BrightNest – Home Organization


BrightNest helps get your home in order and saves time, energy, and money with handy guides and top tips.

Your home or apartment needs love and care just like anything else in your life, but remembering all the various chores and maintenance tasks can be difficult, and that’s where BrightNest comes in. BrightNest is your home companion app on the iPad, and will help make your life easier with task scheduling, guides, tips, and quizzes.


screen480x480Get started by taking the home quiz, which will help customize BrightNest for you and your home. BrightNest will ask you a few questions about your home and what you’re responsible for, as well as what things you’re interested in learning about. You’ll then get relevant suggestions that will help save you time and money.

Jump to the Explore tab to find guides and articles across eight different categories that include creative, handy, healthy, clean, and more, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Each category is packed with guides and ideas you can peruse and put into place immediately. Favorite the ones you like and return to them whenever you want in the favorites tab. Each guide is laid out in a beautiful and readable format, and even includes the ability to share via social networks, text, or email.

screen480x480 (2)Get on track with your chores and maintenance with the schedule tab. Here you can set up a schedule for your home that can include tasks from washing the dishes and vacuuming, to replacing the AC filter and scheduling your spring cleaning. Once you’ve added a task you’d like to perform from one of the guides, you’ll see a list of tasks in the schedule tab. Tap on the checkmark to mark each task complete, or tap the calendar icon to set the date for that task. BrightNest will remind you of upcoming and due tasks, and completed tasks will be shown in the completed tab so that you can keep track of your progress.

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iSecrets, designed for iPhone and iPad, is a magazine for those who would like to learn more about their devices that they hold so dearly. iSecrets focuses on a general topic for each issue and then sprinkles app reviews, tests, comparisons, and spin-offs throughout. The central theme is Apple products but occasionally there will be mention of other platforms or other services, apps, or products that could be used universally. iSecrets is going to be your next stop for industry leading news and interviews.


iSecrets lives inside of Newsstand on your iPhone or iPad. Upon launching the iSecrets magazine app you can choose to download previous issues or download the latest. There is also an option for you to subscribe to iSecrets so you can always have the latest issue waiting for you on your device. When you decide to subscribe it will start you with the most recent issue and then your subscription will be active from there, you can always purchase past issues if you would like to.


Navigation of iSecrets is simple and easy to use. When you first open up and issue you will see the cover of the magazine. Swiping to the right will then take you to the table of contents where you can get a general overview of what’s instore for that specific issue. Tapping anywhere on the screen will bring up the navigation controls where you can easy jump between pages of iSecrets. In the top right corner of the controls is the table of contents broken down by section, you will be able to jump from section to section by tapping on the thumbnail. Tapping Back will take you to the iSecrets newsstand app where you can select from all of the issues of iSecrets. The star in the top left corner will add the current issue you’re reading to your favorites. And finally, the scroll bar at the bottom will allow you to quickly scroll through the content of the issue that you’re reading.


Each issue of iSecrets will feature the latest news where the writers of iSecrets cover the latest and most important events relates to technology and gadgets. iSecrets will also dive deep into a specific topic each issue where they will share secrets, hacks, and explanations on the topics they choose. There will also be some tips and tricks to make your digital life a little easier and some overviews of apps that you should have on your device.

Never be left in the dark with your iPhone or iPad again. Download iSecrets to unlock the true potential of your devices.

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Bloom College

This app is packed with skills and knowledge to get you started with floristry. This app contains 10 classes. Its your very own virtual classroom with private tuition from multi award winning professional florist of over 20 years Yvette Timmins who has among other awards won Australian JNR Florist of the Year consecutively.

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The team at Bloom College have compiled their years of experience to share with you the basics to get you started on your flower journey whether its for hobby or commercial purposes. You will be creating beautiful bouquets and arrangements in no time in the privacy of your own home. You could get a group of friends around and have your own class by streaming the app onto your TV.

The classes are fun and give you all the tools and ingredients necessary to start making table centrepieces, buttonholes, posies, tropical arrangements and more. This app is more than just a how to, its a why to as the team at Bloom College teach you along the way via recipe cards and video tutorial. Be sure to rate the app and let them know what you like so they can include it in version 2.

Enjoy the beauty of working with flowers.

Dressapp – Fancy Styles and Looks


Dressapp provides users with personalized looks and offers an opportunity to buy original clothing items as well as similar pieces in top online stores. Draw inspiration from trendy looks and don’t stop updating your style with new gorgeous pieces. Dressapp is a must-have for fashionistas all over the world.

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Browse lots of hot looks selected by your own personal stylists.

Buy favorite pieces from the top online stores.

Save your favorite pieces for later and we will notify you about discounts and sales.

Simply “like” you favorite pieces.

Share your liked looks and pieces with friends to boast or ask for advice.

