Navmii GPS


Navmii, a free GPS Navigation app, that used to go by the name Navfree, has been completely revamped for their new release. Navmii features a brand new UI, new maps, free traffic information, map reports, smarter search, and more.

Brand New UI & Maps
Navmii features the OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping data which allows maps to be stored locally on your device! This means that you can select a map from within Navmii and download it directly to your device and not have to worry about using your data connection when traveling. By using OSM, Navmii will be able to publish free quarterly map updates to your device for 12 months. You’ll never have to worry about your mapping data being out of date or wrong! Use the mapping system that you can trust.

Free Traffic Information
Navmii uses your device to power a crowd-sourced traffic information system. What this does is uses Navmii’s users that are using GPS Navigation to determine traffic conditions and show you those conditions in real-time. If a section of the freeway is experiencing a slow down you’ll know about it before you get there so you can adjust your route accordingly. Best of all, you will see all Navmii users and traffic conditions directly on you map so you’ll know what’s around you.

Maps Reports
Navmii allows users to report traffic conditions that will show up on the maps for other users to see. You can report traffic incidents, construction zones, accidents, safety/traffic camera, road hazards, as well as speed traps. Reporting traffic conditions will also allow users to leave notes and rate the condition so other users will know how minor or severe the incident is. Once a traffic report has been cleared users will no longer see it on the map, this will help users identify healthy areas of traffic.

Smarter Search
Navmii features a powerful search engine that, since the mapping information is download directly to your device, can be used offline with no internet connection. Users can pull in search results from FourSquare, Google, What3Words, as well as local information from Navmii. This will ensure that you find that place that you are looking for with ease. Once you’ve found a place of interest, Navmii will show you what’s by that location so you can find other places to go when you get there.

Navmii is so packed full of features that you’ll never need another GPS Navigation app again! Navmii has been built for the iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry, and Desktop platforms. Download it to your device and get exploring!

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Speed PRO+


Speed PRO+ is a GPS-based speedometer designed to work with your iPhone and iPad! Speed PRO+ allows you to save and organize routes either using your vehicle or by tracking your movement. There are plenty of options to customize your experience including; customizing the theme, mirroring the display to your windshield, changing your distance units, and more. Speed PRO+ is going to be the only speedometer that you’ll ever need or want!

Open Speed PRO+ and it will automatically being tracking your route. The main screen has all of your vital information such as current speed, average speed, time, altitude, and top speed. All of these values will automatically change based upon your speed, incline or decline, and how often you stop. Once you’ve completed your route tap on the Capture button on the bottom of the screen and this will allow you to save your route, share the image, or share the kml.

To review all of your routes you’ll want to visit the Tracks tab on the bottom of the main screen. In the Tracks section you will see all of the routes that you’ve saved and tapping on one will take you into the route itself. Once inside of the route you can review all of the information that was collected durring your trip as well as fine tune the route points should you need to. You can organize your trips on the Tracks section by putting the trips into groups, this will come in handy if you need to keep track of specific routes or trips for your work.

Save and manage routes and trips on your iOS device. Download Speed PRO+ and you’ll never want to use another speedometer again!

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MeetBall is the free location sharing app that helps fans find and enjoy their party whenever, wherever. Bottom line: MeetBall makes it easy to #FindYourParty. Simple as that. Whether you’re a passionate fan attending your alma mater’s game day, a music lover getting lost at Coachella, or just meeting some friends for a drink at the local bar, MeetBall helps you navigate the crowd to maximize the time spent having fun by privately sharing locations with friends wherever things get chaotic.

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MeetBall gives you complete control over who you share your location with, and for how long. Sharing locations with MeetBall allows you to share life as you experience it, all in an elegant place that you control.

App features:
– GPS-enabled directions and compass to guide your friends to a MeetBall location
– Integration of contacts from Address Book
– Invitations to MeetBalls sent via text message and/or push notifications
– FourSquare locations and suggestions for when you’re not sure where to meet
– In-app chat capabilities

Maps Pro with Google Maps

The advanced Google Maps app with unique customization features! Maps Pro includes easy to use place searching for finding local restaurants, parking places and over 50 other categories. See reviews of each place with optional translations when traveling abroad. Want to find the nearest Thai restaurant? Just search ‘thai restaurant’ and you’ll be shown the closest. Search results can be limited to places that are currently open and easily set a reminder to be notified when you are nearby.

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** Bookmarking & Categorization **
Maps Pro features advanced searchable bookmarks and categorization. For example, want to locate all the sushi restaurants you’ve bookmarked in London? Just search ‘sushi london’ and you’ll see them all! Easily add photos, tags, comments, ratings, phone numbers and more.

** Directions **
Get to any destination with driving, cycling, walking and public transport directions with optional stopovers and see full traffic information while planning your journey.

** Other Features **
Customize your map with coloured drawings, arrows, stickers and notes, and share them.

Maps Pro features all this as well as great looking 3D maps, indoor maps and beautiful full-screen Street View.


