Original Mahjong


Original Mahjong™ takes the No.1 Mahjong game on the Web and brings it to the iPad and iPhone, exactly the way you are used to. Now you can play your favorite Mahjong game on the go!

Playing Mahjong is very simple, the player must remove all of the tiles on the board by matching pairs. Where things get challenging is that a tile may not be removed if it has another tile to its left or right. This sounds very simple but can be very challenging when first learning to play Mahjong.

If the player is ever stuck and needs help, tapping on “Show Moves” in Original Mahjong will highlight all of the tiles that can be removed. Sometimes only two tiles can be removed but other times the player will have the choice between three or four different tiles. Remember that the tiles need to be strategically removed, removing the wrong tile could put the player in a situation where no other tiles can be removed.

Original Mahjong can also keep track of a players statistics should they choose to do so. By purchasing the “Statistics” in-app-purchase, players can keep track of how they are doing when playing Original Mahjong. The statistics will keep track of all past and present games

Put your skills to the test with Original Mahjong, available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Epic Bug War


In Epic Bug War, you command the armies of earth to defend against alien invasion!

Epic Bug War is a top-down realtime strategy game for the iPhone and iPad that puts you in command of human forces to combat against the incoming tide of invading bugs from outer space. The game escalates from just a few small skirmishes to epic battles with more than a thousand fighters at a time. With the player at the helm, choosing strategic battle maneuvers, generating new fighters, upgrading to better weaponry and armor, you claim victory by decisively defeating the enemy hordes.

Using intuitive touch based controls to direct your armies, multi-touch controls to place items on the map, you fight in over one hundred battles. Epic Bug War also includes leaderboards to climb up the ladder against both your friends and players across the globe, and to keep you going, the game includes ever more challenging achievements to earn.

With no ads, no in-app purchases, and no notifications, Epic Bug War is perfect for hours of interrupted fun.

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LifeTopix Organizer


Business owners and productivity heroes: this app is for you! Not a silly little list app – LifeTopix is an extraordinary all-in-one organizer.

LifeTopix is broken down into twelve main categories; Tasks & Projects, Shopping & Gifts, Events & Appointments, Travel & Places, People & Services, Health & Goals, Finances, Home & Assets, Education, Notes & Files, Media, and Bookmarks & Lockers. These categories will represent the bulk of LifeTopix and where you will also spend a majority of your time. Everything that you do inside of a category will be reflected on the main calendar of LifeTopix, so you can see everything at a glance without having to go deep inside of each category.

When you’re ready to add something to LifeTopix all you have to do is select the category you are wanting to add something too. For example, if you were planning a summer vacation to Hawaii you’ll go into the Travel & Places category, tap the “+” in the top right hand corner and select Trip from the menu. Here you will be able to add in all of the vital basic details for your trip such as; start and end dates, alerts, places, people, tags, locations, photos, and more. Once the basics are filled out you will see your trip details show up on the calendar in the LifeTopix main menu.

Where the power of LifeTopix really shines is when something has been added to a category. Take the trip to Hawaii that we created, from there you can add in sub-items such as; tasks, lists, appointments, reminders, notes, bookmarks, files, and more. When you add a task to your trip that task list will also show up in the main Tasks & Projects category. This is really helpful when you are wanting to look at specific items and don’t want to see the others. It allows you to focus on what you need to when you need to. And any thing that you check off the task in your trip details will also be checked off in the Tasks & Projects section as well. Talk about peace of mind.

Stop shuffling around in various apps and get your life organized with LifeTopix. Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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Eggward’s Lab


Eggward’s Lab features a posse of little eggs that will guide you, sometimes snottily, through a series of puzzles. If you love your deserts as much as they do, step into this wonderful world of cakes, puddings, and pastries.

From the main menu you will select the character that you would like to play with. Choose wisely, as each character comes with a special power-up that will come in handy when trying to clear the playing board. Once you have chosen the character that you’re going to play with its time to dive into Eggward’s Lab.

