MyChuChu Coloring Book


MyChuChu Coloring Book is a companion app to the popular ChuChu TV show for children. MyChuChu Coloring Book lets your child illustrate and color page after page of their favorite ChuChu TV characters and scenes. If that wasn’t enough, MyChuChu Coloring Book also features a Free Draw mode that lets your child choose their own brush size and colors to draw anything they wish. MyChuChu Coloring Book is your childs next favorite app!

From the main menu of MyChuChu Coloring Book your child will have two options, ChuChu TV Pages or Free Draw. Choosing ChuChu TV Pages will present your child with pages of sense and characters from ChuChu TV that your child can then color in. Free Draw will present your child with a blank canvas where they can freely draw and color in whatever they desire. Both options are sure to have your child entertained for hours on end.

ChuChu TV Pages feature your childs favorite characters and scene from the ChuChu TV show. Selecting a page from this menu will bring your child into the canvas where they can then color their favorite ChuChu TV moment. At the bottom of the canvas your child can choose their favorite colors to fill in on the ChuChu TV scene or they can use the Hint feature on the left side of the screen to get a general idea of how it should look. Once the canvas has been covered there will be an outpouring of Candy Rain that will keep your child engaged with the coloring and also give them a sense of accomplishment. After each ChuChu TV moment is filled in they will get Candy Rain, this doesn’t occur in Free Draw mode as there isn’t a goal to be obtained there.

Free Draw allows your child to create whatever they would like on a blank canvas. Entering into this mode gives your child the option between five different brush sizes and all of the colors at the bottom of the canvas. Let them use their imagination to come up with something truly creative. After they’ve come up with a masterpiece you, the parent, can use the share button on the right hand side to share it with friends and family. Tapping on the share button will ask you to solve a simple math problem before all of the sharing options appear.

Let your child explore their creative side with MyChuChu Coloring Book for the iPad!

Download myChuChu Coloring Book on the App Store
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Movie Genius – Film, Movies and Streaming Recommendation


● Intelligent movie recommendations ● Compares film plots & style, not actors and directors ● ‘Can I stream it?’ and Rotten Tomatoes integration ● Try it for free ● Movie Genius offers FREE recommendations in the most popular film genres ● Go ad-free and get additional genres with an in-app purchase.

Download Movie Genius on the App Store
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● Intelligent recommendations based on matching themes, plots and audience opinion
● The more you use it, the smarter it gets!
● Search for your favorite movies to rate and find similar recommendations
● Save a personal list of movies you discover and want to see
● Filter out movies based on MPAA age ratings
● Get the latest movie news from ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ right in the app
● See which movies are now playing or soon to be released
● Find the most popular and top rated movies of the moment

● Watch Trailers – One tap to view the movie trailer and clips
● Rotten Tomatoes – See critics and audience scores right away
● Can I stream it? — Instantly see whether a film is available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, Crackle, Redbox, XFINITY Streampix, HBO GO, Showtime, Blockbuster, Youtube Movies, EPIX, and iTunes.
● View cast and crew lists, pictures, biographies and filmographies

Share your film recommendations via Twitter, Facebook or email

Once you’re satisfied that Movie Genius provides the best recommendations, a quick in-app purchase removes ads and unlocks additional film genres. Movie Genius supports many genres including Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Disaster, Documentary, Drama, Eastern, Family, Fantasy, Film Noir, Foreign, History, Holiday, Horror, Indie, Kids, Music, Musical, Mystery, Neo Noir, Road Movie, Romance, Science Fiction, Short, Sport, Sport Event, Sports Film, Suspense, TV Movie, Thriller, War and Westerns.

MyBrushes Pro – Draw, Paint, Sketch on Infinite Canvas

MyBrushes Pro is an unique iPad painting application designed to create images and playback the whole painting process on UNLIMITED Size Canvas, and UNLIMITED Layers with UNLIMITED Undo / Redo Steps. It is the best creative platform for professional artists to sketch out what you imagine! Packed with an ultimate fast iPad drawing engine, MyBrushes Pro is the smart choice for both professional illustrators and occasional doodlers, adults and kids.

