iFate: Your Pocket Oracle


Fate: Your Pocket Oracle is the best and more complete, for today, collection of prediction methods in App Store. This application includes the most popular for nowadays fate forecasts; beautiful graphics and animation, historical evidences and detailed descriptions improve and complement it. No one iPhone or iPod Touch application before had so many advantages for such low price. If you have questions to be answered, then “iFate: Your Pocket Oracle” is your right choice!

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Italian Gestures


In spite of the language barrier, while communicating with locals, their extravagant hand gestures explained all.

Besides, the faster someone uses their hands, the easier it is to tell if they are a naturally enthusiastic person.

Be cautious, because certain gestures may mean something inappropriate or even completely different than you would assume and may cause great confusion.

In the United States a swift flick with the hand under the chin hints at vulgarity, but in Italy it is another way of saying “I don’t care”.

Knocking your first against a hard surface is used to say that someone is not smart, quick, hard to understand.

With a little patience and understanding, communicating in a different language may not be as difficult as you may have thought!

Let’s see together some of the most used gestures in Italy…



Need to get great gifts? Why not ask for suggestions from Santa. He has been thinking of gifts for quite some time.

Hey Santa iPhone app provides you suggestions for this Christmas. The app lets you select who you want to get a gift for, set a budget and even define their taste, so you would get the most relevant gift suggestions. We have done some in depth research and have listed almost 2,000 original and quirky gifts, so you are sure to find something special.

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can add them to your gift list, which can be further edited and emailed.

Happy Houred


Reasons to download Happy Houred:

1. You like beer. A lot.
2. Maybe you don’t like beer, but you sure do love whiskey.
3. Ok, don’t lie. You love beer and whiskey.
4. As much as you like booze, you dislike spending money.
5. You feel your drinking prowess has earned you nothing short of complimentary hot wings.

So, how does Happy Houred make you happy? We give you access and control over every happy hour in our national database. That’s right, we’re national. And, to make sure all of the happy hours we offer are as up to date as possible, we let you tell us where to find the cheapest beers, tastiest half priced burgers, and craziest shot specials in your city.

AstroSwami Pro


AstroSwami – Pro (from (SimplyAstro.com) are the pioneer in bringing on your iPhone the most personalized horoscope predictions along with remedies based on your birth details using the Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. We are all about being simple but smart! AstroSwami’s belief of using Astrology as the Science to guide your path in life has been taken a step further by providing remedies at the most personalized level based on your birth details now directly on your iPhone! We truly are the one source for all your astrological guidance!

Hello Vino


Hello Vino is a wine pairing app. Whether you know a lot about wine and just want a suggestion or know little about wine and want to learn something, Hello Vino can help you with that. This app even works in reverse. If you have wine and need to know what would be good to eat with it use the reverse look up option. Once you have found your wine you can allow Hello Vino to tweet out your selection or post it to Facebook. All in all this is hands down the most useful wine app in the app store.