Bam Bam Squid


Become the master squid that you were destined to in Bam Bam Squid! Your goal in Bam Bam Squid is to get as far as possible by avoiding pesky coral reef all while collecting Sandy Andy starfish!

From the main menu of Bam Bam Squid you’ll be able to Play the game, see an Overview of your progress, see your Game Center achievement’s, disable the Music, and purchase items from the Store.

Tapping on the Play button will bring you into the Squid Academy where you can see your current level. You start off on level 1 by learning the basics of Bam Bam Squid such as the controls and how to use power-ups, including the first power-up, Ink! To control your squid all you have to do is tap on the screen to swim up and not tap to swim down. To activate power-ups, you’ll have to swipe across the screen in the direction the power-up requires, swipe down for the Ink.

When you’re in a level you will have to swim through different stages of Coral Reef all while avoiding the reef itself. There is a dotted white line to guide you and the power-ups that you unlock will help you avoid being hurt by the reef along the way. Be on the look out for Sandy Andy’s as they are the key to unlocking additional levels and powers! Sandy Andy’s can be collected by swimming over them and they will be added to your inventor, but be careful, swimming outside of the reef will begin removing Sandy Andy’s from you bag!

As you are swimming through the reef, other sea creatures will swim in your path to distract you. You cannot be hurt by other fish, so swim right through them! There will also be mermaids that come at random times that will drop off gifts such as health and ammo to help you along your quest! Once all three of your hearts are gone it’s game over and your Sandy Andy’s will be collected and added to your overall score!

As mentioned earlier, Sandy Andy’s are the key to unlocking new power-ups. Collecting your first 25 get you the Ink, 1,00 unlocks Tornado Attack, 5,000 get you BBQ-mode, and 15,000 brings out the Electrical Shocks! Don’t forget to compete in the daily challenges where you can earn bonus Sandy Andy’s by collection a certain number of them on that day!

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Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball


Test your reflexes with Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball!

The gameplay of Virtual Tennis is very simple and straight forward, tap on the tennis ball to launch it into the air and continually tap on the tennis ball to keep it from reaching the ground. Sounds easy, right? Right, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t get challenging. If you tap the tennis ball in any direction it will fly off in the direction you tapped. If you’re not quick enough you’ll miss and the ball will fall to the ground ending the game!

Once the game is over you’ll have the opportunity to start a new game and challenge your friends. If you decide to challenge your friends you’ll be able to send them a tweet via Twitter, a post via Facebook, or a challenge via Game Center. Once you’ve challenged your friends it’s time for them to play and beat your high score!

If you ever need help you can always brush up on the rules of the Virtual Tennis from the Main Menu. From there you’ll also be able to download other apps from the developer as well as start a new game of Virtual Tennis to beat your high score!

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Rainbowtail is a classic match-3 game with a brand-new twist. Using your gem-matching powers, summon different pets to help you solve puzzles!

The story of Rainbowtail will have you traveling through different zones to test your skills. Some of the zones that you will travel through are the Rainbow Castle, Sacred Forest, and the dreaded Dark Castle. Each new zone that you unlock will come with challenging new puzzles to solve and special pets to collect as well as new enemies and bosses.

When you come to a level you will be presented with the playing board. Your objective will be to match at least three of the same colored jew in a row, the row will then clear, and jewels will then fall and fill the gaps. Each level, or puzzle, will become more challenging as you progress as you’ll fight bosses and come up against obstacles on the board; this is where the pets will come in handy.

The pets in Rainbowtail are designed to help you clear the board faster and get bigger combos to score more points. With over 150 pets, there are going to be plenty for you to choose from! Some pets can cause explosions, some will keep pieces from moving, and other will allow you to swap out pieces. As you progress in Rainbowtail you’ll have the opportunity to level up your pets and even find new ones along the way. Leveling up your pets will increase their attack abilities allowing you to use them more often and have them earn you more points!

Put your skills to the ultimate test with Rainbowtail, available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

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An addictively fun new coin-matching game, Coinnect puts your skills to the test! Play against yourself or in tournament play to clear as many matching coins as you can before time runs out!

The Free Play mode in Coinnect presents you with a board of colored coins that you will have to clear in order to earn points. To clear a section of coins you must match at leat three of the same color and they will disappear. You can match them in any direction that you would like to such as diagonally, forwards, backwards, left, right, and any direction as long as the colors are touching. There’s even a Prism Coin that you can use to connect two different colors together to create an even larger chain reaction, this will show up if you have purchased it and there is a connecting coin between the two sets of colors. Once the time runs out you will be given your final score and the opportunity to play again.

The Tournament mode allows you to compete against other Coinnect players for a chance of winning real life prizes such as iTunes gift cards! To play in the Tournament you’ll have to create an account with Coinnect, you can even easily use your Facebook account! Once you’ve created the account you will be able to play in the Tournament! The gameplay is the same as Free Play just the stakes are higher in this mode. After each game, you will earn credits for the game and you will climb the leaderboards towards the ultimate goal!

Compete against your friends for bragging rights or play in the tournaments to win prizes, Coinnect is sure to provide endless amounts of fun!
Available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Real Magic


Be a wizard or fairy in real life, cast various magic spells with your own hand in front of your iPhone camera!

Opening Real Magic for the first time will ask you for access to your camera, you’ll need to allow this as using the iPhone’s camera is part of the functionality of Real Magic. Once you’ve granted access to the camera the real fun can begin!

You’ll want to place your free hand in view of the camera as Real Magic will the augment magic effect onto your hand whenever you move it. You can move individual fingers, open and close a fist, and/or move your hand around however you would like. Whenever Real Magic detects any movement it will move the magic effects in the direction of that movement. You can even swap to the front facing camera and apply the magic to your glorious face! It’s tons of fun!

