Roach Smasher


The consummate time killer, Roach Smasher is a blast to pick up & play without having to worry about saving your progress or having enough time to finish levels. Simply put, if you’re standing in line, waiting for a train, or just sitting around bored for a moment, Roach Smasher is there!

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Pong Galaxy


Join forces with Lt. Max Blaster, an aerial combat specialist, and his sidekick
Commander Clint, as they wage ferocious battles with evil and hostile aliens.
Each battle earns the duo XP points, which you can use to upgrade their ship
with ultra-powerful cannons and other awesome weapons. Do you have what it
takes to defend your honor and save the galaxy?

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Featuring 40 levels with over 2 million variations of puzzles to play and a highly competitive point system for Game Center, Rotago is one game that is sure to keep you entertained for countless hours.

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Rotago, featuring 40 levels, with over 2 million variations of puzzles to play, and a highly competitive point system for the game center. Rotago is one game that is sure to keep you entertained for countless hours. When we first open the application, we come into our main menu. We can adjust our sound and music options, view our high scores or go into the play mode. In the play mode, we can choose between beginner levels and Rotago continuum. In the beginner levels, we will be helped with the tutorial, we need to spin the blocks to match the pieces up with their colors and transfer them into the ending piece, simply tap to rotate them and once they’re in line, slide over. You can only rotate the box that you have highlighted or the last one that you moved a piece to. Each puzzle can be solved with one hundred moves left. You also have a time limit and a certain number of tries for each level. At any point we can pause it if we need to take a break – or come into the continuum levels. We then rotate our pieces and do our best to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. Once, we have transferred all of our pieces it will advance us into the next level. Tapping a block quickly will allow for fast rotation. Rotago, a complex, highly entertaining puzzle application for your iOS device. Pick it up in the Apps store today.



Presenting the sequel of our hit PingPongSolo for tennis lovers. It’s easier than ever to transform your iPhone into a tennis racket and tame your beloved, fluffy, yellow ball. Three chic rackets to choose from for athletes of all generations, different types of balls – all this in impeccable Retina graphics.

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Cut a variety of colorful balls with a swipe of your finger! Follow the flow and quickly slice various combinations to win more time, get a bigger multiplier and achieve the biggest scores. Gather purple orbs to slow down the balls. Get enough orbs and you’ll summon a special purple ball – cut it and see where it takes you. Always be on the lookout for the gray balls – they just want to ruin your fun!

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Word Head


“Word Head” . . . I have something very special for you. It’s a book . . . a magic tome. It will take you places you’ve never, ever imagined. You’ll discover many hidden words . . . and possibly their meanings. And if you’re really good, you may discover the alphabet. Ahhh . . . the alphabet. What would we do without the alphabet? Certainly not be reading these words. This rare find is surely worth three gold. Go now Word Head! . . . go find the words and begin your alphabet quest . . . and don’t give up!

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