Hera is a personal calendar for every woman in her fertile years. It is simple, powerful, innovative, well organized and full of unique features that keep track of your periods, fertile symptoms, pregnancy attempts and many more. Hera features a set of unique charts that are designed to help you and your doctor look at and analyze your fertility data. With its unique user interface Hera makes tracking of your fertility data easy, quick and effortless.

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Stress Pile


✱ Its a easy, fun and effective stress tracker application for any and everyone to use, it’s one of the easiest ways to keep a detailed track of your stress and/or stressors in your life.

✱ It’s a way to look into your past private and personally to help you start to eliminate your stressors for a healthy stress free life without the aid of medication. 

✱ Tracking your stress can help you avoid doing the same things over and over than can leave to depression, anxiety and a lot of other medical illnesses. 

✱ You can use StressPile for everything from school, work to your personal life and everything else in between.

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Anatomy Quiz Pro for iPhone


Learn anatomy easily with this unique quiz where you match the correct image to the structure named above. Not only is this much more fun that traditional multiple choice quizzes, but this app includes over 331 anatomical structures in beautiful 3d renderings. The topics include 99 bones, 121 muscles, and 111 organ images. In each area, you can create your own quizzes on specific structures that you need work on. Each image can be enlarged for a closer look by using a long touch. Turn on the timer option for an extra challenge!
Try this unique anatomy quiz game and you’ll be happy you did!

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SayMedicine: Medical Pronunciations


SayMedicine Medical Pronunciations was designed to provide health care students, professionals, other individuals interested in learning to speak the language of medicine. Many of the words used in medicine are complex and are often mispronounced. Our goal in creating this app is to provide you with a powerful reference tool that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

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