Fairy tales and modern stories from the world with quality even adults can enjoy are available! Watch “EhonKids” on TV with AppleTV! New stories from the world, old and modern, will be added to our lineup more and more! Target: age 3-8

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◆◇◆Lots of picture books available!◆◇◆
In “EhonKids”, picture book pieces of MOONBEAMS are delivered.
We will be delivering many stories including world’s fairy-tales such as Aesop, Grimm and Andersen as well as modern stories and stories based on Japanese old stories.

◆◇◆Fun for both children and adults! ◆◇◆
“Movie mode” enables you to enjoy picture books like movies.
“Movie mode” has a quality not only children but also adults can enjoy with performance composed by professional musicians, narration by professional voice actor combined with image interpretation!

◆◇◆Watch “EhonKids” on TV!◆◇◆
“EhonKids” has a quality with which you can watch it on TV as well!
Setting is easy.
“EhonKids” is enjoyed in a various way with parents and with friends!
Enjoy it on big screens, too!

◆◇◆Children can enjoy themselves! ◆◇◆
All they have to do is find what they like (on front screen) and tap it. Furthermore, if channel is tuned in, only the stories that match with the channel will show up. Then by flicking, they can easily find stories they want.
Currently there are 6 channels available:
1. “All stories” ”2. New stories/Special stories ” “3. Old stories from the world” “4. Modern stories” “5. Trial reading” “6. Stored stories”

◆◇◆While traveling…◆◇◆
Children can safely enjoy themselves and kept entertained while traveling or when parents are busy with housekeeping.
Even when it’s not network-connected, you can save up to 18 stories into your tablet computer or smartphone and enjoy those stories.

◆◇◆5 new stories will be released every month!◆◇◆
We will be releasing new stories by 5 every month for you to be in touch with many interesting and fun stories.



Teachers: Visually take attendance, conduct exams, create assignments, class discussions, and instantly know your “class mood”. Students can easily understand their current and past performance, and simulate major changes, class mix, and participate in all class activities. Parents can track the progress of their children and students will easily know how they are progressing with each course.

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Jamaroos Musical ABC’s


Who knew animals were such talented musicians? Jamaroos Musical ABCs’ colorful menagerie of 26 animal characters—one for each letter of the alphabet—comes to life with enchanting animated musical performances. A medley of phonetic sounds, letters, words, movable images, and music—plus loads of interactive touch points and zany sound effects, spring forth from each page to jumpstart preschoolers’ reading and vocabulary skills and stimulate their imagination. Packed with hidden surprises and hundreds of opportunities to tap, drag, swipe, and learn, this captivating educational experience will keep kids entertained for hours.

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•Engaging learning of alphabet letters with animals, musical instruments, words, and images
•26 vividly illustrated and animated animal performances, with each letter character playing original music on their own special instrument
•104 vocabulary words chosen to help users develop phonetic correctness and prepare preschoolers to learn to read
•416 movable and stackable icons to illustrate words, strengthen fine motor skills, and provide hours of educational play
•Audio pronunciation to reinforce phonetic sounds, letters, and words
•Fun and surprising interactive elements, visual and sound effects to discover on each page
•Musical instrument descriptions to provide background on both familiar and exotic instruments
•Meets Common Core State Standards for Elementary Grades K-2 English/Language Arts
•Music and sound on/off settings
•No in-app purchases or advertising

Jamaroos Musical ABCs makes learning phonics, letters, and words lots of fun!

More about Jamaroos by Iggy Learning

We originally created the 26 Jamaroos Jungle friends to teach language skills and social skills to students in our Reading Friends preschool, which is known for its Alphabet Phonics Curriculum. Based on our success using the Jamaroos characters and their stories in the classroom, we developed apps in order to provide a fun, interactive, and entertaining learning experience for children everywhere. We wished to provide the highest quality design and production, so we partnered with the founder of Reel FX, a leading animation studio with experience creating children’s entertainment, to bring the Jamaroos characters and stories to life with original graphics, rich animation, and an interactive design that rewards every touch.

Tiggly Christmas


Download “Tiggly Christmas” for your iPad.
Visit the official website for “Tiggly Christmas”.

Tiggly Christmas takes your child through the secular traditions of Christmas: decorating the tree, opening gifts, playing with toys, taking pictures, and sending festive postcards. Save your child’s artwork as postcards to share with your loved ones!

Recommended age: 18 months – 4 years old

Tiggly Christmas is designed to give children the opportunity of experiencing a magical holiday in an imaginative way. Playing with the app will also help children develop their creativity and spatial skills while learning about geometric shapes as they create ornaments and complex toys from squares, stars, circles, and triangles.

Tiggly Christmas works best with Tiggly Shapes.

Decorate your Christmas tree
– See four basic shapes transform into 30 beautiful and colorful ornaments.

Open your gifts and make a big present
– Open your gifts to construct a rocking horse, a magic hat, a monster doll, and many other toys!
– Play with the toys you create! Funny and friendly interactions with toys are designed to delight children.
– Hear the names of shapes repeated for each shape and toy, helping children learn to speak new words.

Save a memory
– Take a picture of yourself that turns into a holiday postcard.
– Save festive postcards on your device to share with loved ones.

