IRD : Free Music Player


Search, Listen unlimited free music from Free Music to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Millions of free songs, DJ sets, remixes and live concerts.

The Main page in IRD : Free Music Player is a display of Best and New music that is available for you to listen to. Here you will see beautiful artwork that represents their perspective artists. Tapping on an image will bring you into that artists page where you can begin listening to their available music, concerts, and more.

By default IRD : Free Music Player will automatically being playing the available music once you’ve selected an artist. Playback controls are always available in the top right hand corner where you can disable autoplay, play, pause, skip, and refresh. If a music video is available for a song you are listening to you can play that video as well as listen to the song, you can choose to do both or make the video full screen to watch it.

You can upload your own videos if you’d like to do so by tapping on the Upload tab from the Main page. This will allow you to choose from media that is currently on your device or paste in a YouTube video url. This will allow emerging artists to get their name out there and get their music played with IRD : Free Music Player.

Listen to unlimited free music with IRD : Free Music Player. Download for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the App Store.

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UrbanDenoiser Player


UrbanDenoiser Player is a convenient and beautiful music player, with a noise reduction mode, unique mode of sound improvement and a mode which allows you to hear surrounding sounds without stopping the music.

Before beginning to listen to your music with UrbanDenoiser Player it’s best to set up your Hearing Profile. This can be done by going into the Setting and tapping on Hearing Test. You’ll need to have your headphones plugged in before doing this step so make sure they’re handy. Once you’re ready to go you’ll start the Hearing Test and you will be presented with 9 different frequencies of sound in each ear, you’ll have to tap the button when you hear the sound, and once you’ve done all 18 your custom Hearing Profile will be made. This will be used when listening to music.

UrbanDenoiser Player works best when used in conjunction with headphones that have an in-line microphone but will still work perfectly fine with regular headphones. UrbanDenoiser Player uses the microphone on your headphones and/or device to help block ambient noise or to help you balance the two, so if you use headphones with an in-line microphone you may get better results as that will be more likely to get most of the ambient room noise.

When you’re listening to music with UrbanDenoiser Player you can select to use the Noise Arround, Denoiser, or Natural sound enhancing settings. The Noise Around setting will help you balance the music and ambient room noise so you can hear both around the same volume level. Denoiser will take the ambient room noise and try to drown in out so all that you hear is the glorious music that you’re listening to. The Natural setting will take the sound profile that you set up in the settings and play the music at natural frequencies that your ear can receive to make the music sound fuller and better.

Stop listening to music the old-fashioned and boring way, enhance your music experience with UrbanDenoiser Player! Available for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Flo Music: Sync, Stream, Share


flo-music-screen-08Flo Music, designed by Space Monkey, is a new and fun way to share music will all of your friends.

Flo Music lets nearby users connect together and create music playlists easily and with style. Users can choose to have music beamed to each device or choose to have music play on one central device which can then be plugged into a speaker source for all to listen. Flo is an instant social playlist whenever and wherever.

Upon launching Flo Music you will be presented with up to two options, Create a Flo or Join a Flo. You will only see Join a Flo if there is someone in your vicinity that has already created a Flo and you can connect up to 10 devices to that Flo at any given time. If, for whatever reason, a Flo isn’t showing up tap on the Refresh button in the top right hand corner and Flo Music will search for any new playlists.

flo-music-screen-02Creating a Flo is simple and takes no time at all. Tap on Create a Flo from the main screen and you will be prompted to give your Flo a name. Once you’ve created the playlist it is then time for you to add music. Tapping on the “+” button will allow you to select from music, that resides on your device, and add it to the playlist. Keep in mind that you can only add 10 songs at a time by default but this can be changed in the settings if you’d like.

flo-music-screen-03Once the songs have been added they will automatically begin playing in the order they were added. If anyone is connected to your Flo they will see the playlist and all of the songs and will have the ability to add songs from their device. The host device has the ability to skip songs, increase the song limit, shuffle the playlist, and more. Users connected to the Flo can use Play Next credits to select a song from the playlist that they would like to hear next.

flo-music-screen-01Flo Music will use your existing WiFi network to broadcast a Flo to enable streaming to other devices. If you are not connected to a WiFi network Flo will use your device to create a HotSpot and allow users to join that way. If a device wonders out of range the Flo will disconnect and stop play but don’t worry, if that device comes back in range Flo will automatically reconnect.

Flo Music is your social playlist.

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Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music


sounds-of-christmas-iphone2If you are looking to put on a one man concert for you family and friends this holiday season then look no further than Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music. With this musical app on your device you are sure to wow everyone you encounter.

When you first launch Sounds of Christmas you are given to option to choose either Right of Left handed use. This is done to ensure that everyone is able to make their music sound amazing without having to limit themselves to one mode. You can then pick from multiple fan favorite Christmas sounds and sounds including; Jingle Bells, Santa’s Sleigh, Snowball Fights, and more. Once you’ve picked a song or sound to play all you have to do is hold your device upright and shake it, then the Sounds of Christmas will being to fill the room with holiday cheer. You can shake your device for as long as you want and the sounds and songs will keep playing!

sounds-of-christmas-iphone3If you are familiar with reading musical sheets then Sounds of Christmas has you covered as well. There is a note-sheet that will tell you precisely how to hold your device and how to shake it to get the notes to play just right. You can, of course, just shake the device freely to make the notes play but you’ll be sure to have more fun playing it the way that it was intended to sound.

Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music is going to provide you with countless hours of holiday fun. Be a one person concert or have friends and family join in and put on a musical show! Sounds of Christmas puts a modern twist on classical Christmas tunes. Spread Christmas cheer this holiday season. Download Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music for your iPhone and iPod Touch today!

