Today in History


Just another day?…NEVER! With Today in History, every day is historic and epic!

Find out what happened in history on this date in years and century’s past with Today in History for iPhone.

Recorded history now goes back a long way (for some civilizations, many thousands of years), and every day on the calendar is now filled with important events in history that occurred on that day. The Today In History app will guide you through each day’s historical events.

Today In History lets you view events by event type (such as headlines, births, or holidays), and each event features detailed descriptions, beautiful imagery, and access to the Wikipedia article for the selected. You can even choose to receive daily notifications of the most important events on each day!

Today In History is a beautiful and free app that guides you through history from day to day, giving you context for history’s most important moments.

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Learning a new language can be a difficult task. You have to keep track of all of the new words that you’re learning as well as all of the new verbs, adjectives, and tenses. Most people get hung up on the verb tenses when learning a new language, as some languages have more than others. Enter LearnBots, your guide to verb tenses in foreign languages, with over 26 different language translations that you can learn.

iPad App Demo

iPhone App Demo

When you launch LearnBots on you are taken into a list of verbs tailored to the language you have chosen. Once you have selected a verb that you would like to lean the chart will change (iPad) or the chart will appear (iPhone) and you can begin learning. On the left hand side of the screen you can see the pronoun that you are matching the verb tense to. At the top of the chart you can see the verb tense and from there all you have to do is match the tense with the pronoun and you can learn the verb tenses for the word you have selected. Tapping on a verb tense on the chart will play the audio of how to pronounce the verb. Tapping on the English flag will flip the chart to English so you can see what the verb is in English. Tap the flag again and it will flip it back to the learning language.

Above the chart in LearnBots there is an animated video that you can play that will act out the verb that you have chosen. The audio will pronounce the word so you know how to say it and then you are presented with a nice 3D animated movie of the verb. There’s no better way to understand it than to see the word in action.n

Each of LearnBots apps will default to the language that you purchased + English. So if you purchased the French LearnBots app you will default to French and English on the list of verbs. If you would like you can change the list to French and another language by going into the settings of LearnBots and selecting one there. This will change the list in the List Menu to show the learning language and your selected language. This will not change the chart, the chart itself is always going to be the learning language and English.

If, for whatever reason, LearnBots does not have the verb you are looking for there is an area where you can add in your own. This is great because you can add in the verb to a personal list and then you are the one responsible for filling out the verb tense chart. You can then take the verb that you have entered in and quiz yourself or someone else and learn that way as well. There are plenty of learning opportunities with LearnBots.

LearnBots has over 26 language apps available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Download them for your device and being learning the language you’ve always dreamed of.

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Huddle with your friends to complete homework and other assignments faster. Huddles are comprised of two parts, a shared answer key and a group chat. Fill out the answer key together, while discussing and learning in the group chat. When the assignment is complete, break the huddle. The chat is permanently deleted and each user receives a digital copy of the latest answer key.

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HuddleUp is created and run by your peers.
School is a game.

The Vocab App

The future of vocabulary learning. Need to learn your vocabulary, but can’t be bothered to carry your book around with you? Need someone to test you, but there’s never anyone around who wants to? Need to work on the words you always get wrong? It seems that you’ve just found the right app!

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You enter your words and their meanings, and it tests you!
How about learning your words by using a flashcard-based system?
You can even write your lists on your computer and then upload them to your device!
And why not share them with friends as well?


– Write your lists from the app itself or even on your computer (by using a special format, see the website for more info)
– Keep your vocab organized by separating it as lists.
– Keep track of the words you get wrong.
– Learn via tests or flashcard-based system.
– NEW “Boost” feature helps you to cram those last words before the real test in class.
– iCloud integration to seamlessly sync lists across your devices.
– Ability to be tested only on the words you get wrong.
– Ability to erase the words you got right.
– Share your lists with other people via Bluetooth and email*!

*Please note: in order to share your lists, you can either send them via Bluetooth or email and then use the “open with” feature to load them, or you can connect your device to your computer. In iTunes, you can view the app’s “documents” folder and upload/download lists of vocabulary (“.vocab” files). You can then distribute them manually, however manual distribution is unavailable if you choose to use iCloud.

Equate Formula Solver


Equate is a formula solver developed by nerds who appreciate the wonderful world of Math, Physics and Chemistry! Conquer formulas with ease using our state of the art formula solvers! Equate is the most extensive formula solver in the App Store with aesthetically pleasing features. Equate is the ONLY all in one (Math,Physics,Chemistry) formula calculator you will ever need….

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Study with Equate to dominate!

– Built-in unit convertors
– MathJax enabled, allowing for user input displays.
– Unique practice problems with answers to help you study for tests!
– Unique “learn it” section to further your learning!
– Formula manipulation to help you check your homework!
– Equation search function to find your desired formula.
– Wiki linked for an enhanced reference guide.
– Science quotes to keep the brain juices flowing!
– Favourite your formula of choice for easy access.
– Nerd Out! section that displays all the formulas.
– Share your new found knowledge with friends and students (SMS/Twitter/Facebook)
– Take advantage of more than 200 formulas.
– New formulas added every week!
– Universal App (iPhone, iPad)
– Student interaction (email us to be featured in the app!)
– Nerdy instructional videos!