By default Real Magic comes with three magic effects; Fire, Ice, and Rainbow. There is a Magic Store where you can unlock three more effects; Dark, Elf, and Phoenix. Each effect works the same way, but they all have different appearances. When using the Magic effect you can take a Snapshot that will save an image to your device’s Camera Roll where you can share it with all of your friends!

Become the wizard you’ve always dreamed of, download Real Magic for your iPhone!

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Use your fingers like your feet and try to score as many goals as you can in 45 seconds against the KUKA. The goalie is tough and scoring a goal is up to your imagination and creativity.

Launching KUKABALL brings players to the main screen where they can start a new game against the challenging Kuka! Tapping on Start New Game will start the 45-second timer where players will have to opportunity to score as many goals against the Kuka as possible.

The soccer ball on the screen can be “kicked” by the player by flicking their finger on the ball on the screen. They can bounce the ball off of the walls or directly sent it to the goal. The Kuka will do it’s best to block the incoming ball, so the player will have to get creative on how they kick the ball.

Once the timer has ended the points that the player score will be shown and they will have the opportunity to start a new game. KUKABALL is sure to challenge players and keep them entertained for hours on end.

KUKABALL is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Arctic Defences


Get ready for modern battles to defend your islands against zombie invaders! Your team consists of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. Protect your freedom and liberty.

On each playing field, there are building zones where you can mount your defense by erecting turrets, flamethrowers, rockets, ice bunkers, and more. Each weapon that you build will take away from the resources that you start each level with but don’t worry, you’ll earn resources as you defeat zombies on the battlefield. The round will be over once the levels amount of waves has completed and the last zombie is defeated.

Arctic Defences also features some power-ups that will help you along the way. There is a dynamite bomb that will take down zombies health in a flash, a freeze bomb that will freeze all of the zombies on the field allowing your towers to hurt them without them moving, and a laser beam that will clear the entire playing field of zombies. You’ll start off with a few of these in your arsenal and once they are depleted you’ll have to purchase more with the coins that you’ve earned.

If a mission becomes too challenging for you don’t worry, you can upgrade all of your defenses from the main menu. Open the Laboratory from the bottom right corner and from here you’ll see all of the towers that you have. You’ll be able to use the coins that you’ve earned by completing missions to upgrade the weapons to be stronger. This will surely defeat those pesky zombies!

Defeat hordes of zombies across a variety of missions in Arctic Defences, available for the iPhone and iPad.

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Maze Fiesta


In Maze Fiesta, you must place the correct sequence of pieces on a pathway, in order to help Tina and Tim safely exit each labyrinth, and find as many special magic tickets as possible.

Maze Fiesta features over 20 worlds that you will complete to earn prizes. Each world has a certain number of levels that must be beaten in order to move on to the next world and after you’ve completed Level 16 you’ll start to earn golden ticks to earn real life prizes!

The levels feature a pathway that Tina and Tim must cross safely before the level is complete. The pathway will have missing pieces that must be filled in order for them to get across. At the top of the screen, you will see the level difficulty and number of moves that you need to complete the level in. At the bottom of the screen are the available pieces that you must use to complete the pathway and if you don’t see the piece you need tap the Spin button on the right side of the pieces and a random assortment of new pieces will appear. Be careful though, using a Spin will take away from one of your moves, use them wisely.

The golden tickets that you earn while playing Maze Fiesta can lead to you winning real prizes. From the map if you tap on the tickets you’ll be brought into the Ticket Pyramid and you’ll see how many active tickets you have and the prize that you can win. You don’t need to have the pyramid full in order to win, each ticket that you have gives you a chance to win the prize, but the more tickets that you have the better your chances of winning are. Beat those worlds and get those tickets!

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Euclidea: Geometric Constructions Game


Euclidea utilizes your geometry skills to complete levels by creating geometric shapes.

Euclidea for the iPhone might surprise you by making geometry fun! In multiple levels over eight sections, your objective is to complete levels by using simple touch based geometry tools to create more complex shapes, angles, points, and lines.

Starting out with just one tool and a simple objective, advancing through the levels in Euclidea unlocks more tools and more complex goals. The fewer tools and moves you use to complete a level, the more stars you gain by completing them, and more stars unlocks even more levels in the game.

Compare your stats with other players using the built-in Game Center screen and climb up the worldwide ladder by finishing more levels with maximum stars.

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WataWaka is a game where you get to free animals from the poachers, run through forests, swing across vines, avoid dangerous falling boulders, spikes of death, and so much more.

Gameplay in WataWaka is very simple and easy to understand. Swiping left will move your character left, swiping right will move your character to the right, swiping up with make your character jump and/or kick poachers, and swiping down will make your character slide and/or kick poachers. There will also be opportunities for you to tap on poachers and throw a boomerang at them to free the animal that they are trying to capture.

You can selects from 5 different locations to run through and free the animals from poachers. You can select from a Forrest, Fire, Volcano, and Coral Reef. Each location will present different challenges; for example on the Volcano mission you will start off in a boat that you will then drive across the water rescuing animals from rock tops and then at a certain point you will then run across the water again. No matter what location you select there will be challenges for you to complete to earn higher multipliers and these challenges can include collecting coins, completing events, freeing animals, and more.

Once you’ve selected a location to play, you can then select and purchase power-ups to use for that run. You can purchase Eco Elves to automatically destroy enemies and free animals, Score Booster to increase your multiplier by 5 for one run, and Head Start to zoom you through the sky at the start of a run. Some locations will limit you to the use of only one or two of the power-ups, so keep that in mind before you select a location to play.

Save the animals, walk on water with WataWaka. Download for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices below.

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