Callcorder Pro


“Make phone conversation more useful and interesting by recording incoming and outgoing calls with Callcorder”. A simple one tap app to record any incoming & outgoing phone calls. You can use to record any important call, interviews and prank without any complex registration process. Callcorder is one time paid app i.e you are required to pay only once and then record unlimited phone calls for unlimited duration. There is no subscription fee nor any hidden charges.

iPhone App Demo

Windows Phone App Demo

Download Callcorder Pro on the App Store
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– Record unlimited phone calls
– No hidden cost and no subscription fee.
– Record incoming and outgoing calls.
– Email recording
– transfer recordings (mp3) to computer.
– sync on dropbox.

***How to record incoming calls?***

• Open app and tape the callcorder button.
• The app will dial our recording line and tap “merge call” button once enabled.
• Recording will start and talk as much as you want.

***How to record outgoing calls?***

• Open app and tape the callcorder button.
• The app will dial our recording line and tap “add call” button once enabled.
• Call the person you want from address book or dial from keypad.
• Finally, tap “merge call” & recording will begin.

Note:- The 3 way will use your airtime minutes and as of now callcorder supports US and Canada, worldwide support will come in february end.

In case you dont receive activation code the visit the support dev site…

Download the app today and let us know how we can improve it.!

Nutcache Timelogger: Easy Time Tracking

The Nutcache Time Logger:Easy time tracking app for mobile offers a solution for small business owners and freelancers looking for a free time management app that tracks and automatically invoices the time you spend on business tasks and projects.

Download Nutcache Timelogger: Easy Time Tracking iPhone & iPad App
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Our time tracker app is simple and easy to use with an intuitive interface, and is completely free, just like a Nutcache account. The Nutcache Time Logger:Easy time tracking app offers mobile time tracking that syncs with your active invoices in the cloud – using the timer to record the minutes worked on a project, whether in the office or remotely, will automatically be billed to the relevant invoice on your Nutcache online account – manually entering billable work is a thing of the past.

The app requires an active and FREE account with the Nutcache online invoicing and time management application (

Application Key Features:

• Link the timer to any of your active projects and/or invoices online
• Keeps running and recording time in the background, even when your phone is turned off
• Pause/resume the timer as needed
• Add notes to your time entries
• Opt to bill or not bill the selected project
• Access to full company information entered via your online account
• View your hours worked and activity in the last 30 days
• Easy and intuitive interface available in 10 different languages (English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian and Polish)

My Droplets


Own a Digital Ocean™ account? My Droplets let’s you control the state of your droplets in a simple and direct way. To use all this functions you need to have your client id and api key. Access your account and goto the API menu. If you catch an ‘Access Denied’ error, please make sure you have filled correctly the values for the client id and api key and didn’t’ switched values accidentally.

Download My Droplets iPhone App
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– Create new droplets directly from the app
– Organize droplets by current state
– Perform all common tasks, power off, power on, restart, shutdown, reset password and destroy
– Perform snapshots
– Restore from backups and snapshots
– Rebuild from another image
– Resize droplet
– Check the progress of events from actions in the app
– Know Digital Ocean™ network status from the app



MiSales is an app that helps Sales People; Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, CFO’s, CEO’s, Business owners, Merchants and Retailers. In fact, it’s for anyone who sells a product or service for a living – pretty much every business in the world! MiSales is about you; it’s about your sales budget, your sales quota, your sales forecast, your Commission and/or profits for any given period within the year. MiSales helps keep track and forecast your sales – with Average Daily Sales and Monthly, Quarterly, Half Year and Yearly sales forecasts.

Download MiSales iPhone App
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How it works –
You enter your budgeted quota for the year, then throughout the month you input your current sales figures, which is then presented back to you using doughnut graphs, with striking colours as a visual presentation of your budget and sales quota taken, it will then forecast your sales for any given period of time – Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Year and Year screens.

Simply by swiping left to scroll between each period seeing each forecasted sales quota.

Any business or merchant will benefit from the MiSales App –
• Corporate Multi Million $ Budgets
• National Sales Budgets
• State Sales Budgets
• Sales Managers’ Sales Staff Budgets
• Sales Reps selling BBq’s, Building materials, cosmetics to computer hardware etc.
• Retail shops selling anything and everything.
• The School Canteen sales quotas…!

This tool, for the price of a couple of cups of coffee, (how many do you have a day?) will be invaluable to all sales people and business owners.

How many times have you been asked, or wondered, how will we finish this month? What is the forecast for March or Q1? Will we meet budget this year? How much commission or profit will I make?

