Watch, clip and share current live TV moments from memorable shows while they air. Share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere!

clippit-screen1Upon first launching Clippit you’ll have to create an account using either your Twitter account or Facebook account. Once you’ve got the account created you’ll then have to choose Genres of shows to follow to choose clips from. You can choose from Comedies, Dramas, Movies, News, Reality, and Sports.

From the Home tab of Clippit, you’ll be able to see all of the New and Popular clips that have been shared from the categories and/or shows that you’ve chosen to follow. Tapping on the play button on a clip will begin playing the clip that a user has shared. Below the clip you’ll be able to see the comment that they’ve left and on the right-hand side you can upvote the post, share the post with iOS, and follow the users/genre/show.

clippit-screen2To share your own clip, you’ll need to visit the Clip tab. In the Clip tab, you’ll see a list of shows that are currently On Right Now that you can select and share clips from. Tapping on the show that you are watching will show you what is happening right in that moment and allow you to rewind all the way to the beginning of the show. Select a clip and you’ll then have to trim it into a 30-second segment. Once you’ve trimmed the clip you’ll then choose a cover image, give it your caption, and then share it with Clippit along with Facebook and Twitter.

clippit-screen3The Discover tab will allow you to browse what’s Trending, Newest Clips, Shows, and Categories. Tapping into a section will quickly load up all of the clips that are available to you and from there you’ll be able to comment, share, and upvote any of the ones that catch your eye! You can even search at the top of the Discover tab from shows or hashtags so you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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From the makers of popular My Sketch App, with over 10 Million Downloads, now bringing you CariCartoon, the Funniest App to turn your own Photos to Colorful, Realistic, and Hilarious Cartoon Caricatures!

To begin the CariCartoon and create your caricature, you must first open the app and take a selfie. CariCartoon has guides that help you line up your face to ensure that you get the perfect selfie to create your caricature. Once you’ve snapped the selfie, CariCartoon will then have you ensure that they have detected your eyes and lips so they can perfectly fit your face on your character!

When you CariCartoon creation process, the real fun begins! You’ll see your face on a fully-customizable caricature! You’ll have the ability to change things like the skin color, hair, facial hair, headwear, and more! Once you’ve got your caricature looking the way that you want it to you can then customize the scenario and background. This will put your caricature in a one-of-a-kind setting such as western, wedding, superhero, birthday, and more!

Once you have your creation the way you want it, it’s time to share it with the world! Tapping on the save button will save your CariCartoon to your Camera Roll and give you the option to share it with your favorite social network! Once you’ve done that it’s time to create your next caricature!

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Bannez turns your iPhone into a virtual banner that you can wave in the air and show support for your favorite sports team, music idol, family member, or friend! You no longer need to worry about making those clunky cardboard sings to take places, all you need is your device and the Bannez app. Bannez even has an option to turn your banner into an animated GIF so you can share your creation with everyone via Twitter, Email, and more!

Upon opening Bannez you’ll be presented with a few options. You can go into the My Banners section where you’ll be able to see all of the banners you’ve created as well as create new ones. There is the Store section where you can purchase new banners and animated GIF’s for use later on. There is a Featured Banner section where you can see and use a banner that has been featured by the Bannez app. The last two sections are a Help Guide where you can see how to use Bannez and then a Connect With Us section where you can follow the developers of Bannez.

My Banners will be the section where your creations will live. At the top of this section you’ll see banners that you’ve favorited and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the Banner Packs that you’ve purchased. There is also a button down at the very bottom of the screen that will let you create your own banner. The banner creation is very simple; you can create either a Birthday Banner or Custom Banner. Both selections will allow you to change and edit text that you would like to appear on the screen. To create the banner simply enter the text that you would like, choose the text and background color, and then add in a background if you’re in the Custom Banner selection. Once you have created your banner, it’s time to show it off!

Bannez allows you to either Wave It of GIF It once you’ve created your banner. Wave It takes your banner and places it on the screen of your device and allows you to wave your device back and foth to show the contents of the banner. Think of it as you creating the banner in air, kind of like a rainbow shape, motion that will allow the banner to be displayed. If you’ve set up text for a top and bottom banner coming back on a second wave will show the bottom text. GIF It takes you banner and places it inside of a GIF so you can share the banner across social media and email. GIF It is a great option if you wanted to share a banner with someone that wasn’t currently with you.

Show off some team spirit or wish someone happy birthday from your iPhone with Bannez. Try it today!

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Number Hunch


Number hunch is a fun and easy way to potentially make some money with your iPhone and iPod Touch!

In Number Hunch, you are given opportunities to correctly guess a four-digit number, and in exchange for correctly guessing the number, you could win a cash prize of $100 or more! Each guess merely requires that you watch a quick 30 second video. As more and more people guess, the higher the prize goes.

To aid you in your guess, you can use credits for hints such as “not this number”, greater/less than, odd or even, or giving you one of the digits from the number. What’s more, you can submit up to 50 numbers in any contest period!

Check out Number Hunch for free on the App Store today!

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Head Gear


Head Gear is a fun app designed exclusively for the iPhone that, using augmented reality, allows you to put a helmet or other “head gear” over your head creating endless hours of fun. Head Gear has some awesome categories of gear for you to choose from; spanning from amazing Science Fiction helmets, silly and whacky Glasses, hardened Sports helmets, and creepy and scary Horror masks. Best of all, Head Gear will constantly be adding new categories of gear so you can always suit up with the latest gear!

