Bundle – Terrific Access To The News, Articles and Magazines


Bundle is your new personal app that lets you follow any news from the most popular news sources to find out technology, travel, business, sports or breaking news around the World. You can read any news easily by using Bundle’s neat, typographic interface and have an exceptional reading experience in every moment you are using Bundle.

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• Reach the most popular RSS news feeds by using Bundle in variety of categories with an extraordinary reading pleasure. Easily find out the latest news under the titles of business, entertainment, travel, sports, technology, design, movies, magazines and much more.

• Get what you need – As you travel to different countries, Bundle suggests you the most related news sources by your location. You can create your own news Timeline under myBundle by selecting and adding the news sources or suggestions.

• Latest stories – Bundle uses a Time Management feature to deliver the latest stories and filter only the news in last 15-30-60 or 180… mins.

• Make it Personal – You can read only the news you like to read by Smart Filter feature. Just select any category and see the related news or simply mark any news you want to follow and view them under the MY BUNDLE menu to read them later.

• Enhanced search – Bundle’s search function brings you any result comes out by your key words in a few seconds. You can search among all the news, titles, columnists and more…

• Share your feelings – Bundle offers you an interactive news reading experience by let you to like, dislike or share any news you would like to.

Lottery Live

The only lottery app of its kind, Lottery Live is proven to dramatically increase a lottery player’s chances of collecting their winnings. Each year over a billion dollars of lottery winnings go unclaimed.

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As a ticket management tool with state of the art number recognition software, a user can photograph their ticket(s) for any lottery drawing in the United States. The numbers will be automatically recognized and stored, and Lottery Live will provide immediate results (of any winnings due to the user, large or small) via push notification as soon as the lottery drawing is made.

Additionally, Lottery Live provides turn by turn GPS directions to the user’s local lottery retailer to purchase tickets or redeem winnings, assists in random number selection by providing results from a pool of “hot” or “overdue” numbers for a given lottery as well as many additional features.

Lottery Live allows the user to never miss out on collecting their winnings again.

Pipes – All the News You Need

Pipes helps you track the things you love. Add a pipe for any topic you want to follow, like the World Cup, and watch your screen fill up with articles about FIFA mania. We bring you information from all over the web in one unique feed and update this feed constantly.

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Personalized notifications every time there is a piece of news or update about the event. Of course, we don’t want to spam you so you can select how often you want to receive these notifications. And if you still don’t know what to add, give your phone a little shake and we’ll tell you what’s trending.

We’ve integrated Twitter into Pipes as well. Don’t miss what people are saying about your Pipe on Twitter. Just swipe to the Twitter tab to get a complete low down. And why stop at Twitter? We bring you a Wikipedia tab as well. Now that’s a gold mine right there!

But, information is boring if it’s boring to look at. That’s why we broke our backs and wallets to crack a riveting design. A clean, streamlined interface with stunning visuals adds a whole new life to your Pipes. (Especially if your Pipe is Kim Kardashian)

When no one’s listening, we call Pipes a beast of complete information packed in a pipin’ hot design. But really, it’s just a heartfelt attempt at keeping you connected with the things you love.

Yapert: Where Fans Stay Up to Date


You won’t believe how easy we’ve made it for you to see what’s trending right now and stay up to date. With millions of videos and photos being shared every day by your favorite Stars, Athletes, Celebrities and Organizations, it’s easy to miss out on the one’s that are most interesting to you. Yapert brings you the best videos and photos from the biggest names in Music, Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle every day so you never miss a moment.

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Stop the endless searching and start enjoying. Yapert is the single place to see, share and collect what matters to you. Get started by selecting your favorite star or interest .

Key Features:
• Instant access to millions of trending photos & videos
• Personalize with “Favorites” and “Stacks”
• Instant notifications on new content from your “Favorites”
• Comment on stories with other Fans
• Share via email, Facebook and Twitter
• Pin to Pinterest
• Collect & organize any and all content
• Participate in Fan activities

Inside Pass subscriptions: $0.99/month per Star. For convenience, Inside Pass subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Current subscribers can turn off auto-renewing by visiting iTunes Account Settings after purchase.



A one stop quick-shop for all of your news and buzz. Filter the information by location to get a more catered feed to your Exley. Donate to the Exley stories by signing up and submitting your news.

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The EXLEY mobile application platform is customized for you and your world. In other words, it pulls information that matters to you, and pushes aside the rest. EXLEY delivers up-to-the-second news, entertainment, and information for wherever you work and play. Better yet, EXLEY sorts the facts from the fluff, breaking down the articles and sending you the most significant facts, statistics, quotes, and multimedia. And for the first time ever in mobile technology, users can now follow existing celebrity gossip stories for their entire duration by getting push notifications as the story continues and evolves in the days and weeks to come. Perhaps, the most innovative feature allows citizen journalism at it’s most efficient and interactive. You can accept an EXLEY assignment to “cover” a hot event in your area for millions of users around the world or file stories that will influence the experience of users in your neighborhood, school, city, state, or region. Consider the impact you can have on your community. Ponder how you and millions of other EXLEY users will benefit from the most powerful social network on the planet.

Day 2 – 13 Days of Halloween – One App a Day


Our countdown continues to Halloween with only 12 days left to carve those pumpkins and to pick out a terrifying costume.

To celebrate the 12th day of Halloween we would like to introduce you to an addictive and apocalyptic app called  The Zombie Attack. Feel free to read our brief description, download the app and have a Zombie great time this Halloween night!

“The Zombie Attack”
This app is surely going to prepare you for the zombie apocalypse. Download the app and have a blast fighting off the zombies.

Download “Zombie Attack!” for your Apple device here.

Zombie Attack is about dealing with traps, earthquakes, zombie birds, mutated animals, and zombies themselves. Health packages are available while playing so he can maintain health. Jumping from trampolines to avoid obstacles and gain added points for how high the jump is. Air Force can guide you against the zombie attack. Aim is to reach the checkpoint before the timer stops. As the game progresses the number of obstacles and zombies Increase. At the end of 15 levels the player will have to deal with loads of zombies and reach the tower in time so you can pull the lever to activate the time machine to go back in time to warn humanity from Zombie Apocalypse

Obstacles to deal with :
Zombies – Zombi Hands – Monsters – Zombie Crows – Zombie Dogs – Mummy – Octomonsters – Falling Rocks – Road Obstacles – Cracks – Trampolines – Stopwatch – Blood Splatter Effects – Tornado Effects – Health Packs – Toxic Barrels – Fire Smoke – Jet Planes – Giant Ugly Creatures – Venom – Earthquake Effects.