That’s right, MiSales also forecasts your commission and/or profit for any given period of time – Month, Quarter, Half and Year. This sort of information is priceless, for managing loan repayments, future staffing affordability and your bank manager! etc.

How does MiSales do this…?

The MiSales main function is about calculating your budget by the billing days of every period, this gives you your ‘average daily sales’ needed to meet your budget. Then, by entering your sales, MiSales calculates your actual ‘average daily sales’, and MiSales will then forecast, based on your current sales performance and the billing days within each period, what sales quota you will meet for the month, quarter, half year and even the year giving you a finished $ and % figure forecasted against your budget.

You now can see, halfway through the Month, Quarter, Half and year, (from the palm of your hand!), where your forecasted sales are positioned and can then strategize and plan accordingly.

I will update regularly with feature improvements, like Year on Year benchmark sales graphs and emailed report capabilities + more.

Your one commitment to MiSales will forever be, and continued to be, enhanced to be a better tool for your ‘sales life’.

You will never have in-app purchases, never have ads in the app and your information is locked and off-line and never available outside your device.

Good Luck, Enjoy and Happy Hunting.

EasyBiz Pro: Route Logger


EasyBiz is designed to make tracking your driving mileage and expenses simple, easy to use and hassle free. No more odometer readings and exhausting log journals. Simply just push a button to start and end your trips. EasyBiz will calculate and track all your driving expense data for you. Select your date ranges for easy to read graphs and analytics of your cost, fuel, and miles. Export the data for filing and/or reports. Back up all your important data on Google Drive. Traveling for business is hard enough, tracking your driving expenses shouldn’t be.

iPhone App Demo

Android App Demo

Download EasyBiz iOS App
Download EasyBiz Android App
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What’s New in Version 1.1
*Added label route function
*Added metric units (km and liters)
*Added currencies for fuel price – Dollar, Euro, Yen/Yuan, Pound, Won, and Rupee
*Added expense filter function



EasyBiz is designed to make tracking your driving mileage and expenses simple, easy to use and hassle free. No more odometer readings and exhausting log journals. Simply just push a button to start and end your trips. EasyBiz will calculate and track all your driving expense data for you. Select your date ranges for easy to read graphs and analytics of your cost, fuel, and miles. Export the data for filing and/or reports. Back up all your important data on Google Drive. Traveling for business is hard enough, tracking your driving expenses shouldn’t be.

iOS App Demo

Android App Demo

Download EasyBiz iOS App
Download EasyBiz Android App
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Check ID & Agree


For any kind of friendly or family loan, for any purchases online or off, for any trades or services there is an app that will put a face to and replace your old style agreements. Now with Check ID & Agree you can get a up to date photo and ID of the person you do business with as well as get a written and verbal agreement sent directly to your email.

Download Check ID & Agree iOS App
Visit Developers Website

Check ID & Agree uses 3 steps to reach a agreement on any type of product or service. Step 1 is the collection of an up to date photo of the people making the agreement as well as a photo of their ID. Then Step 2 a written agreement is documented and a verbal record of the agreement is made. Then Step 3 sends an email containing all the photos and ID’s along with a sound file and the written agreement to be agreed upon. Once the agreement is reached both parties have a copy of the agreement in two separate emails containing all pictures and a voice recording.

Check ID & Agree can be used for any kind of small agreement fast and easy. Some example agreements are, a new roommate agreement, small friend and family loans, allowance agreements for children and teens, crags list deals and moving services. Check ID & Agree can be used for bigger agreements as well such as swimming pool installation or services, new windows, a used car, new doors for your home etc… so as you can see Check ID & Agree can be used for virtually any type of agreement and provides a concrete agreement with no surprises like the surprises you find in long sneaky normal agreement.

Another benefit of using Check ID & Agree is that is does away with the need to use paper to make agreements saving paper and reducing storage clutter by moving into the year 2013 and beyond. Check ID & Agree the NEW app.


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Get hired in 30 seconds. With this professional social networking you can notify an employer of your qualifications for their position or gig and you can connect with others looking for work in your field.

Download “Hirred” for your Apple device.
Visit the official website of “Hirred” developers, Digital Enlightenment Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

‘Hired in 30 seconds’

Hirred, is a world’s first all video powered social network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews, from running an errand to running a company no job is too small or too big, letting anyone hire or get hired anytime any place in 30 seconds or less, crowdsourcing and collaborative curation of jobs enabling all of us to be recruiters for our friends and family, building a strong community based on work ethics, trust and professional expertise.