Download MyBrushes Pro on the App Store
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MyBrushes Pro features highlights: 

– Layering system: 

• Unlimited layers (yes, even every layer is UNLIMITED size!). 

• Create, delete and re-order layers. 

• Duplicate and clear a layer. 

• Copy and paste layers. 

– Unique iPad Painting Studio Features: 

• Unlimited size canvas. 

• Record and Playback your drawing videos. Previous painting and undo actions were saved. You can enjoy it or re-edit it during the playback. 

• Powerful iPad painting engine to support fast painting, smooth and responsive painting (precision & performance). 

• Full retina display for new iPad®.

– Advanced Brush System: 

• Continuous auto-save—never loose work again. 

• Pressure-sensitive could be adjusted. 

• 100 shapes high-quality natural brushes: brush, pencil, pen, airbrush, watercolor brush, chalk, charcoal, neon pens, special effect pens… 

• Rapidly adjust the brush size. 

• Preview the final effect of each brush style. 

• Support Pressure-sensitive stylus:
– Jaja
– Adonit Jot Touch
– POGO Connect
– Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

– Simple and Powerful Interface: 

• Undo / Redo function (Unlimited times !).
• Eraser tool to correct possible mistakes. 

• Two fingers zoom canvas. Fluidly zoom in while drawing to create fine details, and zoom out to see a complete view and add larger elements.

– Artwork Gallery:
• Share your artworks to MyBrushes Remote Gallery;
• Playback artworks in MyBrushes Remote Gallery;
• Export to image file. You can select to export artwork in a whole piece or divide huge artwork into several blocks without losing quality. 

• Share your artworks to facebook, twitter, email, and so on. 

• 50 kinds of background templates in template Library. 

Star Trek™ Vulcan Harp


Fans of Star Trek™ can now play Mr. Spock’s Vulcan harp on their iPad! Replicating the alien instrument from the classic Star Trek™ series, the app is fully functional and features multi‐level sounds, cool effects, and the iconic design of the original harp. Use the sleekly styled controls to compose spacey music or play fascinating songs. Whether you’re a Trek fan, musician, or just interested in playing a unique instrument, the app’s richly detailed appearance and wide‐ranging musical abilities make for an instrument unlike any other!

Download Star Trek™ Vulcan Harp iPad App
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• 15 vibrating strings – each identified, making it easy to play songs
• Distinct pluck dynamic where the sound occurs on release of a touch similar to a harp
• 5 instrument sounds from futuristic to the classic harp
• Large 6-and-a-half octave range in 5 octave banks
• Custom multi-level distortion and reverberation controls give you a wide range to experiment with
• Ability to select pentatonic scale (five notes per octave)
• One button background arpeggio (sequence chords)
• Rich, inlaid wood detail appearance on the harp and moving starfield background
• SoundCloud recording to share your creations
• Concise tutorial to locate controls

Vulcan Harp Background:
The Vulcan harp is also called a Vulcan lyre, lute, lyrette, and lytherette.

The Vulcan harp is played in four episodes in Star Trek™: The Original Series: “Charlie X”, “Amok Time”, “The Way to Eden” and “The Conscience of the King”.

Spock and Uhura both play the Vulcan harp. Tuvok owns one in Star Trek: Voyager™, Melian owns one in Star Trek: The Next Generation™, and (mirror universe) Kira Nerys owns one in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine™.

Spock plays “Row-Row-Row Your Boat” on the Vulcan harp in the film “Star Trek: The Final Frontier™”.



DrawingStar, is only one draw on Pad with very real drawing feeling, like drawing on a paper. DrawingStar, is a place for your kids to do anything with unlimited imagination. DrawingStar, is a fun, easy to use, not just only for kids, but also for artists of ALL AGES to share them love to each other.

Download DrawingStar iPad App
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1. Drawing books lists/management is very clearly and easily.
2. Tap the book to Create/Open with fantastic animations.
3. Drawer for choose brush/crayons/pencils/markers/stickers/paintpot or change paper.
4. Coloring books and teach you or your kids how to draw chicken/bird/fish/fruit/flower/animal etc.
5. Undo, redo and eraser can correct your work very fast and easily.
6. Print your amazing drawing immediately.
7. Share your creations with your friends and family through email/Facebook etc.
8. More features.

