Challenge yourself with bSociable, go ahead and see just how little you can use your phone. That’s right, to collect social time and improve your status on bSociable, you must stop using your phone.

From the Social screen, you’ll be able to see all of the day’s collected social time. Time is collected from 12 am until 12 am, so a 24 hour period of time. In order to begin collecting social time you’ll have to slide the “bSlider” up, the timer will begin, and the screen on your device will dim. From here you’ll want to set your device down and interact with the world around you! If for any reason you come back to your device and exit bSociable the timer will disengage and you’ll have to restart it the next time you enter bSociable.

The History screen is where you’ll see the history of all the social time that you’ve collected. If you didn’t track a day it will not show up in the history tab, only days that are tracked will show up here. This can come in handy as it will let you know what days you are most sociable and what days you are sucked into the screen of your device!

If you ever want to see how you are stacking up against others, visit the World screen. Here you can computer your social time and targets with the rest of the world. If you love to see different figures you can even filter the results by age and gender to see how you stack up.

Ditch your device and interact with the ones that matter, download bSociable for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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ThinPrint Cloud Printer


With ThinPrint Cloud Printer, print easily with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to any printer.

Upon launching ThinPrint Cloud Printer you’ll be logged into your ThinPrint account where you can access all of the printers you’ve added to your account. Once it logs you in you’ll see a screen confirming that you’re ready to print and from there everything is a piece of cake. Tap on the OK button and being printing from either your Camera Roll or any other application on your device.

To print an image from your Camera Roll with ThinPrint Cloud Printer tap on the Image Library button on the main screen. From there you’ll be taken into your photo library where you’ll choose the photo that you’d like to print. Once you’ve selected a photo you’ll then have to choose the printer you’d like to print to. If you’d do see your printer or you’d like to add a new one tap on the “+” in the top right corner of the Print screen. Once you’ve selected the printer the photo will print and you can go get it from the printer!

If you would like to print from another application using ThinPrint Cloud Printer all you have to do is open up the app. For example if you wanted to print a document from Pages all you would have to do is open Pages, selected the document you’d like to print, tap on the share button and selected “Open in Another App” and from there choose ThinPrint Cloud Printer. You’ll then be brough back into ThinPrint Cloud Printer where you’ll select the printer to print the document and then you’re good to go!

Print whatever you want from wherever you are! ThinPrint Cloud Printer available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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knwledge keeps the most important bits of knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips to help you become a better you.

knwledge is an app that acts as a capture point for snippets of knowledge and bits of wisdom that you come across so that you can keep coming back to them to absorb and learn. Add a new piece of knowledge in the Catch tab; paste in your text in the knwledge section, then add a category, source, and source type. Review and share your knwledge in the Review & Share tab, where you can see all populated categories. In the Learn tab, you can sign into twitter to find your favorited tweets of wisdom and add them to your knwledge. Finally, the @knwApp tab helps you discover more great insights from knwledge’s Twitter feed. Tap on any listing to save and share that piece of knwledge to your Twitter followers.

knwledge even lets you create knwledge kodes, an easy way to share multiple pieces of wisdom at once to send to other users of the app. Find out more about what you’ve learned from the Statistics page found in the settings to see your knwledge count, saves from twitter, number of categories, and your most popular category. Set knwledge to share with you daily of one of your saved pieces of knowledge using a notification for whenever you like in the Reminder Settings.

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Core Organizer


Core Organizer for iPhone keeps all of your personal and sensitive data in one convenient and structured place.

Core Organizer is a free app for iPhone and Android that can be used as an organizer and data collector for nearly every aspect of your life. You can use Core Organizer to keep track of all kinds of data, such as health information, journals, travel and entertainment plans, finances, and more.

Using various silos based on various sections of your life such as House, or Health, you collect relevant data. Adding new data is easy; in any silo, simply tap the plus button at the top right and add whatever information you need. Once added, you can view added information inside of any silo.

Core Organizer even includes a convenient way to use multiple devices for one user. Once signed into Core Organizer, your data can be synced to the cloud using the synchronize function in the setting. After installing the Core Organizer app on any of your other devices, simply log in with your account and synchronize to have your current data on both devices.