1. Worlds first and fastest all video, social employment platform, hire or get hired anytime, anyplace with a simple 30 second video. Chat, share or post videos pitches and calls with ease and as many as you like.
2. Employers simply post a 30 second video clip “call” stating your requirement for a short term service “gigs” and full time employment “jobs’, the applicants can see the calls and reply, one can choose and hire accordingly.
3. Search for potential candidate, or job via Hirred stream featuring real time location search with various filters and categories, further refine your search with speciality sections like “rising stars’ and ‘live”.
4. Have full privacy controls share and see only what you want and with whom you want.
5. No more waiting and staring at the progress bar , video pitches, messages, and calls are sent and delivered instantly.
6. Connect with potential candidates, employers , workers, check out their portfolio, profile videos, linked websites and Send private video messages.
7. Don’t leave your friends, colleagues, professional connections, out of the loop , have group video chats, all chats are saved by default, can be shared , liked or kept private.
8. Network with ease and like a pro create as many loops as you like, share them with friends to grow your network along with the freedom to keep them public or private.
9. Who says Multitasking is tiresome let’s do the heavy lifting for you with one tap video sharing , chatting and broadcasting with Hirred’s fully automated setting options.
10. Inspire get inspired, build a reputation and long lasting portfolio with posting in Hirred stream and let people follow you to have constant access to your ever refreshing updates.
Let your friends know what you up to in more personal and engaging way with our Video status update with text.
11. Never miss a beat…keep pace with the ever-changing services and expertise around you with real time location search, find and hire the best anytime , anyplace.
12. Keep your private stuff safe from prying eyes with lock feature for your chats, loops, posts.
13. Never lose an achievement, a breakthrough, appreciation for a job well done ever again, we will save all the videos you have shared and received forever and you can access it any time conveniently.

All this awesomeness absolutely free for anyone to use with infinite cloud storage.
Still not sure, take it for a spin with our Guest user access before diving in.

Fax Pro – Fax PDF & Photos On The Go


Fax Pro is a great app for you to easily send faxes to correspondences from your Apple device. The app’s interface is also simple and easy to use.

Download “Fax Pro” for your Apple device here.

This Weekend Offer – Fax Pro gives you 1 fax credit for free!
Simple, yet delightful way to send faxes on the go. Here we bring Fax Pro that transforms your iOS device into portable fax station. Fax Pro lets you send faxes at very least costs like no other apps to various destination world wide.

Transfer your documents to Fax Pro through iTunes, cloud storages like DropBox, & SugarSync and “Open In” from other apps in your device and send fax in few seconds.

Store the list of files in the app itself and fax them whenever needed on-the-go. No need for registration and login just import document and fax.

*** Highlights ***

1. Guaranteed Fax Delivery
2. Easy to use interface with one send button
3. Free Cover Page with elegant design
4. Transfer PDF from mail attachment & any other app
5. Files storage in app itself
6. List of fax status.
7. Very Low cost compared to other apps
8. Support for large files to fax.
9. Same cost for all supported countries
10. Awesome design
11. Dedicated Customer Support
12. Localized in 14 languages

You can scan document using HandyScan or any scanner app and “open in” to Fax Pro. Moreover, in Fax Pro you can capture or import photos (converted to pdf) and send in Fax.

1 Page requires 1 credit. Buy more credits to save cost and 100 credits bulk pack costs only 17 cents per page.

*** Countries Supported ***
US, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Hong Kong, India, Portugal, Puerto Rico & More coming soon.

***Upcoming features in next month***
1. Receive Faxes
2. Multiple Inbound Fax Numbers
3. As Suggested by You.

Bookingbay Available for iOS


Bookingbay is a simple, yet powerful, online bookings app for everyone and every type of businesses. Searching and booking for events, buying and paying for tickets, even ordering services and products, all at your finger tips. As a seller, you can easily create your online shop and host your events, services and products, take bookings, sell tickets, confirm bookings, check payments and all on the move!

Here goes some of the usage scenarios of Bookingbay to give you some ideas :
– Registration for conferences, expos and any events
– Movie or gigs ticket sales
– Hotels and motel bookings
– Sports venue bookings – tennis court and etc.
– Services – Tutors, catering services, taxies on call, massage services, personal trainers, tour guides and hair dressers
– Hiring and rental services
– Personal events RSVP – weddings, weekly soccer sessions and etc.

Current Features
– Facebook sign in
– PayPal/Credit Card payment
– Confirmation and cancellation policy configurations

Future features under development
– Issuing QR codes for events, services and products
– QR scanner to scan tickets and event QRs
– Issuing coupons for promotional deals
– Membership and rewards points
– Integration with iOS Passbook for tickets, coupons and reward cards

Download Bookingbay for your Apple device here.
Download Bookingbay for your Android device here.
Visit the developers of Bookingbay at this link.