The way that Eggward’s Lab is played is very simple and fun. You are given a board with different sweet tiles laid out. It’s your objective to match at least three of the same sweets in a row, they will then disappear, and all of the other sweets will then fall into line, and you will earn points for the sweets that you’ve matched. If you get more than three in a row you get a “fancy dessert” which will help clear out an entire row when it is matched with other sweets of its kind. There will be plenty of power-ups to help you along the way such as; a rolling-pin to clear out a row, a whisk to randomly organize the sweets, a spatula to turn a sweet into a fancy dessert, and more.

From the level selector you will see all of the levels that are playable, at the time of writing this there are currently over 30 challenging levels for you to play through and more will be added bi-weekly. The objective of each level is to achieve a certain point range thus resulting in a star rating, with a maximum of three possible. If you fail to achieve the star rating a life will be taken away and you will have to replay the level to complete it. If you complete all of the levels on a row, the latter will be unlocked and you can advance to the next row. Keep in mind, each level will only increase in difficulty, so you better brush up on your matching skills.

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BrightNest – Home Organization


BrightNest helps get your home in order and saves time, energy, and money with handy guides and top tips.

Your home or apartment needs love and care just like anything else in your life, but remembering all the various chores and maintenance tasks can be difficult, and that’s where BrightNest comes in. BrightNest is your home companion app on the iPad, and will help make your life easier with task scheduling, guides, tips, and quizzes.


screen480x480Get started by taking the home quiz, which will help customize BrightNest for you and your home. BrightNest will ask you a few questions about your home and what you’re responsible for, as well as what things you’re interested in learning about. You’ll then get relevant suggestions that will help save you time and money.

Jump to the Explore tab to find guides and articles across eight different categories that include creative, handy, healthy, clean, and more, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Each category is packed with guides and ideas you can peruse and put into place immediately. Favorite the ones you like and return to them whenever you want in the favorites tab. Each guide is laid out in a beautiful and readable format, and even includes the ability to share via social networks, text, or email.

screen480x480 (2)Get on track with your chores and maintenance with the schedule tab. Here you can set up a schedule for your home that can include tasks from washing the dishes and vacuuming, to replacing the AC filter and scheduling your spring cleaning. Once you’ve added a task you’d like to perform from one of the guides, you’ll see a list of tasks in the schedule tab. Tap on the checkmark to mark each task complete, or tap the calendar icon to set the date for that task. BrightNest will remind you of upcoming and due tasks, and completed tasks will be shown in the completed tab so that you can keep track of your progress.

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myChuChu Puzzle


myChuChu puzzle is a super fun learning activity for kids. It is not just fun but also helps child to identify characters, shapes and their names.

From the main menu of myChuChu Puzzle your child will be able to select from a variety of different puzzles for them to completed. The puzzles are broken into three stores; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald, and The Playground. Each story has a different number of puzzles to complete and more will be added all of the time.

To solve a puzzle have your child tap on the one that they would like to complete. On the right hand side of the puzzle will be all of the pieces and on the left hand side will be the actual puzzle board. All your child has to do is drag each puzzle piece into its perspective position. When a puzzle piece is placed correctly the name of the piece will sound off and a nice firework animation will play behind it. Once all of the pieces have been added to the board correctly, your child will advance to the next puzzle.

What’s really neat is that myChuChu Puzzle also features videos for each story to engage your child. While in a puzzle you can tap on the Play Video button at the top of the screen to play the video for the story your child is currently in. Don’t worry though, they can’t tap it on their own, they’ll need to answer a basic math question before the video will play. The videos are done in a sing-along style so they are engaging and fun for your child to watch.

Help your child build and practice cognitive skills, visual spatial skills, shape recognition, and fine motor skills with myChuChu Puzzle! Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Italian Yummy: Every Day a New Recipe


Italian Yummy puts excellent recipes as well as a myriad of essential kitchen tools in your pocket.

This is not your average recipe app, Italian Yummy features a beautiful interface that is optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, recipes you can sort in almost any way imaginable, and built-in essentials like shopping list, reverse recipe finder, calculator, and more.

