MileBug helps your track your trips and related expenses to help ensure that you get the tax deduction that you deserve! With the launch of MileBug 3.0, MileBug CLOUD was introduced which allows you to backup all of your data and sync it across multiple devices and platforms. MileBug has been designed for the iPhone 5 and higher plus a variety of Android Phones.

The power of MileBug is lies in the Trips tab, this is where you are going to input all of your mileage and trip data. When adding in a new trip you can fill out all of the information yourself, there are plenty of fields to fill out to ensure that you are getting the maximum deduction possible. You will be able to enter in the type of trip you took, which vehicle was driven, the purpose of the trip, the vehicles mileage, any addition expenses, and more. Once all of the information is filled out you will see how much you should be receiving back based upon your mileage and business return. If you didn’t want to fill out the information manually you can opt to use the GPS Tracking method which will allow your device to track your movement using the built-in GPS chip. Ensuring that you have setup your presets properly will help you fill out your trips details quickly and properly. MileBug even allows you to save a tip to your favorites, this way if that specific tip is done multiple times a week/month you can have some of the information populate for you.

In the Presets you will fill out all of the Businesses, Types, Vehicles, and Expense Categories. These fields are going to help populate items in the Trips tab when you get there. Fill out all of the vital information that your trips will require in these sections such as frequent businesses you’ll travel to, the vehicles that you’ll drive, the purpose for your trips, addition expenses such as tolls or parking, and any other requirements you’ll have. All of the tax information should be good to go, MileBug is using the IRS standards for the year so no additional changes should be required. If you company pays more per mile than the standard you can setup a custom field to account for that.

When you are ready to report your mileage to your employer or tax prepare you can export all of your data with MileBug. In the Reports tab you can set a date rage, filter the results, and then sort all of the results for easy viewing. There is even an option to export the data as an HTML, CSV, or both to ensure that your logs can be opened by anyone anywhere. And don’t forget to backup all of your date with MileBug CLOUD or using iTunes File Sharing!

Track your trips and get your deductions! Try MileBug for your iPhone or Android Phone.

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GiftShopper is a stylish app for collecting, organizing and sharing your gift ideas. It also helps you to stay within your planned budget. Ideal for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other special events.

Consistently praised for its simplicity and effectiveness by users, the app automatically tracks your purchases and ensures that you stay within your gift giving budget. GiftShopper will keep all your gift ideas and spendings clear, organized and instantly comprehensible.

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• Easily Manage Your Gift Giving Needs
It couldn’t be easier:
– Set an occasion and your planned budget
– Enter persons – manually or from your iPhone contacts
– Compose the gift list for every individual
– Mark gifts as purchased / not yet purchased using a single tap

• Collect Gift Ideas
Take photos of potential gifts or record your gift ideas for reference later.

• Track Your Gift and Souvenir Spending
GiftShopper helps you to plan and track your gift giving needs for any special event or holiday.
See how many gifts you’ve purchased, and how much money you’ve spent by person and in total. The app will warn you if you exceed the planned budget, while ensuring you’re not missing anyone.
With this app in your pocket, you can instantly check whether you are within the planned budget.

• Share Your Gift Lists
E-mail your gift lists to yourself, friends or family (html, plain text or csv – the latter can be edited in your preferred spreadsheet application).

• Passcode Protection
You can set a passcode lock to prevent prying eyes from seeing gift ideas.


Tradespoon Daily Trade Picks Average 30% Return PER TRADE! At Tradespoon, we want you to trade smarter. Most online traders are making decisions blindly without enough information. And it is too easy to lose money when trading without sufficient research—research the average investor does not have the time or skills to do. At Tradespoon, we do the homework for you, so you can make trades you can feel confident about.

Download Tradespoon iPhone App
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– Daily Trade Picks with Buy and Sell Recommendations
– Scan for Trade Ideas using our Institutional Tools
– Access to Proprietary Stock Research
– No Risk Trading through Virtual Trading Platform

MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker


For all lovers of larger tax returns, MileBug is a beautiful app that makes it easy to track your tax-deductible mileage on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad! A great mileage tracker! IRS tax deduction rates are 56 cents/mile for 2014! Take advantage of these rates by keeping track of the miles you drive for your businesses, for charities, or for personal medical reasons. With Milebug, it’s never been easier to make a trip log!