Get it! Try it! Enjoy it!

WikiBots Talking Wikipedia


Listen to your very own WikiBot read your Wikipedia articles OUT LOUD in 22 languages! That’s right! simply ask your WikiBot to search for a word or article and it will then become your virtual assistant, find the description and start reading it out loud! This is the perfect way to really enjoy Wikipedia without having to strain your eyes reading long articles. If your traveling, learning, relaxing or just looking for some great entertainment put your feet up and let your very own WikiBot do all the work!!

Download WikiBots Talking Wikipedia iOS App
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WikiBots is a UNIVERSAL app that functions on the iPhone, iPad or iPod (5th generation). So only pay once for WikiBots (Full Version) and you will get two apps for the price of one! AVAILABLE FOR: iPhone and iPads running on iOS7 or iPods 5th generation.

In the free version of WikiBots listen to your very own Wikibot read to you in 22 languages! For unlimited reading from your WikiBot! simply pay once and your WikiBot will endlessly read your search/article in any of the 22 languages! That’s like having 22 virtual assistants all rolled up in to one that can talk forever!!!

Unicef estimate that almost 1 billion people are unable to read a book or even sign their name!. With this in mind WikiBots have been carefully designed to help these people!

Blind or visually impaired people can now benefit from the world of knowledge from a reliable new virtual friend!

Hard of hearing? Not a problem! WikiBots will help you hear all your favourite articles in a fun, clear and enjoyable new way!

Do you just want to be entertained! Not a problem! WikiBots can entertain you too! That’s right! ask your WikiBot a funny word or a phrase and WikiBot will read its description and make you smile!

Ever wished you had your very own very clever virtual assistant that could just settle an argument? Well now you can have one! That’s right! WikiBot loves to settle an argument!.

Don’t have the time to hear the full article read out load? No problem! simply touch your Wikibots nose gently and it will fall asleep. Wake it up with another touch to its nose and it will continue reading where it left off!

Are you learning a new language? Perfect! turn the language settings to the language you are learning and then ask Wikibot to read something that you are interested in. Read the subtitles while listening to your Wikibot! This will cleverly increase your understanding of this new language.

Teachers can use their WikiBot in class to illustrate the meaning of a searched article or meaning. Pupils can use their WikiBot at home to help them with homework, revision or just general research!.

Feeling bored? Not any more! Just ask your virtual friend a word, an article, an abbreviation or maybe a funny word! And WikiBot will stimulate the most bored of minds!

Do you suffer eye strain from reading articles online? Don’t worry! let the WikiBots read your articles and take away the strain!

Research shows that the most effective way to remember something is by association. So we have designed this simple, enjoyable and fun method to help you remember up to 7 times more effectively than just passively reading black and white text.

As your personal Wikibot assistant reads Wikipedia out loud, you will also be able to read the subtitles at the same time!

Not sure which article or word to search for? No problem! WikiBots will suggest Wikipedia articles by article title!

Share the WikiBots app with your friends and family!

iEdutainments is proud to support the WikiMedia foundation. A portion of this apps proceeds will be donated to them each year!.

Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe with STYLUS


Designing Marvel characters with their own stylus is the best experience possible. Download Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe for free, and unlock all of the extras within the app at NO EXTRA COST when you purchase the stylus!

Download “Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe” for your iPad.
Order your “Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe STYLUS”.

The Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe Smart Stylus and App help turn your iPad into an interactive art studio where you and your kids can learn to draw, color, and animate your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. Set your creativity free with characters from Avengers Assemble, The Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk, and the Agents of Smash.
Unique activities for all ages and skill levels
DRAW helps you learn to draw your favorite characters with an interactive grid system and unique “Drawing Scope.” ASSEMBLE shows you how to direct your Marvel characters in your own animated masterpiece. Build and animate action scenes with character stickers, sound effects, speech bubbles, and backgrounds. And then COLOR lets you choose from professionally illustrated coloring pages. You can add your own flare with more than eight drawing tools and an extensive palette of 64 colors. They’re all surprisingly easy thanks to interactive help videos that clearly guide you.
Multiple tools and effects
The Smart Stylus gives you a range of capabilities that make your Creativity Studio experience amazingly rich and lifelike. Wirelessly switch tools and change the line thickness for the most precise drawings. “Shake” to animate your creations and more.
Sticker Creator
This amazing tool allows you to create custom stickers from any drawing or coloring page. Then use your creation in the Assemble activity to personalize your animated scenes.