Recipes are the bread and butter of Italian Yummy, and you won’t find a better way to find and create your favorite Italian dishes. In the Recipes section, you’ll be presented with several different ways to find the perfect recipe. You can sort by courses such as appetizers, main courses, and side dishes, as well as your main dietary restrictions; gluten free, lactose free, and vegetarian. In addition, Italian Yummy provides an advanced search function with many ways to filter your results, such as by keyword, various restrictions, cooking time, difficulty, and more.

Each recipe includes a beautiful photo of the completed recipe, useful information about the recipe such as spiciness, calorie count per serving, cooking time, difficulty, and comments from other Italian Yummy users. Each recipe of course includes an ingredient list and detailed instructions.

Italian Yummy also provides your essential kitchen tools. Included in the app is a shopping list, a reverse recipe lookup that lets you find recipes based on ingredients you have, a calculator, and a unit converter for liquid and solid weights as well as temperature, and a timer.

Check out Italian Yummy for free on the App Store today!

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Tips & Tricks for Alto’s Adventure


If you haven’t already been caught up in the frenzy caused by the new iOS game Alto’s Adventure, it’s probably time you should. Alto’s Adventure is a charming little game for iPhones and iPads that also happens to be one of the most insanely addictive things on the planet in recent memory (aside from the devices we’re playing on themselves).

As for the game itself, you play Alto (or one of the other unlockable characters with unique skills) looking to conquer the ski slopes while jumping, flipping, picking up coins and powerups, and attempting to evade the “elders”. Of course, the surface goal is to ski as far as you can and pile up as many points as possible by performing tricks and building combos. But Alto’s Adventure goes beyond that simple goal: the game includes a level system, and each level requires you to complete three objectives in order to move on to the next. As you can expect, higher levels requires ever more complicated and difficult challenges. Every ten levels, you unlock a new playable character, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

As this author has already logged nearly a million meters skied in the game, there are a couple tips and tricks I want to share with you so that you can continue to make progress though the levels of Alto’s Adventure.

Unlock the Wing Suit First

You might have visited the workshop and seen the three items therein: feather and magnet timer upgrades, and the wing suit for a cool 5,000 coins. You might be tempted to purchase the cheaper upgrades first (the most expensive timer upgrade is 5,000, and lower levels are significantly cheaper), but try and collect the coins required for the wing suit first. The Wing Suit upgrade enables even bigger combos, and you’ll need the wing suit later to complete certain goals. Once you have the wing suit, you’ll be able to afford the additional unlocks even quicker.

Stick with Maya

Maya is the first player character that is unlocked at level 11, and a couple goals will specifically require you play her. However, even with characters unlocked at higher levels, I stick with Maya. Although Maya is relatively slow, and slow to build up speed, she can flip on a dime, a skill essential for racking up the trick combos. I can usually fit in three or more backflips before my first town or forest using Maya. Almost any sort of decline or bounce is enough air to complete a flip. Even a bounce off a rock is enough to get those extra points.


Test the limits of her speed to get a handle on how quickly you can get those flips in, and you’ll be triple flipping in no time (speaking of which, good luck with level 21!).

Maya’s high-flying acrobatics also make powering up the wing suit incredibly fast. If you haven’t already noticed, you power the wing suit by completing as many tricks in quick succession as possible. You can keep track of your progress by keeping an eye on your player’s scarf. As you land tricks, your scarf grows in length, but will quickly shrink down to nothing if you spend too much time between tricks. The wing suit will be powered up when the scarf reaches full length (when it’s nearly to the left edge of your screen) and glows white.

Build Up Those Combos


The fastest way to your new high score is by chaining together as many tricks as possible into combos. Be aware: any combo is broken by regular skiing. Try to flip from grind to grind, throw in a wing suit flight, land on another grind or ramp or rock, and keep flipping! Here are a couple tips on how to get big combos.

Wing suit flips

If you have enough built-up speed when you first enable it, you can complete a loop-de-loop in the wing suit right from the get go. Then, if possible, skim past the surface in the suit without touching down to add another trick to your combo (don’t forget, the suit doesn’t make you immune to the perils of rocks, fires, and direct hits like the hover feather will). Try and complete a second loop-de-loop before coming down to a landing at the end of your wing suit’s power.

