Win huge discounts on your favorite products through fast and fun trivia quizzes in gameit!

If you are a fan of trivia games and like to win prizes, you are going to love gameit. Gameit for the iPhone lets you win as much as 100% off discounts off some of the most popular products today. All you have to do is play!

Once you are signed into gameit, simply pick a product you want, and press play. You will play a simple timed trivia quiz, and you are rewarded points for right answers, and the faster you answer, the more points you win. Once a sponsored product has reached 100% funded (the more people that play, the more its funded), the point leader on that product will receive a 100% discount on that product at the end of the timer.

Even if you are not the leader at the end of the timer, you can still win huge discounts on tons of different products, so keep playing! gameit combines the fun and entertainment of trivia games with the satisfaction of getting big discounts on awesome products.

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WeatherBrush is the best way to style your hair based on the weather. Create a personalized diary of your best hair days and always be prepared to beat the weather!

The Diary is where the features of WeatherBrush really shine! Tapping on the Diary tab will show you all of the entries that you’ve created sorted by the date they were created. Each of your entries will include notes, detailed weather information, and the selfie that you took with the entry. Tapping on an entry will show you the location you created the entry, the date and time of the entry, as well as any notes and hashtags you added to it. You can then share the entry with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the iOS Share Sheet. The Diary entries are going to come in handy when you come into the Weather tab.

To create a Diary entry tap on the Add Entry button. You will then be able to take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you to use for your diary. Once you’re happy with the image you can then add notes to your diary, something along the lines of what you did to style your hair or how the weather was feeling to you. These notes will be for you to look back upon and get some ideas on how to style for the day. And finally, add some hashtags so you can quickly filter between different styles that you had on different days. These Diary entries will come in handy when you visit the Weather tab.

The Weather tab where you will see the current weather conditions of your current location. These weather conditions will include wind speeds, humidity percentage, and precipitation percentages, as well as the highs and lows for the day. Swiping to the right will bring you into the hourly forecast for the day and swiping to the right one more time will give you a weekly forecast. All of this information is great and would service any weather apps needs, but where WeatherBrush stands out is the Similar Days section at the bottom of the Weather Screen. This will show you snippets of your Diary that are close in relation to the current weather conditions to give you a look at different hairstyles you wore on days like this, this will help you determine how you should style your hair for the day.

You’ll never have to guess how to style your hair again! Download WeatherBrush for your iPhone!

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Prizap lets you compare prices from retailers like Amazon, eBay and Walmart to find the best deals on brands like Nike, Apple and Adidas. Now, all online offers from the biggest retailers are under one roof.

IMG_4812 You are a smart shopper, and smart shoppers know that to find the best deal on a product, you need to scour both the dozens or hundreds of top retail websites and all the stores.

Find today’s hottest deals, find products with the barcode scanner, and create a watch list for your favorite products using Prizap. To save you both time and money in the search for the hottest deals and products at the lowest prices, Prizap brings you steep discounts right to your phone. Prizap scours the most popular online marketplaces for the steepest discounts. Search in Prizap for your products to comparison shop across the web. Scan products in person to find better prices online and at other retailers. Create a watch list of items you buy regularly or just things you want so you can get the best deals.

IMG_4813When you first launch Prizap, you are greeted with an overview of how the app works. After the walkthrough, you are launched into the Hot Deals tab. On this tab, you can view today’s hottest deals from various marketplaces. Swipe left and right to see the steepest discounts from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

Use the Search tab or Scan tab to find deals for products you’re interested in. Use the Search tab to search the product by name, or the Scan tab to access a super fast barcode scanner. After creating a free account, you can add products to the WatchList tab to create a list of products and find the best deals for them.

Tapping on a product shows a detail page with a product name and photo, options to share, add to watchlist, and view reviews for the product, and details about the product including offer price, original price, and offering store.

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React Mobile – Personal Safety


React Mobile is a simple yet powerful personal safety solution that is transforming the way people call for help in emergencies. The React Sidekick personal safety device pairs with the React Mobile safety app so that users can quickly send out a widespread emergency alert without having to access and unlock their phone.

react-mobile-peace-of-mindReact Mobile is broken down into three main Safety Statuses; I’m Fine, Follow Me, and Help Me. Each one of these statuses will help your friends determine if you are safe or are in need of help.

I’m Fine
The I’m Fine status lets your friends know that everything is fine and no action is needed. In this mode React Mobile won’t send out any notifications to your friends as there are no actions required. If you are making changes to the settings of React Mobile such as adding friends or adding in default messages you’ll more than likely want to leave it in the I’m Fine mode so no unnecessary notifications are sent out.