iPhone App Demo

iPad App Demo

Android App Demo

Download MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker iPhone App
Download MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker Android App
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• Track miles/km for MULTIPLE businesses!
• Track miles/km for MULTIPLE charities!
• Track miles/km for “Medical” or even “Other”!
• Tracks your trips using GPS (full path on map)
• Data backup
• Choose km vs miles in Settings
• Track expenses – create your own categories
• Use Frequent Trips to save time
• Setup multiple vehicles…and name them!
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: km/miles, custom rates, etc.
• Odometer screen updates when changing vehicles
• Automatically opens to Edit for incomplete trip
• Designed to be IRS compliant
• Setup frequent destinations and purposes for easy use later
• Easily edit/delete/reorder Presets (see blog for more info:
• Email HTML and Excel-friendly (CSV) reports
• Define date range of each report
• See report totals by business and vehicle
• Presets allow for trip recording with simple finger taps
• Clear Trips List when you want a fresh start
• See the deduction amount for each trip
• Incomplete trip badge on home screen icon
• Intuitive native iPhone/iPad interface
• Choose start screen in Settings
• How few miles will it take *you* to pay for MileBug?

SEE OUR BLOG: (leave comments!)

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
* Cellular data plan required for proper use of GPS

Manilla – Bill and Account Manager


Manilla is the “must-have” free and secure financial life organization and reminder app that helps you simplify, manage and share your daily finances, household bills, travel rewards, magazine subscriptions and healthcare accounts with friends and family – all in one place. Manilla also sends automatic bill pay reminders so that you’ll never pay a late fee again and stores your bills and statements.

Download Manilla – Bill and Account Manager iPhone App
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* Featured as Apple Editors’ Choice App
* Chosen “Best financial apps of 2014″ by CNBC
* The New York Times: “powerful” money manager app (2013)
* Money Magazine: Freshest Money Apps & Websites (2013)
* Kiplinger Personal Finance: Best of Everything List for Personal Finance App (2013)
* MobileWebAward, Best Financial Services Mobile Website (2013)
* Winner, Webby Awards (Best Banking/Bill Pay Service & People’s Voice 2012)
* The Today Show: “It’s genius!” (2012)
* App of the Week (2012)

– Everything in one place: Manilla supports more than 4,000+ leading providers and is adding more every week.
– Securely manage and monitor all your finances, household bills, travel rewards, magazine subscriptions and healthcare accounts.
– Add and manage any personal or small-business account, like your rent, babysitter, dog walker, and more, with our Custom Accounts feature.
– Automatic email and text message reminders to help you avoid late fees
– Organized and secure document storage for bills, statements, notices and offers
– Bill Share feature to securely collaborate with friends and family on your bills and accounts
– Single password login

At Manilla, your security is our number one priority. Manilla has top-level security and is monitored 24/7 for your protection. Manilla does not store passwords or secure information on your phone. Manilla’s practices are verified by TRUSTe, VeriSign, Tinfoil, and other leading security agencies.

Manilla is a part of Hearst Corporation, one of the largest diversified communications companies in the world and owner of brands like Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Popular Mechanics and Elle.

– Download the Manilla app
– Securely link your account providers
– Automatically see account balances and receive reminders and alerts

Price Patrol


Price Patrol can be used to find the lowest prices and deals on 20 Million products at over 120,000 retail locations nearest you like Kohls, Petsmart, ToysRUs, Container Store,Frys, Best Buy, Macy’s, BabiesRUs, Gamestop, Cb2, Wet Seal, Shopko, Stride Rite, Famous Footwear, Charlotte Russe, Skechers, Golfsmith, forever 21,Delia’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom, Anthropologie and many more!

Download Price Patrol iPhone App
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Need a quick, in-store price comparison to take advantage of price matching?
-Price Patrol will search the product’s price at other retailers.

Looking to save money on an expensive product like a TV, Playstation 4, or Computer?
-Use Price Patrol to save an item to your Radar wish list by setting the price you are willing to pay and the distance you are willing to travel to pick up the product
-Only receive alerts when your product is available based on your settings
-Price Patrol automatically updates the local retail inventories that it scans based on the Geo-Location of your phone

Traveling or Vacationing Out-of-Town?
Use Price Patrol in unfamiliar areas to find the closet location for the necessities you forgot to pack

Prefer to shop from your computer or tablet?
Access to search products and add items to your Radar using your favorite devices. Price Patrol will automatically sync your saved items to the Radar on your iPhone

•Options to set the min and max prices you are willing to pay for your desired items
•Set your desired search radius to find items at a location within the distance you are willing to travel
– For everyday items, set a smaller search radius to be alerted when the item is at the price you want in a nearby location. For rare items, set a larger radius to be alerted when the item is in stock and at the price you want.
•Save items to your Radar – It’s Like Your Master Wish List For Self-Gifting & Gifting Others
– The Radar is your shopping wish list. Once you have set your desired price and location, tap “Save” in the upper right hand corner of your screen. A screen will pop up and you can edit the price and location parameters of your item if needed. Tap “save” and the item is on your radar. When an item is a match, a push notification will be sent stating the price and how many miles away the item is. Tap the notification and you will be brought to a listing to find the exact store address of the item.
•Social Media Sharing Options – Brag To Friends About The Money You Saved!
– Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen to share items with friends via text message, email, and social media.
•Settings – ONLY Receive Alerts For The Products You Want At The Price You Want
-The settings allow you to update your account and adjust the time you will be sent push notifications.