Wing suit on/off

One trick you can occasionally employ is to use the built-in ability of the wing suit. Once you have enabled the wing suit, you can at any time turn it off with another tap of the wing suit button on the left. Once you have got that first loop-de-loop done, find a grind to land on, jump off, and re-enable the wing suit once again.

Flip during grinds

Another quick way to add tricks to your combo is during bunting line grinds. When you encounter a longer stretch of bunting line, you often find different sections will angle off at a slope from previous sections. This change in descent is enough time for the faster flippers to get an extra backflip in.

Use the Right Player


As previously mentioned, each unlocked player has their own strengths and weaknesses. While Alto is a fairly good all-rounder, he’s not particularly skilled at any one thing. Maya is great at getting flips in quickly, but not the fastest on the ground. Paz isn’t great at the upside-downy, but good luck stopping him when he’s on a roll. Whatever your current challenges are, try and use the strengths of each player to get a leg up on them.

Re-power the wing suit


You’ll find there are plenty of tricks to the wing suit once you have played around with it, but here is one I use often to get extra points. As I mentioned above, the wing suit includes the power to turn off at the touch of the button. Fortunately, when you turn the wing suit off, you don’t lose all of its built up power. This means you can re-enable it after, say, completing a grind. On top of that, you can actually top up on wing suit power by completing additional tricks before time runs out. You have a limited time to do this, as wing suit power depletes whether you’re using it or not, but if you can complete a trick or two in time, you’ll get the wing suit back to full power. This is achieved even faster if you complete a quick combo. Using this trick, I have been able to string together a combo with three separate wing suit flights for a ridiculous amount of points.


So there you have it. Hopefully these tips will come in handy on your trips down the slopes in Alto’s Adventure. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the game on the App Store. Alto’s Adventure is an absolute steal at two dollars for the insane amount of entertainment you’ll be able to squeeze out of this seemingly simple game. You can also check out the dedicated website here.

Slots of Legend


Slots of Legend by Avalinx brings the fun and gameplay of digital casino slot machine games to your iPad.

Bringing to you multiple slot machines with fun themes, engaging gameplay, unique mini-games, and multiple ways to play, Slots of Legend is sure to scratch your itch for the casino classic slot machines. Using the in-game currency coins, spin your way to higher levels, gain XP, unlock new slots, and of course, huge wins! And Slot of Legend will keep you coming back for even more gameplay with bonus spins both every day and every hour.

When you first begin playing Slots of Legend, only one slot machine is unlocked, but don’t let that scare you off: each of the nine unique slot machines included are unlocked as you progress through the levels. All nine slots feature beautiful and unique illustrations, graphics, and sounds. Start playing the Buffalo Bills slot machine, where you can enjoy the wild west americana theme.

Once unlocked, you will be treated to Jungle Bucks where you can see exotic animals and busy jungle soundscapes. Next up on our adventure is the Vampires Vault to hang out with the familiar Transylvanian and other spooky creatures. After that, enjoy the scandanavian beauty of Frozen Fortune, Grecian fables in Reel Odyssey, dark ages conquest in Camelot Cash, middle east mystique in Arabian Riches, underwater adventures in Mermaid’s Money, and finally a surreal adventure in Wonderland Riches. Each new Slots of Legend slot machine brings with it gorgeous visuals, appealing sounds, unique gameplay, and even more casino slots action!

As you can expect, Slots of Legend has multiple ways to play and to win big. In each slot machine, you can bring up information on how and when tiles are rewarded, how much each tile category scores, and the different lines that you can score on. You also get an overview of how Bonus Rounds are played. When you hit a bonus round, a unique mini-game is started, and you have the opportunity to win even more.

You are pitted against other players of Slots of Legend in two different ways: World Rank, and Game Rank. Your world ranking is determined by your total experience points earned from all the slots you play. Game ranks are scored using the experience points for each specific slot machine.