Follow Me
react-mobile-stay-connectedTo enable the Follow Me mode you’ll want to slide the status bubble from I’m Fine to Follow Me. Once you’ve done this the Follow Me page will pop-up allowing you to fill in the information for your friend. On this page you’ll invite your React Mobile friends to follow you by tapping on the “+” button, add in the duration that you’d like your friends to follow you, add in your destination using the maps, add in the message you’d like to send to your friends, and choose if you want the Follow Me request to be sent to your Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve filled in all of the information tapping on Send Request will send notifications to all of your friends and social networks chosen and you’ll see a list of people you’ve invited to follow on the Main Screen. From the Main Screen you’ll be able to quickly message or call the people who are following you by tapping on the perspective icons. Once the Follow Me request has been completed you can move it back to I’m Fine to end the request that you’ve sent. You’ll also be prompted to save the Follow Me request so you can quickly use it again if this is something you do frequently.

react-mobile-widespread-alertsHelp Me
If you feel that you are in immediate danger you’ll want to enable the Help Me status. Slide the status bubble over to Help Me and React Mobile will automatically place a call to your local emergency services as well as send an immediate notification to all of your React Mobile friends. From the Settings Menu you can select the country for your emergency services to ensure that React Mobile contacts the correct departments or if you just want React Mobile to contact your friends you can disable calling emergency services. You can also edit the message that will be sent to all of your friends and choose if you want React Mobile to send a Help Me request to your friends, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Make sure to come into the Settings and customize these details before you’re in a situation where you’ll need to use the Help Me status. Once you feel that you are out of danger slide the Help Me back to I’m Fine and you’re friends and/or social networks will be updated letting them know that you are ok now.

React Sidekick
React Mobile also works with the bluetooth connected React Sidekick which can be used to update statuses without the need to be inside of the app. If you purchase one you can connect it with the React Mobile app on your iPhone to enable you to click a button to update statuses. What’s really nice about using this is that if you iPhone screen is locked and in your pocket you can simply click a button and sent React Mobile into a Follow Me or Help Me status to alert your friends without seeming like you have. You can learn more about the React Sidekick by watching this video.

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Visho is the first video shopping app, exclusively on iPhone, that allows you to buy and sell items directly from your device.

When you first launch Visho you’ll be asked to create and account, this will be used to both purchase items as well as sell them. Make sure and fill out as much of the information as possible, this will help ensure that people will trust you as a seller and buyer. The next important thing to do is to tie Visho in with your PayPal account, this will enable you to purchase and sell items directly from within the app.

From the main Feed in Visho you can see what people you are following are selling. From here you can watch the video of the item they are trying to sell as well as comment and like the video. If this is something that you would like to purchase, all you have to do is tap on the price and you’ll be taken to the page where you can purchase it. You’ll be able to select to have the item shipped directly to you or you can meet the seller in person. Either way you’ll have to complete the purchase via PayPal which is why you’ll want to have your account connected. Once the purchase is complete, the seller will either ship the item to you or meet up with you are the agreed upon location.

If you’d like to sell an item on Visho just tap on the Tag button on the bottom of the screen and you’ll be able to make a listing. First you’ll need to record your video, tap and hold in the black area below the camera and it will record. You can release and then tap and hold again to record segments to make the video more appealing and informative. Once the video is recorded you can add a filter to make it pop and choose a cover image to display before the video is played. Once you’ve done all of that you’ll need to fill out the listing details such as price, description, tags, categories, location, and more. After all of that is completed just tap on Sell and the item will be posted for all to see. If anyone decides to buy it you will be notified in your Messages and can proceed from there!

Sell items you no longer need and buy the ones you’ve always wanted! Download Visho on the App Store!

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Days – Event Countdown


Days – Event Countdown is a beautiful countdown to all of the events that matter to you. Days displays all of your events with gorgeous cover images with vital text information overlaid. Days organizes events by category allowing users to sort events by what’s happening. Days – Event Countdown helps countdown to all of the special moments in life, designed exclusively for the iPhone running iOS 8.1.

Creating events in Days – Event Countdown is simple and fast. Tapping on the “+” in the top right corner of the main screen will take users into the event creation page. On the event creation users can choose a cover photo, either from the camera roll or by taking a new photo, give the event a title, choose the date of the event, and select a category of the event. Once all of the information is filled in the event will be create and the banner will be added to the homepage.

Tapping on an even in Days – Event Countdown will bring the event full screen showing off the beautiful cover image that was chosen. From the event users can edit, favorite, and share the event. Editing the event will bring users to the event creation page where they can edit the details of the event. Favoriting the event will add the event to the favorites list for easy access. Sharing the event will allow users to add a personal message, edit the photo and text, and add or remove the days icon before sharing to all of their friends.

Events are important, whether they’re big or small. Remember all of the events that matter with Days – Event Countdown.

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Horoscope Evaluator


There are plenty of horoscope apps that will let you read your daily horoscope and then move on with your life. But what if you wanted a more personalize horoscope? Enter Horoscope Evaluator, an app where you can read your horoscope and then rate the horoscope bases upon accuracy! Horoscope Evaluator features daily horoscopes from the top 20 web portals and combines them into a single feed so you don’t have to spend the time scouring the web for the information yourself.