App benefits:
– Personal selection of looks
– Original pieces and inspired-by products for different price ranges
– Trusted online purchasing from your favorite stores including:

– Forever21
– Nastygal
– Gap
– Zara
– Mango

and 138 more!

Download Dressapp for free today on the iPad!

Mobile Wine Deals

The Mobile Wine Deals app empowers merchants to deliver great wine deals to their customers, on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. At the same time the app enables consumers to decide which favorite merchants they want to receive wine deals from.

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The vision of the Mobile Wine Deals app is to help strengthen the relationship between wine merchants and their customers and replace the concept of loyalty to discounts to one which is based by loyalty to merchants who deliver great value backed by solid customer service.

The service will launch in the Washington DC Metro area, and then roll out across the nation.

Flowers – Fast Delivery, Order Quick & Easy

Whether as a small token or a token of love. With our app, you can order flowers through your mobile device, regardless of where in the world you are – quick and easy! Select the suitable bouquet, enter the text you want to have on the greeting card, and select a delivery day – done! The easiest way to order flowers! – Cell phone or pad, anywhere, even same day delivery available!

Download Flowers – Fast Delivery, Order Quick & Easy iPhone & iPad App
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All holidays at a glance!
We always show the next major holiday as a button, so you need not remember what date Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day falls on!

Forgot a Birthday or Anniversary?
We can supply flowers on the same day in many countries. Why not pre-order stress-free now for the whole year? It is easier on your wallet too!

We guarantee freshness and on-time delivery.
To guarantee this freshness, we co-operate with renowned florists all over the world and always select the highest quality flowers for our bouquets. Please understand that the bouquets might not always look exactly like the pictures. They always are of high quality and from the same category, however.

We already supply to many countries!
Our growing number of destination countries allows international flower delivery. Even deliveries on the same day are possible! The earliest possible delivery date will automatically be indicated in the app.

We always deliver the freshest flowers, guaranteed!

More info on

Facts about myvukee:
more than 2 million installations
more than 250,000 Facebook fans
more than 20,000 reviews

More products are available on the app:

Photo Books:
• NEW! This handy little Photo Booklet 14 x 14 cm, is great for Instagram Photos
• Stylish square photo book format 20 x 20 cm
• High-quality Soft Cover for 14.99 euro, high-quality hardcover option for only 4.99 euro
• Produced by the latest digital printing technology
• Select the contact information directly from your address book
• Once-off shipping prices are for up to 10 copies of your order

• NEW! Chic mini-calendar in postcard size – Convenient for kitchen , desk, or on the move
• Large A-3 Wall Calendar ( 42 x 29 cm ) with up to 4 photos per month. The perfect gift, quickly created and shipped worldwide.
• Individual starting month for a unique and perfect birthday gift (e.g. November 2013 – November 2014)
• Create your own custom cover page with text
• only 14,99 euro plus shipping

• NEW! Greeting Card Set (12 pieces)
• Send actual Postcard from iPhone or iPad (don’t worry, we have stamps!)
• A selection of Motifs for all occasions, continuously updated (birthday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, wedding, thank you, love, etc.)
• send your greeting card directly from the couch or send a wish-you-were-here directly from the beach.
• With personal signature



BeforeNow is a personal timeline creator to help you catalog your life events in a visual timeline. Simply enter life experiences like you would a journal, you can enter events that happened to you in the past or add an event that is planned in the next year. This diary software will really help your memory recall the great details that happened in your life.

Download BeforeNow iPad App
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BeforeNow isn’t like any other timeline software available.
Most Timeline software focuses on the milestones in your life and treat each event in your life as a single point in time.
BeforeNow will show all events from start to finish.
By using a nonlinear timeline, you can look back and clearly see overlapping events in your life.
i.e. You can scroll to 1996, and clearly see who you were dating, what car you were driving, where you lived, where you went on family vacation, where you were working, etc.
No other software can give you this functionality, and it’s all FREE with BeforeNow.

Once your timeline is established you can export a PDF of your events.
BeforeNow gives you the ability to AirPrint, Email or open the File in a PDF reader app such as Evernote, Dropbox, or iBooks.

When you create an event, you can;
-Add Photos from your camera roll, photo stream or Facebook profile
-Create Maps
-Rate the Event
-Write a note or a little story about the details
-Select the date of the event from start to finish
-Name the event
-Name the location
-List friends that were with you easily from your contacts of Facebook account

Create as many tracks (categories) as you need.
You can even create your own custom tracks, to make the software more personal to you.

BeforeNow is completely private, nothing is posted online or to social media.
So Jump in and track any type of information that you’d like.
Try to recall as much as you can, and then add events as they happen in the future.

What did you do, BeforeNow?