Download Core Organizer on the App Store
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UpdateZen is a simple status reporting solution for CEOs, Executives and Business Owners. Updates from team members are capped at 250 characters to include only what’s absolutely essential. Updates are consolidated and presented in one simple interface on iPhone and the web.

From the main menu you will see all of your Team Members as well as Updates on projects. Tapping on a Team Member will take you to the Projects screen where you can see all of the projects that are assigned to that team member. From here you will be able to view the most recent update on a Project as well as Adding a Project. Tapping on a Project will take you to the most recent stats on that project. From here you can Acknowledge that you’ve read the most recent update, Request an Update, Add Feedback, Share Project Update, See the Project History, and Archive the Project.

Adding a Project for a Team Member will allow you to give the project a title as well as a description. The team member will then be notified that you’d like them to join the project and then you will be notified once they join. Any time a team member leaves an update, which is a status with 250 characters or less, you will be notified and from there can leave feedback, which is a status update as well, and can acknowledge that you’ve read their update. If a project hasn’t receive any attention for a while you can always request an update which will send a notification to the team member the project has been assigned to asking them to update their status on the project. If you’d like to share the project with others that aren’t assigned to the project you can share it via email to them if you’d like to. And once a project is done you can archive it so it’ll be removed from the current projects list.

From the My Team section you can Add and Manage members of your team. Adding a new Team Member will ask you to send them an email, fill out their name, and give them a project task. This is useful as when the team member is added they will already have a project assigned to them so they can get started on it right away. If for whatever reason you need to remove a Team Member all you need to do is swipe right on their name and it will present you with a Remove button. Be careful though, removing a Team Member will also remove any projects that they’ve been assigned to.

Your team members will love using UpdateZen, the one simple place where project updates will live. Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Web.

Download UpdateZen on the App Store
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ShareMyToolbox brings personal equipment inventory and lending to the twenty-first century.

screen322x572 (1)ShareMyToolbox is a beautiful and simple way to both digitally inventory all of your tools and equipment and a convenient way to share what you have and let others’ request to borrow them. It’s easy to create your inventory of tools with an image, model and serial numbers, description, purchase info (including date, price, and warranty date). Each item includes an overview tab with equipment info, a status tab to show whether the tool is currently being loaned out or available to borrow, and a history tab showing everything that’s happened with this tool, including creation date, and who borrowed it and when.

screen322x572 (2) ShareMyToolbox lets you easily connect with and view the inventories of other users of the app. This lets you create a network of your friends and coworkers so that everyone can find and request the tools they need. You create a profile in ShareMyToolbox that includes your name and contact info, a profile photo, and other information such as the industry and company you are in.

Adding connections in ShareMyToolbox is easy too: in the menu, tap Connections, this screen will display all of your current connections you have. Tapping a listing will show that person’s profile including their photo, contact info, as well as info about their tools such as total number, number available to borrow, and their borrowing stats. Each connection profile has a Tools tab that lists all of their tools, and tapping each will bring up the full profile for that tool.

screen322x572The best way to find the appropriate tool is ShareMyToolbox’s Tool View, where you can see a list of all the tools and equipment in your network of connections. This view includes useful ways to sort the list with useful filters such as All Tools, Available, Borrowed, and Loaned, and colored rings around each listings photo indicates availability: blue for Connection’s tools that are available, yellow for your tools that are available, grey for unavailable tools, green for your borrowed tools, and red for a connection’s borrowed tool.

Once you have found the tool you need, request to borrow available tools using the button at the bottom of each listing and tap Borrow. This will show a popup where you can specify how long you want to borrow the tool. The owner will then receive a notification and can respond by either accepting or rejecting the request.

Download ShareMyToolbox on the App Store
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Jiffies – Calendar in the Watch


Jiffies is a unique calendar app with functionality that looks ahead with full support for the Apple Watch.

Jiffies calls itself “an event-clock”, and that’s a great way to describe the app’s functionality. Unlike most calendar apps, in Jiffies you get an daily overview of your calendar events that is much easier to absorb: what Jiffies does is lays out your events in two concentric circles that represent the 24 hours in a day, with each circle representing the 12 hours you’ll find on a clock face. Your events are laid out on the circles with color-coded line segments, with the colors corresponding to your calendar’s settings, and the position and length of the line segment matching the time and duration of the event. Tap the arrows above the clock to view the previous or next day.