Equate can be used by students, teachers and tutors. Here are some of the scientific goodness that Equate provides! Used by students and teachers worldwide!

Physics | Einstein to Newton…we got you covered
– Average Acceleration
– Average Speed
– Average Velocity
– Centripetal Acceleration and Force
– Energy
– Friction
– Hooke’s Law
– Impulse
– Kinematic Equation 1
– Kinematic Equation 2
– Kinematic Equation 3
– Kinematic Equation 4
– Kinetic Energy
– Momentum
– Newton’s Second Law
– Potential Energy
– Power
– Pressure
– Projectile Motion and Magnitude
– Work

Chemistry | My name is Bond, IONIC BOND!
– Boyle’s Law
– Charles’s Law
– Ideal Gas Law
– Ohm’s Law

Math | Imaginary numbers are like imaginary friends!
– Circle Area
– Circle Perimeter
– Cube Surface Area
– Cube Volume
– Law of Sines
– Law of Cosine
– Parallelogram Area
– Pythagorean Theorem
– Rectangle Perimeter
– Quadratic Formula
– Sphere Surface Area
– Square Area
– Triangle Area
– Triangle Perimeter
– Statistical Variance

Join the formula revolution and give the power back to the students! If there is a formula you’d like to see, please let us know and we’ll nerd it up and have it available. Do you see a bug? contact us and help us ensure accuracy! We are here to serve and support students and teachers.

Happy English 109 Phrasal Verbs


Learn English with Happy English 109 Phrasal Verbs. This app will help you improve your English vocabulary as it includes 109 of the most practical and useful phrasal verbs with audio lessons. ESL students can study, drill, take quizzes, and play our exciting hangman game to test your knowledge of this set of phrasal verbs. Study this key English grammar point with Happy English!

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STUDY Section: Here, you can learn the phrasal verbs, listen to Michael’s lesson, and then rate each as “read,” “studied,” or “mastered” into groups. You will study the definition of each phrasal verb, how to use the phrasal verb, the structure showing the English grammar pattern of the phrasal verb, example sentences to see how the phrasal verb is used in context, and a practice question to give you the chance to use the phrasal verb.

DRILL Section: You can drill one of five different groups of phrasal verbs including the “read,” “studied,” or “mastered” groups, the unread group, or all 109 phrasal verbs.
BROWSE Section: You can view a list of all of the phrasal verbs, update the ratings, or go back to the study page.
QUIZ Section gives you the chance to take a quiz on one of your groups or all 109 phrasal verbs.
The HANGMAN game gives a fun and challenging way to test your knowledge of what you studied.

A phrasal verb is a verb + preposition that we use as an idiom. Phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday, conversational English. It is more natural to say, “Please put out your cigarette,” than “Please extinguish your cigarette.” Some examples of phrasal verbs are: call off, calm down, drag on, drop off, figure out, fill out, give in, hang out, kick off, look into, make up, pick up, put off, run into, show up, take off, think up, try on, turn on, work out, etc. Get English, Get Happy. Happy English!

Maria’s French Class


Maria’s French Class is the ultimate educational language app on the iPhone & iPad.

***With Maria’s French Class you will actually ‘learn’ French from complete beginner all the way to intermediate level!!***

***You will learn to read, write, speak and even hear in French, with this fully comprehensive course!***


-9 Huge Topics!
-Multiple Choice Quizzes!
-Thousands of Written, Audio and Visual Questions!
-Picture Popper!
-Drag n’ Drop!
-Fill In The Blanks!
-Flash card style vocabulary lists!
-Word Searches
-Word Of The Day
-Thousands of phrases and words!
-Native Speakers!
-Comprehensive Grammar Notes!
-High quality Audio!
-Track your progress!
-Learn the culture with loads of French facts!
-Multiple student profiles so the whole family can play!
-Full version users will get free future updates with additional topics and games!
-No internet connection required once the app has downloaded! Learn anywhere!

This isn’t just another phrasebook, translator or a series of simple mini games tied together with the premise of being a learning aid, but a fully comprehensive French learning tool!

With ‘Maria’s French Class’ you will
learn to read, write and speak French
quickly. And what’s more, you’ll have fun
fun while you’re doing it!

Not convinced? Why not try the FREE version; ‘Maria’s French Class Lite’ which contains all the functionality of ‘Maria’s French Class’ but with only 1 topic.(The full version has 9)

Download Maria’s French Class here.
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The Visible City


The Visible City goes beyond the walls of a traditional museum, enabling you to experience history in a whole new way through augmented reality technology. Discover the rise, fall and revival of neon on an interactive walking tour of the city’s most colourful neighbourhoods, illuminating the stories behind the lights and the pulse that is the city of Vancouver.

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