TranquilityTV – Beautiful Film with Music


Relax by taking a virtual vacation from stress as TranquilityTV transports you to the most beautiful places on earth with sophisticated nature film orchestrated to soothing, specially-composed music. It’s guaranteed to relax you because of its 8-year history as a therapeutic and compelling TV channel in hospitals across America. TranquilityTV can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, reduce muscle tension, even create brain theta waves that indicate tranquility. It’s a uniquely calming experience.

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With this app, you can take the comforting, engaging entertainment experience of TranquilityTV with you everywhere with scenes including a boat trip down a Scandinavian fjord, Australia from the space shuttle, a plane ride over Mount Kilimanjaro, swans on a Swiss Alps lake, and much more.

As you’ll soon see, TranquilityTV takes you into a whole new world of relaxation. So go ahead and enjoy this free app. A free video is included with your download and additional videos are just $1.99 each, with free previews that let you see the beautiful footage that comes with your purchase.

TranquilityTV, a beautiful place to relax. Try it. You’ll see.

PT and OT Helper Golf Elbow


This innovative app includes 13 exercises designed by therapists that enhances and simplifies the rehabilitation experience for both the patient and therapist. This app is also appropriate to be used by anybody wishing to improve targeted muscle development. Golfer’s Elbow is a painful condition that causes discomfort due to the inflammation on the inner side of your elbow (medial epicondyle). You don’t have to play golf to get Golfer’s Elbow. It can occur in any sport where the finger and hand grip is intensive. Repeating some types of exercises over and over again can put too much strain on the elbow tendons. The exercises in this app were created under expert supervision of professionals in the field. To avoid injury you should always work with a therapist before performing these exercises.

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The app eliminates patient confusion about any aspect of the exercise routine created specifically for their injury by their health professional. For the therapist it simplifies the creation of the exercise routine and provides the opportunity to confirm that the patient is performing their rehabilitation as prescribed. Never before has this level of exercise coordination been achieved that provides a better understanding and communication between the therapist and the patient. No longer is there any reason for the patient to leave the therapist’s office with just a piece of paper to describe the exercises to perform. This app will hasten the individuals return to activities of daily living, their job or to the sport they love.

* Create a Custom exercise plan for unlimited users
* Purchase once and allow many users for each device. No Monthly Fee!
* The Therapist can create a Template of exercises for common injuries
* Custom exercise routines can be easily emailed to the patient to be used on their mobile device
* Precise animated graphics showing how to perform each exercise correctly
* Compete control for each exercise:
………….Number of Sets
………….Difficulty Level
………….Number of Reps
* Patent Pending speed adjustments allows patient to work at a comfortable speed
* Left and Right exercise distinction
* Audio and written instructions
* Graphically track performance and improvements
* Email graphs to therapist to show exercise progress
* Help screens and easy to follow video tutorial

Gross Grasp with Finger Exerciser (Digi-Flex recommended)
Two Hand Web Opposition with Power Web
All Finger Extension (with Digi-Extend recommended)
Ball Squeeze (with Digi-Squeeze recommended)
Wrist Extension
Wrist Flexion
Forearm Pronation Supination
Flexor Stretch
Roller Extension (Palm Up)



A free digital magazine completely surrounded around women. The interaction within this app are unreal. WOW NOW is available in both English and Greek.

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WOW NOW is the ultimate female-centered magazine that brings together all the aspects of an ideal World Of Women through its exclusive interactive content. Available in both an English and Greek edition.
As a one-stop-shop for the latest tips and expert information in the realms of beauty, health and wellness, our digital magazine will definitely WOW you with its innovative, fresh and creative approach. Our mission is to target all women across the globe. From the girl-next-door, the busy professional or a mama-to-be we have you covered!
Showcasing exclusive interviews with the most sought-after professionals and providing answers and solutions to every day female queries is only a fraction of what this magazine has to offer.
In our world, women are passionate, women are creative, women are beautiful.
Because every woman deserves to look in the mirror and say “WOW”!