Jiffies puts event details below the event clock, where you can find the event name, time, and duration, and you can tap on each event to reach options to open the event listing, duplicate, or share. The app includes a night view that darkens the interface to make it easier on your eyes in low light. Rotate Jiffies and you will find a very useful week view with both an event clock and list for each day of the current week.

Jiffies’ party piece, however, is that it supports the upcoming Apple Watch. You get the same useful daily view on your Apple Watch as you will find in the iOS app. You’ll be able to swipe horizontally to move through subsequent days, and swipe down to view the details of each day’s events. Once the Apple Watch is released, Jiffies will be ready to give you an at-a-glance view of your day’s calendar events.

Download Jiffies – Calendar in the Watch on the App Store
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Passible Password Manager


Passable Password Manager for iOS devices stores and manages all of your online login info as well as credit card information in a single place so that you can easily log in and use your credit cards with a few simple taps. What’s more, using a Touch ID-enabled device like the iPhone 6 enables biometric security, so that only your fingerprint can access the sensitive data in Passable Password Manager.

Not only does Passable keep all of your online passwords in one place, you can also organize and sort your logins, as well as keep your most commonly used credentials visible using Quick Tap so that you can access them easily when you need them. Every login credential entry gives you one-tap access to log in and get you going right from the Passable app. Log in with your financial institutions, and you get a convenient way to quickly view the balances of all your accounts.

You can take comfort knowing that Passable Password manager is keeping your sensitive data safe. Passable uses industry standard and virtually uncrackable AES-256 Encryption for all of your data, as well as provides theft-prevention measures such as wrong passcode entry wait times to prevent brute-force hacking and remote wipe in the case your device is stolen.

Download Passible Password Manager on the App Store
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VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited services all users to ensure their online security by creating Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s. VPN Unlimited frees users from bandwidth, speed, or connectivity limitations. Enjoy all of the benefits of your favorite online resources anywhere, anytime with VPN Unlimited.

From VPN Unlimited’s main screen you can see your devices real IP address as well as the current status of your VPN connection. If you are currently connected to a VPN you will see the country that you are masking your IP to and an IP address for that country. If you toggle the VPN off you can then select from a list of other countries to create a VPN to. Once a country is selected VPN Unlimited will create a VPN connection and give you another IP address. Whatever country you are connected to when exiting the app will be the one that VPN Unlimited automatically connects to upon it’s next launch.

VPN Unlimited requires an account be made in order to use their services. If it’s your first time using VPN Unlimited you will get 10 days free of charge. During the trial you can enjoy all of the benefits of VPN Unlimited without restriction. Once the trial is up you will need to subscribe to one of VPN Unlimited’s time-limited packages.

Download VPN Unlimited on the App Store
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21 & Different


21&Different is the ultimate companion in guiding you towards positive, personal transformation! Improve your life and develop valuable skills as you achieve good habit formation through small, daily tasks. Ensure positive, healthy habits and maintain whole life wellness! Take the challenge today!

Download 21 & Different on the App Store
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Create 3 simple tasks in each of the following categories of life:

Set reminder notifications!

View and share your progress in the challenge daily!

Utilize the Journal to record your thoughts along the journey!

Challenge and encourage others to improve their lives with 21&Different by sharing your progress via social media!

* Share your 21&Different progress via all social media throughout the challenge
* Save and share your favorite motivational quotes and videos
* Create journal entries to record your transformation progress
* Share your reflection videos and tag #21&Diff

* Secure access and your information in the App with a passcode
* Export function allows you to save and send the information in the App via .csv

Wedge – Planning & Reminders

Wedge does for calendar events what Snapchat does for photos. Wedge eliminates awkwardness in social planning by making sending an invite as easy as sharing a photo.

Download Wedge – Planning & Reminders on the App Store
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FAST: Wedge makes it incredibly fast and easy to send calendar invites and reminders.
CHAT: Friends can discuss their plans in the group chat for each Wedge.
GROUPS: Leader of an organization? Create an account and add your members on Wedge! Keep everyone up-to-date on meeting/event plans.
LOCATION: Now integrated with Uber, and Google/Apple Maps. Simply type “at” or add an “@” sign followed by address information into your Wedge title.