the pin on the map and they will see an overview of that user’s profile. If they like what they see that can then friend that person and begin chatting with them.

There are a few privacy settings in TruVu to help you filter who can see your profile. You can set it to Public which allows all users of TruVu to see your profile, Friends which only allows friends to see your profile, and Off which hides you from everyone. There is a search option that will allow you to find someone specific should you know their username or actual name.

Find new friends or reconnect with old ones with TruVu, available now on the App Store.

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Who’s On Now


Who’s On Now connects you to highly rated and most responsive professionals in your area and provides a safe and secure way to pay for services.

Who’s On Now is an app that combines three things in a novel and easy to use way: a professional services directory, a direct-to-business communication tool, and an simple, secure payment platform. Who’s On Now is a great way to find service contractors and consultants that are active and involved in providing great customer service. As each company or contractor in Who’s On Now can be rated, commented on, or reported, you can feel confident knowing that you’ve picked the right person for your needs.

There are two ways to find businesses in search tab of Who’s On Now; you can sort by the ones near you, or you can find those in a specific field of service. Tapping on each listing will show the business name and profile picture, information about the business such as the overview, experience in the field, any licenses they carry, and a warranty if applicable, as well as a rating out of five stars from other Who’s On Now users. You can chat with companies directly in Who’s On Now simply by tapping “Message” and you will be entered into a chat with the business where you can initiate a conversation. This is a really great way to find out if you and that business or contractor are a good fit. In addition to the search function, Who’s On Now has a News Feed where businesses can post updates that might be of interest to you.

After you find the right service provider and the job gets done and you’re satisfied with the work, Who’s On Now makes it easy for both the company to invoice you and for you to pay directly in the app. Who’s On Now even lets you avoid the tedious task of typing in your credit card info, as the app will let you scan the card using the camera, and everything will be detected and entered for you.

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NoteStream helps you learn about subjects you’re passionate about in self-contained streams containing easy to understand language and relevant illustrations.

NoteStream is for people who are passionate for learning, but don’t have time (or maybe the patience) to research the subject themselves. With that in mind, the developers built NoteStream to solve this problem. You can think of NoteStream as a series of encyclopedia articles that are laid out in an article format, are very easy to read, and contain both text and visual media to aid in understanding.

Each of these succinct and easily digestible lessons are called NoteStreams, and there are a few actions you can perform when browsing and viewing them. When you first tap on a NoteStream in Explore, you are presented with a short blurb about the NoteStream as well as the name of the author, community rating, and the option to either read the NoteStream or share it.

The power wheel contains five options, and is the way you navigate through the app. On the power wheel, you have a shortcut to the explore tab where you can find new and interesting NoteStreams, you can bookmark the current note page you’re on for quickly revisiting later, a feel tool where you indicate your feelings about the note you’re reading (where you can select eager, smart, excited, or confused), an option to share the note you’re reading via email or social networks, and finally the shortcut to your current streams.

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DreamTwits is a social network for dreamers. Users can come onto DreamTwits and post what they dreamed about, day dreams or night dreams, anonymously. Users of DreamTwits can then comment on other dreams and discuss that dream privately with the poster if they should like to. Post a dream to a category or use a hashtag to get maximum exposure! Start logging dreams today with DreamTwits.

The Home section of DreamTwits is where the feed of dreams will be. Images at the top of the feed are dreams that have recently been posted. There is also a section at the top of this menu that will let users cycle between Day Dreams and Night Dreams. Tapping on a dreams image will load the image full screen where users can read what the dream was and see the corresponding image. From this page users can engage others in the comments, like the dream, and even private message the user who posted the dream. Tapping on a users profile image will take you to their profile where you can see just that specific users dreams.

Posting a dream with DreamTwits is simple and quick. Tap on the Share Dream button and then the user can select to post either a Day Dream of Night Dream, the process is the same for both. After selecting the type of dream to be posted the user can then enter the text of their dream. The next step will be selecting an image to go with the dream. DreamTwits will do it’s best to find an image that suits the keywords of the dream but users can also choose to use their own image. Once the image and text are done the user will then select a category and hashtags that they would like to add. Multiple categories and hashtags can be used when posting a dream. Once that’s done the dream will be posted for all users of DreamTwits to see in the categories and hashtags chosen.

Explore dreams will fellow dreamers. Download DreamTwits for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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