Bookmarks and categories:
• Bookmark and categorize any place, with full search capability
• Organize your bookmarks by adding tags
• Add photos, comments, ratings, phone numbers and other information to your bookmarks
• Smart categories – Bookmarks are automatically categorized by city or country
• Locate your contacts from your Address Book
• Pin makers to map and see many places at once
• History – All recent places are shown in the bookmark list

Sharing and customizing:
• Easy sharing options – send a copy of the map to your friends, or share via Facebook & Twitter
• Annotations – draw directly onto the map, or add stickers to highlight areas.
• Write messages directly onto the map and share

Finding places:
• Place finder – search for places in over 50 categories
• See all search results on the map
• Place information – see detailed information, photos and reviews for each place
• Call places via Skype on your iPad
• Translate any review into your own language
• Nearby places – Nearby places of interest are automatically listed when showing place information
• Limit search results to places open right now – great when finding nearby bars or restaurants
• StreetView integrated directly into place information
• Set a reminder to be notified when you are nearby
• Add places to your contacts

Great looking Maps:
• High-quality, fast Google Maps for your iPad, with full retina display support
• Detailed maps with 3D buildings
• See inside buildings with indoor maps in selected areas

Beautiful Street View:
• Street View – with fullscreen 360° panorama
• Street View can be shown from any bookmark or place, or simply drag the Street View icon from the toolbar onto the map

Getting directions:
• Driving, walking, cycling and public transport directions with full autocomplete for destinations
• See current traffic information on the map
• Detailed public transport directions, including departure and arrival times for each stop
• Destination finder – Bookmarks, pinned markers and recent searches are available directly when entering a destination or departure
• Add stopover points to your journey
• Directions can be shown in any language

Maps Pro is in no way associated with Google or the official Google Maps application.

Beat the Traffic


Don’t wait through another commercial to hear your traffic updates. Beat the Traffic has all the real-time traffic info you need to ease your daily commute. Beat the Traffic gives you the power to quickly check the latest traffic conditions, incidents, and know the fastest route to take before you head out. Sometimes just knowing why you are stuck in traffic is all you need… we do that too! Our sleek crowd-sourced traffic app helps make your commute easier. See an incident along your route? No problem, simply report it to fellow drivers with the new “shake to report” feature. The latest release now includes text directions, providing you turn by turn instructions for those unfamiliar routes.

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Beat the Traffic’s Smart Route is a re-routing feature that helps save you time. Personalized to your route, Smart Route only appears when there’s a better alternate route available based on real-time road conditions.

For full app functionality, register a free account and begin personalizing your app for real-time traffic information that matters only to you. You are a commuter and Beat the Traffic is here for you.

Over 2 million users have Beat the Traffic on their phone!

Key features:
•Before you head out, quickly check your Trip Report. Get the best route available with estimated travel time, traffic flow, incidents and traffic cameras all on one screen.
•The home screen’s full map view displays traffic flow, incidents, construction, road closures, traffic cameras, and weather.
•Newly added text directions provide turn by turn instructions along your route.
• ‘Smart Route’ gives you the best alternate options so you can adjust your commute and save time.
•Report an incident by shaking your device to alert fellow users of issues on the road.
•Register an account and fully personalize your app with saved trips, locations, traffic alerts and more…
•Watch real-time traffic reports live from our in-studio traffic specialists*

Beat the Traffic is a free app, proudly powered by Travelers Network.

Military Survival GPS


Military Survival GPS is one of the worlds first land navigation app built specifically with soldiers, hikers, survivalists and hunters in mind and allows the apps user to be guided back to set waypoints using real time compass feedback that displays multiple waypoints at a time right on the compass!

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There is NO NEED to buy an expensive GPS or backtrack device. Simply download our app, and you’ll always have your GPS with you!

Get real time 10 digit grids (MGRS) from any location with no internet needed!

Visually see your waypoints on your compass and see the direction and distance to them (your compass will literally lead you right to your set waypoints and tell you the distance to them)

Military Survival GPS provides live location status in 16 different forms and is updated every 3 seconds.

-View your position in 16 different GPS coordinate types!
-Ability to manually enter in MGRS grids for land nav points, objectives or caches.
-Built Low light (no illumination) settings and for bright light usage
-Survival Military Compass with N,S,E,W and reference marks
-Advanced Azimuth Lock Feature (never loose an azimuth)
-Set waypoints and view them right on your compass.
-Get exact distance to your waypoints
-Waypoints get larger as you get closer to the point
-View waypoints in a list to keep organize and easily edit waypoint names
-View all points and current location on a map.
-3 different map types including (driving, satellite and hybrid)
-View Distance moved, speed and altitude (altimeter).

Rendezvous Point


Meeting friends tonight? Looking for a prime location to mingle with co-workers? Are you tired of all the pointless apps that offer great entertainment ideas, but lack direction – literally? We think you get the point. It’s time to say goodbye to useless navigation apps that get you nowhere and say hello to Rendezvous Point!

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