All Women Stalk


From hair, makeup and fashion to love, lifestyle, celebrities, wellness and many more – All Women Stalk is the ultimate blog for ALL women, designed to help each girl discover the most fabulous version of her fantastic self! Join the fabulous All Women Stalk community now and stay updated with everything new, hot, super interesting and extremely useful. Pop a question or share your opinions whenever and wherever you are. Take a peek at tons of amazing posts our Stalkers are putting together for YOU every day! Like, comment, share and never miss a hot fashion trend, a cool beauty product or a lifesaving trick again!

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★ Love – relationship advice, dos and don’ts, and dating tips for every girl.
★ Makeup – application tips, advice on color, and help on choosing the perfect products.
★ Hair – stunning styles, awesome accessories, and tips for picking flattering cuts.
★ Health – get the latest on mental, physical, and emotional help.
★ Travel – travel tips, exotic destinations, and advice on what to do when you get there.
★ Fashion – the latest trends, the hottest designers, and how to make every style work.
★ Beauty – advice on how to play up your best assets and how to be beautiful every day.
★ Dieting – learn about dieting trends, fads, and which foods will really help.
★ Lifestyle – fun DIY products, book reviews, and op-ed on everything under the sun.
★ Money – tips on how to spend, what to spend on, and most importantly, ways to save.
★ Movies – information on new blockbusters, old classics, and every genre imaginable.
★ Bags – news on what bags are hot, where to buy them, and what to wear with them.
★ Celebrities – get gossip, news, and little known facts about all your favorite stars and celebs.
★ Cooking – advice on preparation, cooking techniques, and all kinds of foodie goodness.
★ Food – advice on the best foods, foodie trends, and tons of mouth-watering recipes.
★ Gardening – tips on growing seasons, window boxes, rooftop gardening, and lots more advice.
★ Jewelry – bling’s the thing, with advice on what jewelry looks best and where to buy it.

and more to come based on your requests, guys

Halo my Mood


Daily we encounter new frustrations and now have an app to help organize our thoughts to help us properly prioritize and overcome them.

Download “Halo my Mood” for your iPad here.
Visit the official website of “Halo my Mood” here.

If you could see your thoughts what shape or color would they be? Positive and bright? Or dark and negative? How would you like to manage them?

Halo My Mood is about to show you how easy and fun it is. With Halo My Mood app you will be able to manage your thoughts, reduce stress, decrease the effect of negative emotions, and just take better care of your overall well being. Promoting better understanding of your thoughts and emotions, by visualizing them in various colors and shapes on the screen of your iPad, gives you the power straight at your finger tips to manage your mood, influence your daily productivity, and gain a solid self-awareness. Learning these great skills with our app will put you in charge of your mental and emotional state.

The app has 3 main stages, or areas of effectives – 1st – Create a Thought which takes the shape of a circle. Then color it based on the emotions it stirs up in you, negative or positive. 2nd – Focus/Accept Emotions – in this stage you accept the thought you just expressed and gave a circle shape to. By focusing on the negative thought, for example, you start feeling more in control and able to reduce its power on you. 3rd – Weakening Thoughts – in this final stage, you have expressed and balanced your negative thoughts with positive ones, added new circles on your arena, and now it’s time to bash the thoughts that worry you by sending them away to prison cells. Through the power of Reading, Image, or Sound – or by seeing, or listening to encouraging, mood enhancing texts, images, and audio, you will successfully and permanently learn how to manage your emotional state of mind, and acquire a long term well being skills.

The strategies used in our app are based on Mind/Mood Mapping, power of Hypnosis method, NLP-practiced exercises known as Association, Disassociation and Swish techniques. However the most important feature of the app, and our goal is to help you understand better the issues you are dealing with, analyze the causes behind what bothers you, and give you a nice, easy tool to help you manage that.

Have fun with Halo My Mood,

And feel free to share your experience with us.



Preparing meals and shopping for those who eat gluten free just got easier. Download GlutenFreeVIP to easily filter through thousands of gluten free options.

Download “GlutenFreeVIP” for your iPad.
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GlutenFreeVIP has the world’s finest selection of gluten-free products.
We’re passionate about giving shoppers a better way to discover and buy gluten-free meals, snacks, fresh foods, side dishes and ingredients. We’ve curated our unparalleled catalog of over a THOUSAND gluten-free products, from hundreds of merchants across the country and around the globe, in our efforts to make your gluten-free lifestyle a rich and fulfilling one.


– Browse our catalog of over a thousand products, and discover delicious new gluten-free offerings.
– Buy instantly with a single screen tap, and have your selections delivered right to your door.
– Use our unique Specialty Buttons™ to customize your search: want a product that’s gluten-free, AND vegan, AND organic? Just tap the Specialty Buttons to show products with all three features!
– Store your favorites in Order History, for effortless weekly or monthly re-ordering.

Whether you’re celiac, gluten-intolerant, or just exploring the health benefits of a gluten-free diet, GlutenFreeVIP is the tool you need.