Yoga Anatomy Pro


Learn Yoga in 3D! A highly visual and interactive, everyday practice companion! Read on to see why this app will become as essential to your practice as your yoga mat!


Explore Yoga through an anatomical perspective. Yoga Anatomy takes the approach of understanding the inner workings of the human body in order to bring awareness to the deeper forces at play. We start by removing the skin and giving you a clear picture of the muscles involved. We use a color code to illustrate the different muscle actions.


• LENGTHENING refers to the muscles to be stretched (red).
• SHORTENING refers to the muscles to be contracted (blue).
• STABILIZING refers to the muscles which are neither lengthening nor shortening but are nonetheless engaged for stability.


YOGA ANATOMY IS 3D. Spin the body around to get a look from different angles! This is the most KILLER feature of Yoga Anatomy. How many times have you stared at a picture of a yoga pose and wondered what it looked like from a different viewing angle? With this app you can!!! Download it to believe it, it is like nothing else!

This is the TRUE meaning of INTERACTIVE


INDICATIONS. On the iPad the experience is heightened: we give you indications overlaid on the body to guide you through achieving the pose safely and properly, illustrating some common pitfalls as well as variations on the pose. Tap an indication and you’re taken to a deeper level of detail regarding that indication. The details take over the screen with beautiful animations that move, rotate and zoom into the body to best illustrate the muscles and movements involved in that particular indication. Each pose has about 5-7 indications, each indication with it’s own deeper level of detail, so there’s a LOT of information at your fingertips!

HOW DO I GET INTO THE POSE? In each pose we give a step by step description of how to get into the pose with safety and grace.



LIST. In addition to the muscles displayed on the body itself, we give you a list of the muscles which are lengthening, shortening or contracting. (The muscles list may also include some deep muscles which are not shown on the body.)

DEEP MUSCLES. We’ve dedicated a separate section in the app to address a few deep muscles which we feel are key in understanding some of the concepts of Yoga. For each of these muscles we include an explanation of it’s role in the asanas, as well as a beautiful graphic illustrating the muscle and how it attaches to the skeletal structure.


KEY CONCEPTS. In addition to all the beautiful 3D models and animations, we’ve included a section titled “Key Concepts” which contains literature on an array of subjects. The key concepts are broken down into three sections: Getting Started, Common Indications, and Universal Indications.


SANSKRIT. We like to cater to a wide and varied audience, so we’ve included both the English names as well as the Sanskrit names of the poses. You can set your preferred language in the settings.


(many more to come!)

– Warrior I
– Wide Stance Forward Bend
– Tree
– Low Lunge Quad Stretch
– Standing Toe Hold
– Locust
– Cobra
– Bow
– Upward Facing Dog
– Bridge
– Downward Facing Dog
– Side Plank
– Handstand
– Scorpion
– Seated Wide Forward Fold
– Staff
– Seated Forward Fold
– Cobbler’s Pose


Patient Whiz


The Patient Whiz was developed by a board-certified physician, author, and patient advocate to empower individuals with no medical background to optimize their health while slashing their medical bills. This app teaches users how to streamline their own high-quality medical care while they minimize unnecessary, expensive, and potentially dangerous testing.

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GreenNoise Costa Rica


Real ambiance sounds from the pristine forests of Costa Rica. This is GreenNoise.
Sleep, unwind, awaken or simply listen… This is the true sound of nature, as it has been for thousands of years.
Rediscover the benefits and the profound effects the sounds of nature have upon us.
No man-made creation or studio imitation can compete with or imitate the depth and complexity of nature itself…
Tune into the amazing and mystical journey across some of the most breathtaking forests of Costa Rica, and let the sounds of nature inspire you in your everyday life.

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Golf Core Grip

golf core grip

Congratulations! You’ve just entered into the world of the Core Grip Workout System! Core Grip Golf is a comprehensive training system for golfers that implements kinematic sequencing to create a simple and highly effective core workout. Core Grip is designed to improve one’s overall golf fitness level and core stability by reinforcing the kinematic sequence resulting in increased performance in club speed and accuracy.

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