Head Gear is extremely simple and easy to use, no set-up required. When you first open Head Gear you will be asked to give it permission to your Camera, Microphone, and Camera Roll, this is necessary as the camera is required to augment the gear over your face. Once your in the camera will detect any faces that are in the camera and will then augment a helmet over your face. There a default helmets for you to choose from, which can be accessed from the Helmet Picker and once you select one it will then place that gear over your head. What’s neat is that you can turn you head and the helmet goes along with you, it’s pretty fun to mess around with it.

The Helmet Picker also features a Helmet Gear Store where you can purchase new gear packs for your entertainment. This is where you can purchase the Horror, Glasses, Sports, and Science Fiction packs that were mentioned earlier. Once a pack is purchased it is then added to your Helmet Picker where you can then choose a helmet from that pack and begin using it.

Once you have your desired gear on it’s time to take some photos or record a short video. You can choose from either Photo or Video by tapping on the lower left hand corner of the Head Gear UI. The camera button in the middle will represent video with a Red button and photo with a Grey button. Taking a photo will save the image instantly to your camera roll and from there you can send it to all of your friends. However, if you record a video it is also saved to your camera roll but you are also give the option to share it directly from within Head Gear. You can send the video over iMessage, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Your video is also saved into the internal camera roll inside of Head Gear so you can come back and share it whenever you would like.

Experience augmented reality in a new and fun way with Head Gear! Download it for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in the App Store.

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Surf the universe of video games in the palm of your hand with iGames. iGames is the only app a gamer needs. It features over 20,000 games for every console – from Atari to PS4. You’ll find your favorite games from your childhood as well the latest upcoming games.

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iGames makes it easy to:
– View video game trailers, see screenshots, read overviews and more for over 20,000 video game titles
– Stay up to date with Trending Games to see what’s popular
– Check out ratings of video games and rate them yourself
– Discover newly released games that you may never have heard of before
– Keep track of games you want to keep an eye on with the “Watch” feature
– Add release dates of video games to your calendar right through the app to remind you to buy/pick up a game
– Share the latest games with your friends and followers through Facebook and Twitter

Pixit Chat


Pixit shows awesome GIFs as you type your text. These are custom-tailored to what you type, so you just need to pick the one GIF you liked the most. You can also zoom-in on any word to get very specific GIFs and add some hidden meaning to your texts. You can chat one on one, but it’s even better to have fun in a group chat. You can add as many people as you want to your Pixit group chats. Texting with emoji is so 90s! Welcome to the new world of GIF communication! Adding GIFs to your messages is now so easy you can actually TALK IN GIF!

iPhone App Demo

Android App Demo

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*** Why people love Pixit ***
“it’s like if tumblr created a messenger app. so cool!!!”
“I can’t stop looking at these gifs, I’ll never be bored again!”

COOLER THAN TEXTING – Each of your messages can now come with an awesome GIF. Make your texts stand out!
MORE FUN THAN EMOJI – Does your emoji pack have 72 different types of cats? Pixit does! And so much more!
BETTER THAN MESSAGING – Stop writing complex texts to express yourself. A GIF is worth like a million words!

PicSo – Pic Something

There are no apps like this on the app store. You have never played something like this. Take a picture, edit it if you want and challenge friends or players around the world. Ask questions about your picture.

For example you took a picture of you doing face from a movie. You can send that picture asking what is the movie.
You can also enter hints. Every time a player fails to answer you earn a point. If the player answer is right they earn a point.
It is a never ending fun.

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Sweetest Sin

What happens when you find a love that consumes you? Not only does it takeover your body, mind, and soul but it imprints itself on your heart, igniting hidden desires and temptations that you never knew existed within you.. Combining love with lust, and making you forget everything and anything that existed before it…

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Is this the type of love that is worth risking everything for?
Will you be willing to do anything in order to be with the one you love even if it means crossing over boundaries, forgetting your morals, values, and beliefs along the way?

For Richard, Britney was everything he ever wanted but never had..
What started as a search for an emotional companion was actually the start of a dangerous love affair between two adults that are married to other people.

The story is told from a male’s perspective. It takes you through a journey of how love, lust, and temptation brought Richard, 47, and Britney, 24, together.
How will two spouses living worlds apart end up having a sinful affair? Find out for yourself as you read this short story…

Sweetest Sin consists of three chapters plus an intro. More chapters will be released periodically.
You ratings and reviews would mean a lot to us…

Birthday Hit – Find and Play the Song That Was Number One on Your Birthday!

See which song was Number 1 in the charts on the day you were born, on your 18th birthday or any other significant day in your life! Have loads of fun browsing through old songs and automatically see their music videos on YouTube!

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“Birthday Hit” is pure nostalgia! It enables you to watch the music videos of the number one song on each day since 1950.

Birthday Hit offers a range of special features, including:
– Automatically search the top charts database by date!
– Fully supported background playing! Select YouTube music videos and listen to audio while multitasking on your iDevice!
– Easy retrieval of the lyrics of the current song
– The possibility to share your birthday song on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
– Full screen video mode
– The option to manually select music videos from a list with 1000+ No. 1 videos!
– The freedom to mirror music videos via Apple AirPlay to Apple TV and Chromecast!
– Several options to customize your player, including hiding the status bar and change the background color
– Option to filter explicit content: let your kids use Birthday Hit safely!

DOWNLOAD BIRTHDAY HIT TODAY…and enjoy the feeling of the old days!