Challenge! is a board game for two players, based on the classic strategy game Agon. Agon is known for its simple rules and complex strategy, and is completely free from random elements. Each player has a queen and six guards, and move a single piece in turn. The aim of the game is to bring the queen on the throne, i.e. the cell at the center of the board, surrounded by all six guards, before your opponent does.

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Fourganize is a fast-paced, addicting, arcade-style trivia game where you compete against your friends, or against players around the world in a variety of categories!

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Forganize. Forganize is a fast-paced, addicting arcade style trivia game where you compete against your friends or against players around the world in a variety of categories. When we first open the application, we have four main areas: play, practice, high scores, and coin history. In the practice mode, we can earn small amounts of coins while testing our knowledge. There are a variety of categories and even some non-traditional ones such as Internet, video games, and food. Select the category you’d like to play and choose up to four power ups. You are then given a series of questions, each question is generated from a large data list so you’ll never receive the same question twice. Slide your answers into place and press the next button to get a time bonus if you are done before the time runs out. We can use one of our power ups, which will last multiple questions. If we get all four answers right, we get a coin bonus. At the end, we have the option to share our score via Facebook. View your personal rank, view leaders and go to the jackpot section. We give you high scores for individual categories, for coin leaders. We can easily advance in the coin leaders list by winning jackpots. View at coin history and enter the play mode, where we can start a new jackpot or browse public jackpot. Once again, choose your power-ups and start playing. You have three tries to get the highest score and win the jackpot. You also have the option to purchase coins within the app. Forganize, fast-paced trivia game, for your iOS device. Pick it up in the app store today.



FLIPAGON® is The Flexagon Puzzle Game, bringing all the fun and frustration of flexagon puzzles to your iPhone or iPad.

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Flipagon, Flipagon is the Flexagon puzzle game bringing you all the fun and frustration of flexing on puzzles to your iPhone or iPad. This is a great game for anybody who likes to figure out puzzles such as Rubik’s cubes and try to figure out the pattern for solving. When we first open the application, we have our main menu. If we go into our play section, you can see we have three different stages of progressing difficulty, with six levels in each stage. Choose your stage and your level. Our very first level will show us a tutorial on how to use the application, such as tapping a point to flip the Flexagon on it’s axis, pinching to fold and rotating. We can also double tap on a Flexagon to zoom in and make sure we are selecting the correct piece. If we would like to, we can simply push on the axis we wish to manipulate instead of pinching. Once we get started, try to figure out the complex algorithm to solve the puzzle. Reveal all six faces of the Flexagon to complete the level. Once we do it, it will show us our time to complete, moves to complete, and our final time. Each Flexagon even has a different theme. We can even pause to start over or quit, or go on to more advanced Flexagons in the later stages. In our options, we can choose to have our sound, vibrations, game center and shadows on and off. Flipagon, the fun and addicting puzzle game application for your iPhone and iPad. Pick it up in the App Store today.

Roach Smasher


The consummate time killer, Roach Smasher is a blast to pick up & play without having to worry about saving your progress or having enough time to finish levels. Simply put, if you’re standing in line, waiting for a train, or just sitting around bored for a moment, Roach Smasher is there!

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Pong Galaxy


Join forces with Lt. Max Blaster, an aerial combat specialist, and his sidekick
Commander Clint, as they wage ferocious battles with evil and hostile aliens.
Each battle earns the duo XP points, which you can use to upgrade their ship
with ultra-powerful cannons and other awesome weapons. Do you have what it
takes to defend your honor and save the galaxy?

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Featuring 40 levels with over 2 million variations of puzzles to play and a highly competitive point system for Game Center, Rotago is one game that is sure to keep you entertained for countless hours.

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Rotago, featuring 40 levels, with over 2 million variations of puzzles to play, and a highly competitive point system for the game center. Rotago is one game that is sure to keep you entertained for countless hours. When we first open the application, we come into our main menu. We can adjust our sound and music options, view our high scores or go into the play mode. In the play mode, we can choose between beginner levels and Rotago continuum. In the beginner levels, we will be helped with the tutorial, we need to spin the blocks to match the pieces up with their colors and transfer them into the ending piece, simply tap to rotate them and once they’re in line, slide over. You can only rotate the box that you have highlighted or the last one that you moved a piece to. Each puzzle can be solved with one hundred moves left. You also have a time limit and a certain number of tries for each level. At any point we can pause it if we need to take a break – or come into the continuum levels. We then rotate our pieces and do our best to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. Once, we have transferred all of our pieces it will advance us into the next level. Tapping a block quickly will allow for fast rotation. Rotago, a complex, highly entertaining puzzle application for your iOS device. Pick it up in the Apps store today.



Presenting the sequel of our hit PingPongSolo for tennis lovers. It’s easier than ever to transform your iPhone into a tennis racket and tame your beloved, fluffy, yellow ball. Three chic rackets to choose from for athletes of all generations, different types of balls – all this in impeccable Retina graphics.

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