My Mountain of Debt


The debt that’s looming over your head just got a little bit more fun when it comes to canceling it out. My Mountain of Debt will help animate the accomplishments you make when conquering your debt.

Download “My Mountain of Debt” for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch here.
Visit the official website of “My Mountain of Debt” here.

Finally an app that merges the worlds of debt reduction and video games like never before. Think of a video game without the controller in which all animations are driven by how much you lower your balances. Watch a story unfold as you, the main character, chip away at your mountain of debt. Paying off debt is tough, let’s make it fun!!

To start the game you enter up to sixteen debt categories. From this, a short animated introductory scene sets up the main story. Later, after some debt has been paid, you enter your new debt balances. As these amounts are reduced, you are rewarded by seeing the main character breaking away your mountain of debt. The greater the percentage of debt paid, the more the animated character breaks away.

If you’re tired of debt reduction apps that are useful but over complicate things, this is the app for you. My Mountain of Debt is designed to make paying off debt simple and fun. Join the characters in this animated story while watching your debt categories chip away. Once you start, you won’t want to stop until you reach your goal of debt freedom!

My Mountain of Debt has many unique features to help it stand apart from the rest:

– Tells a story that unfolds as you make payments
– Monitors how you, the main character, progress through the game with each payment
– Provides instant feedback as your mountain of debt diminishes brick by brick
– Illustrates through an animated bar graph your personal debt amounts lowering with each payment
– Creates a new visually rewarding way of paying off debt
– Designed to make user interface easy and efficient

Debt reduction can be a long and difficult process. My Mountain of Debt sets up a fun way to help you reach your goal of becoming debt free.



Top-notch technical analysis and trading system signals for your stock market decisions. iTrading is the free app you need to stay on top of the market trade.

Download “iTrading” for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here.
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Invest in an easy, practical and quick way with iTrading’s Technical Analysis and Trading System signals.

– No annual or monthly obligatory fees
– You only pay the signals you want
– Many free signals
– Signals have very high probability of success
– Signal duration is from 5 up to 60 days
– Minimum and maximum targets
– No intraday signals
– Signal reliability
– No stressing and relaxing trading method.

No other online trading system can give you a better price / quality ratio.

iTrading is the best trading app available on AppStore which is changing the trading world.

Dozens of people are sending us daily mails to thank us for time and money we made them save since 2011.

Expense Tracker 2.0 | Financial Assistant – Saving – Budgeting – Spending – Personal Financing


Effective budget planning starts with understanding how you spend your money and evaluating your current spending habits. To do this, you will need to track your expenses.

Expense Tracker 2.0 is a unique app for any individual to keep track of the expenses while not forgetting to upsize their Savings. In-built Financial Assistant will comment on your Financial Health Status and encourage you to save more every month.

This FREE app for your iPad and iPhone is a MUST, it allows effective budget planning on-the-go with a very user friendly, intuitive interface. Unlock option is available for you to experience the fullest potential of the app after trying it out for free.

Expense Tracker 2.0 shows what are your Individual Expenses every month, Recurring Expenses, Expense Wheel with expense categories, and your Financial Health Status with Advices on how to upsize your Savings.

► 10 Reasons why you MUST have Expense Tracker 2.0 on your iPad and iPhone ◄

➀ Manage personal finances on-the-go.

➁ Experience in-built Financial Assistant’s comments & feedback for increased saving.

➂ Add monthly Recurring Expenses and pay them without forgetting or delaying

➃ Bird’s eye view of your Projected Savings and Financial Overview.

➄ Effortlessly view and organize information by Month.

➅ Generate Monthly Financial Reports and email them in PDF format.

➆ High Contrast urban color theme for improved visibility.

➇ Inbuilt Calculator with copy & paste features.

➈ Secure your financial data with built-in PassCode.

➉ Expense Tracker 2.0 is 100% FREE to try out in your iPad and iPhone

Expense Tracker 2.0 – Financial Assistant – Saving – Budgeting – Spending – Personal Financing – hSenid Software International for your iPhone or iPad
Download Expense Tracker 2.0 for your Android device here.
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