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SnapBooth is a fun and simple app to use your iPad and iPhone as a Photo Booth for both yourself and during parties and events.

Once in the app, you’ll be presented with a view from the front facing camera of your device, at which point you can simply tap anywhere to begin a three second countdown till your snap is taken. Once you get a snap, you can either retake a new snap, or keep it. You can also configure SnapBooth to share your snaps to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or simply save to your device camera roll.

Other settings for SnapBooth include customizing the text and hashtags for you snap when you share to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also choose to use the rear-facing camera of your device. On the iPad, you can even customize a watermark that will be attached to each SnapBooth snap. In the Settings page, check the Enable Watermark option, select an image to use as your watermark, and customize both the size and location of the watermark on your snaps.

SnapBooth also includes the ability to use Nova Flash, a Bluetooth LE external flash for your iPhone with customizable light color and brightness.

Use SnapBooth Share to automatically connect to nearby iOS devices that also have SnapBooth installed to instantly share your snaps with your friends! Tap the Connect to SnapBooth Share button in the settings panel and SnapBooth will automatically find other devices running SnapBooth nearby. Once connected, you’ll receive SnapBooth snaps in real time as they’re taken!

Check out SnapBooth for free on the App Store today

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Orderly – Reminders, Tasks & To Do Lists


Orderly, designed exclusively for iOS 8, is an incredibly easy to use and intuitive to do list app for the iPhone and iPad. Orderly syncs all of your reminders, tasks and to do’s with cloud services, features location-based reminders, and displays the lists in a glance-able view so you don’t have to open the tasks to see what’s coming next. Orderly is the only reminders app that you’ll ever need.

All of the reminders live on the Boards in Orderly. There are two boards that you can use for whatever you would like, by default the Boards are set up for Home and Work. You can change the titles of the boards in the setting of Orderly to better suit your individual needs. Tapping on the arrow button in the top left of the board will switch back and forth between your boards.

To get started adding reminders to your boards tap the “+” in the top right corner and you’ll be brought into the project creation. In the project creation you’ll want to give it a title and then begin adding tasks for that project that you’d like to complete. At the top of the project creation you can style the project with a specific color and font by tapping on the “T” button at the top. Tapping on the clock next to the “T” button will allow you to add a reminder to the project so you can mark it for completion on a specific date and time and/or a specific location. If you’d like to add a reminder to a task specifically, tap on the task and then tap on the calendar icon on the right side above the keyboard. You can use gestures to mark tasks as complete or delete them; swiping right-to-left will delete the task and swiping left-to-right will complete the task.

All of the projects will live on the board that you’ve create them on. Orderly will automatically arrange them by priority ranging from high to low. If you have added any time or location specific reminders to a project or task you can view them in the Orderly Notification Center Widget from anywhere on your device. Tapping on a task from the widget will bring you directly into Orderly into that specific task.

Orderly is a powerful reminders, tasks, and to do list app for the iPhone and iPad. Don’t forget another task, download it now!

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TEN SUM, a universal app for iPhones and iPads, is a challenging game where players have to connect blocks into sums of 10. Players must clear all of the blocks on the current level in order to advance to the next. TEN SUM is easy to learn but difficult to master, put your math skills to the test!

TEN SUM’s gameplay incorporates swipes and taps to connect the blocks to the sum of ten. Tapping on a block will highlight it and tapping on adjacent blocks will connect them. If the blocks that have been highlighted equal the sum of ten they will disappear and the rest of the blocks will fall down in place. Players can also swipe across the blocks to connect them as well. There isn’t a specific number of blocks that are required to total to ten, players can connect as little as two blocks or up to ten blocks to total the sum of ten.

The level is complete once all of the blocks have disappeared and from there the player will advance to the next level. If there was a mistake made there is a reset button below the game board that will put all of the blocks back to their original positions. Each level is more challenging that the last. TEN SUM currently features 84 challenging levels for players to complete, each with its own challenges.

Master the sum of ten with TEN SUM on the iPad and iPhone.

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