Horoscope Evaluator’s main section, where you will be spending a majority of your time, is the My Portals tab. Here you will see a list of the top 20 web portals for horoscopes. Next to each of the portals names you will see a number representing the Average and Recent. The Average number represents the average rating that you’ve given the portal and the Recent number represents the most recent rating you’ve given the portal. Tapping on a portals name will take you to the web page where you can read your horoscope for the day. You can read only one or you can go through and read them all, it’s really up to you. At the end of the day, you should come back into Horoscope Evaluator and rate the accuracy of each one of the portals thus ensuring that tomorrows horoscopes will be displayed in order or relevance.

The Top Portals tab in Horoscope Evaluator shows the list of Portals but sorts them by user rating. Trying this section may quickly help you see what users are identifying with the most and help you choose the best ports for you to ready. The Notes tab is a section where you can take notes about your horoscopes or anything in general. You can add voice memos and photos to your notes if you would like to do so.

Stop searching the internet for the best horoscope websites, let Horoscope Evaluator help you find them. Test it out for yourself!

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Vent Up


Vent Up is a new app where you can express your feelings and frustrations anonymously to others in a supportive environment. In Vent Up, you always have a friend.

When first launching the app, you are prompted to create a user name. Don’t worry, you only have to provide aname, no sensitive data that might trace back to you. Once you have created your user name, you arrive at the main screen. You have a couple options here: search, chats, share, and settings.

Touching search will connect you to a new random person that you can talk to anonymously. You will be placed into a chat with them and can send messages and emoji.

Clicking the list button on the left side, you can go back home, the chats list, or settings. Chats shows all of the chats you are currently in, and you can talk to as many people as you like. Swipe left on any chat to get an option to delete the chat, or delete the chat and block the user.

The settings pane gives options to customize the app experience: My Profile lets you change your username, your real name, and set a profile picture and gender. Buy Features has two in-app purchases, one to remove ads and one for unlimited chats, both priced at a very reasonable 99¢. Then we have options to rate the app in the app store, and read the terms and conditions. Last, we have options to turn on or off background music and sounds.

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Kinkle – Message with a Twist


Search for people around the world, or chat with friends. No need to change between networking and chat apps when you have Kinkle. Kinkle keeps your conversations private with Flash messages.

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Start your Kinkle experience by browsing the people section. If you find someone you know or like you can invite them by swiping up.
To move forward just create an account or login with Facebook.

From here on use the menu on the left and work from bottom to top.

Set up your profile. Don’t forget a funny video. If you logged in with Facebook you may be able to immediately connect with friends on Kinkle, simply click on their profile picture.

Here is where you can search within a radius of your location (up to 500km/310miles) for friends or new people. If you are a Kinkle+ user you can search anywhere in the world using our unique map (go ahead drop a pin anywhere you like). You can also change your location to throw your friends off guard.

This is where you will find the people within your search criteria. Once everyone in your criteria runs out we will show you everyone else on Kinkle in no particular order to keep things interesting. So even if you are a free user you can see everyone on our network at anytime. Just keep scrolling across the wall, or you can click on a profile and then swipe left or right through the profiles. The people section works in landscape too!

Found a friend or someone you like? Just swipe up on their photo to send an invitation.

Browse through the invites you have sent, and if you are lucky you may have received some already.

Ok, so you are a pretty interesting person and someone wants to get to know you. Or maybe it’s just your mum… Anyway, here you can send text, photo and video. Just click on their profile. You can also send timed ‘Flash’ messages. Unlike other apps this feature only times out while the receiver is viewing the message, so you get a lot more out of your few seconds. You can also share photos from your camera roll if you so desire.

Camping World


Camping World is going to be your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor adventure needs! With their new mobile app you can browse and shop for all of your camping needs right from your mobile device. On top of camping there are also areas for you to look for RV’s and even sign-up and manage your Good Sam membership.

The Shop section of Camping World is where you are going to find all of the gear that you need for your next great adventure. At the top of the screen you’ll see a Search field that you can input what you are looking for. Once you’ve found what you desire, tapping on it will bring up all of the detailed information. On the product page you can see the pricing, availability, weight, dimensions, and more. This is going to help ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. Best of all, Camping World can even check Camping World stores stock and let you know what physical stores have what you’re looking for.

If roughing it in the wilderness isn’t your kind of thing then you’ll want to check the RV Sales section of Camping World. In this section of the app you can browse for new and use RV’s that you’re sure to love. Once you find a RV that you’re interested in, tapping on the listing will open it to the listing page. On the listing page you can see detailed photos, condition notes, mileage, pricing, and more. You can then submit at the bottom of the listing your interest and inquire to hear back from the seller. There is even a section for those of you who are interested in trading-in your RV for a newer one.

The last few sections of Camping World are going to help you locate or contact Camping World physical stores. With the Stores section you can see the location of Camping World stores that are close to you and see the stores hours. You can then contact the store to gather any additional information that you would need. The Current Ad on the main page of Camping World is an interactive ad for Camping World locations and website. Here you can see all of the specials and discounts that Camping World is currently offering and find that item you’ve always wanted.

Get all of your camping and outdoor adventure needs with Camping World. The Camping World app has been optimized for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android Devices. Download it today and happy camping!

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