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Saloote is the absolute, essential app for music lovers and musicians. This app is the world’s first collaborative community of music lovers and artists for streaming, performing, recording, and mashing up music videos over the web.

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The app introduces music lovers and artists to a new world of digital performance and collaboration. Saloote takes the home artist from his bedroom out to the world, uniting music lovers and artists online to connect, jam out, and create music videos for the masses. Whether an enthusiast, indie or a professional, Saloote gives users access to hit songs, an active community of artists and enthusiasts, and easy-to-use tools for recording and collaborating with other users.

The sound of all the instruments and vocals are mixed, and the video can be edited to highlight different performers at different times to create a “virtual band” performance.

 No equipment or video processing software is needed, only your mobile device.

A revolution in music discovery; helps listeners find new music around them, and allows free global promotion for musicians. An artist on the move drops a track on the map in their current location. This pins their track from their profile on to the map. This is called dropping tracks. You can drop a track anywhere in the world until your heart’s content. Listeners open the map, to see what music is nearby or what is happening globally. From London to Rio de Janeiro, simply tap on the dropped track and listen. You can even start your personal connection with that musician.

Download on the App Store
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We like making life easy for the musicians
Dropping tracks is linked to your location, allowing new people to listen, share, connect and discover your music.
Listeners can be anyone, allowing connections to be made with people you would not necessarily come into contact with. You leave your mark on the world with music.
If listeners like you, you rise up the charts.
If they love you, they can directly message you, telling you they happen to have a friend at a record label…



You’re a musician; bedroom, emerging or world touring artist.
You want to be huurd and reach everyone with your sounds, but you just don’t have the time and money to hit various audiences. Or you just want to let the world know your brilliance even more.
Never before have you been offered an opportunity for free global promotion….think about that.



The beauty of; anyone can listen to new music wherever they are by simply opening the map and clicking on a nearby profile; Based on real time experience!
Discover new music nearby and globally everyday
A real time music discovery experience
Find undiscovered talent, everyday, every minute
Personal contact with musicians.
Share new musicians before the record labels.
Recommend collaborations! …genius

The Music+

Take control of your music with Music+. With an amazing simple to use interface and wealth of features Music+ is the last music manager and player you will need. Use Music+’s Downloader plugin to listen to music from around the web. Listen to music free from LastFM or enter a web address to an mp3 file. If your music library doesn’t have anything new to listen to, try the Radio Plugin that gives you access to over 10,000 various internet radio stations. You’ll always have the newest music playing in your headphones.

Download The Music+ iPhone App
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The Crossfade feature allows you to fade between your favorite songs. Music+ fades songs in and out based on the interval you set, 15 / 30 / 45 seconds. By using the simplified Up Next Queue feature you can add music to you next queue with a simple swipe from anywhere in the app. Use the Album Art Grid to choose the album you want to listen to, no need to scroll through a list of album names anymore. Music+ visually represents your albums in a nicely layout grid for easy access. Using Music+’s dynamic design allows you to style your player the way you like. Easily share with friends and other music lovers what you are listening to through twitter. Music+ was designed and build to be a powerful music player with great features for music management and simple to use to allow you to listen to your favorite music.

Easily crossfade between songs at your own will or allow Music+ to do it for you before the current song ends. While one fade out another fades in. Set the duration and timing in the settings in 15/30/45 second intervals.

With Music+’s Downloader plugin enjoy free music from sources like Last FM or You may also enter in an mp3’s url or browse the web inside Music+! After downloaded it is easy and effortless to change a songs title/artist/album.

◆Up Next Queue◆
See a song you like? No matter where you are in the app swiping on a song will provide you with an option to add that song to the up next playlist. Songs will be played and then removed after being played or can be removed with just a swipe.

Music+’s main player interface features an awesome sound meter, allowing you to see the peak moments of your favorite song. Keep your screen active and energetic and appreciate your music better.

◆Radio Plugin◆
Search and Listen to over 10,000 various internet radio stations right through Music+! Record them right onto your phone for anytime playback. Internet Connection Required.

◆Album Art Grid◆
Getting tired of looking through lists of your albums? What if you just know what the cover looks like? Music+ visualizes your albums with their artworks providing a clear path to scroll through them and differentiate them.

◆Sleep Timer◆
Select a time and fall asleep to your music. Music+ will automatically shut off after the specified time.

◆Color Selection◆
Style your player and select the accented color to be shown throughout the app.With Music+’s dynamic design any color feels great!

◆Twitter Share◆
Wan’t to tell friends what your listening to? Go ahead and share it, whenever you are playing a song, with the easy to find tweet button.

Music+ was made to be different! The layout of the app constantly shows the the current playing song and its progression. At any time pressing the middle now playing header will get you back to the player.



Liztic – your music on any device, anywhere, anytime! Sign up for a free Liztic account and experience the next level of music listening. Press play your way! Liztic lets you have all your music in one library and import all your existing music files seamlessly. Liztic effortlessly syncs your music between any of your devices. You can integrate your existing cloud storage with Liztic. Liztic works with high-quality audio files (uncompressed, e.g. FLAC, WAV). Stream your music between your devices. Free Your Music!

Download Liztic iPhone App
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Justin Bieber’s The Key | Now Available in the App Store and Google Play


Justin Bieber’s latest fragrance THE KEY offers a free social alarm clock that lets you wake up with Justin. Pick one of his songs to wake up to, and tweet about your dream to share it with Beliebers everywhere. #unlockthedream

Download The Key here for your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Download The Key here for your Android Device.