Aliens & Rockets


Smooth gameplay, fun music and great power ups will make a great game. Race level to level to conquer different levels and play multiplayer with your friends and family.

Download “Aliens & Rockets” for your iPad.
Visit the official website of “Aliens & Rockets.

FREE for a limited time! A new addiction has arrived at planet Earth: Aliens & Rockets. Now on an iPad near you. In a galaxy not so far away, four Aliens discover a planet called Orph. They all want to colonize the new planet. Enter the battle for planet Orph. A fight that takes place in mid air. May the best Alien win!

— Multiplayer —
Aliens & Rockets is extremely fun to play with friends, family or collegues. Pick your favorite Alien and start the battle. Defeat your enemies to conquer planet Orph. Use your rocket to corner your opponents. Various powerups like shields and missles offer an extra dimension to the gameplay. Use them to enlarge your chance of winning. Aliens & Rockets is the perfect game for parties, holidays, family get-togethers, offices, schools and rainy afternoons.

— Singleplayer —
In singleplayer mode you fight Mister Evil. He is one angry alien that wants it all. He arrives on planet Orph to harvest the planet for evil purposes. Pick your favorite alien & fight him in the air to prevent this from happening. Powerups like shields and missles offer an extra dimension to the gameplay. Use them to enlarge your chance of winning. Beat your personal highscore and set a new world record!

MISSLE: Shoots a missle at your opponents
SHIELD: Protects you from harm
SPEED UP: Gives an extra speed boost
SPEED DOWN: Slows down your rocket for sharp turns
LIGHTNING: Does serious damage to other players
HEALTH: Fills your health back up to 100%

Christmas Carols Piano


Learning Christmas carol on your iPad has never been easier. Christmas Carols Piano iPad app will help you learn the songs and be able to play the songs freely for friends and family.

Download “Christmas Carols Piano” for your iPad.
Visit the official website of “Christmas Carols Piano”.

Learn to play piano for free with Christmas Carols Piano.

Surprise your family and friends with your new skill. There are over 55 melodies to learn with over 12 carols that you can learn with an easy “follow me play” guide. Christmas Carols Piano will “light up” the key you should play next. You need to keep the rhythm and in a matter of minutes you will learn to play both the Christmas Carols and other melodies included.

This is a kids friendly app – get them interested in Piano with easy to follow lessons included in the app.

Great Piano sounds and full multi-touch support.

Learn to play:
* Jingle Bells
* Silent Night
* O Christmas Tree
* Rudolph, the red-noosed Reindeer
* We wish you a Merry Christmas
and many many more….

iTV Shows 3


Keeping track of your favorite television shows just got easier. The new iOS 7 design allows you to scroll through episodes and shows to keep track of your episodes viewed and purchased.

Download “iTV Shows 3″ for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Visit the official website of “iTV Shows 3″.

iTV Shows 3 is the best series tracker you’ve ever seen. This powerful app helps you follow your favorite shows and discover new ones in just minutes. iTV Shows 3 was designed exclusively for iOS 7.

Access everything
• With the use of multiple databases, your series information has never been so accurate
• Preview and buy series on iTunes Store right on your device

Keep track
• Mark your watched episodes
• Easily see the next episode to watch
• Receive notifications when a new episode begins

• With iCloud built in, your series and watched episodes are kept up-to-date across all your devices
• Open your account to keep all of your data from in sync

• Discover new shows based on those you have already viewed
• Access the most watched series of the moment
• Never miss a series premiere

• Access a daily calendar
• Make time zone adjustments
• Find the dates of local broadcasts in France and Germany

• Add your friends and see what they’re watching
• Share info with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and email

• See your global progression
• Look at how much time you spend watching TV

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