– Kid-friendly interface.
– Parents section includes many tips to optimize your child’s learning
– Airdrop sharing functionality for iOS 7 and higher
– No ads or in-app purchases
– Can be played with or without Tiggly Shapes

Audio Notebook

Audio Notebook DailyAppShow banner

Audio Notebook is a versatile app in the fact that you can take notes and record audio dually. Once notes are taken you can properly categorize them and easily share them within an email.

Download “Audio Notebook” for your iPad here.

Notebook and Audio Recorder, built for iOS7.
With color coded categories to stay organized.

The essential tool for meetings, classes, interviews, conferences, sales calls, planning, brainstorming, and more.

Never Miss Another Important Point.
Audio Notebook lets you record events and take notes at the same time. Edit and add to your notes while recording or reviewing later. When you’re done, easily email your notes and recordings with a tap.

It’s your data: Copy all your notes and audio to your Mac or PC with iTunes File Sharing at any time. Great for extra backups or sharing with others. It even works wirelessly over WiFi.

Color code your notes with multiple categories to find them easily and stay on top of all your projects.

Made for the iPad and iOS7.
Audio Notebook is built exclusively for the iPad and iOS7, and is 100% compatible with the latest operation system.

Unlike Apps ported from the iPhone, Audio Notebook’s notes take up the full screen width in landscape, and use a large legible font, so you don’t have to squint.

Pick between three beautiful fonts for your notes: Georgia, Helvetica Neue, or Courier.

You can adjust the playback speed, up to 2x, to go over even long recordings in record time.

Easily rewind by 5 seconds with a single tap, so you won’t miss a thing. Or skip ahead over the boring parts.

Moose & Zebra. Sweden


Moose and Zebra are going to take you on a fun adventure where you can have fun but also gain an education on Sweden.

Download “Moose & Zebra. Sweden.” here for your Apple device.
Visit the official website of “Moose & Zebra. Sweden” here.

Moose & Zebra is a unique interactive magazine for kids. You will find a variety of exciting activities, aimed to develop logic, math, memory and fine motor skills. Each issue is devoted to a different topic and has a number of amusing facts on nature, history and traditions.
Moose & Zebra. Sweden is the second issue of the magazine. Kids will travel to the homeland of Moose and learn what a dala horse is, how the national flags of Scandinavian countries look like, who live in Swedish forests and much more. All activities are fully voiced and have tips mode, so kids can play on their own.

Key Features:
– 15 amazing activities
– Coloring book
– 2 cute characters
– Breath-taking illustrations and animation
– All tasks are voiced and have tips mode
– No third-party advertisements
– No in-app purchases

Teaching and Games: Riddle Train


Entertain the little fidget with a great developing app!
Buy the software one time and download it onto any iOS-devices, from iPhone to iPad.

Vivid lifelike pictures, wonderful voicework and music you and your child will like!
23 interesting tasks with different levels of difficulty. Our “Riddle Train” is made up of 23 wagons and each wagon train features a separate entertaining game.
Every child from 1 year to 8 years old will find fun and exciting tasks and activities.

Her is a list of tasks and games, and it is just a tiny part of what we have in store for you:
* “Who is who” will show kids what animals or objects look like
* With the help of letters and sounds the child will get acquainted with the alphabet
* Find an animal whose name starts with a certain letter. Make a word by a picture
* Get to know the numbers. Complete a variety of counting tasks, from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division
* Get some rest: games to train skill and reaction, a classic memory game and a game of puzzle and will not let your kid get bored!
* And so much more …

Download Training and Games: Riddle Train
Developers Website

Sentence Ninja by Smarty Ears


Learning about grammar can be fun. Ninja fun. Blaze through the levels in Sentence Ninja to raise your understanding of nouns, verbs, punctuation and more.

Download “Sentence Ninja” for your Apple device here.

Sentence Ninja is a multi-player multi-level app designed to improve sentence structure skills in children and adults. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, Sentence Ninja uses a fun Ninja theme to engage clients in their learning while teaching word order. Easily customizable to fit nearly every need, Sentence Ninja is a great addition to the therapy toolbox.

Created to facilitate an understanding of how correct word order impacts sentence structure, Sentence Ninja has 39 levels ranging from simple phrases to complex sentences. Each phrase or sentence has a corresponding picture. Sentence Ninja is designed to teach and reinforce the grammar rules of the English language for children, English language learners, and adults requiring rehabilitation.

When playing Sentence Ninja, the active player is depicted by a ninja figure walking across stepping stones. Players waiting to take their turn are depicted on the side of the page. With each turn, a new picture is displayed with the phrase or sentence words shown on various pieces of paper. The player will drag the words, in order, to the sentence strip at the bottom of the page. If the sentence is not correct, the words will return to their position on the picture. When done with the session, a simple tap on the done button brings the user to the reports center.

From the report center, a tap on the avatar of the client brings up the choice of report cards or awards and points. The awards and points center is a great way to help clients see the scores and any awards they have won throughout the game. Report cards are kept for each session and available to track progress monitoring over time. Sentence Ninja also includes several worksheets of various skill levels that are easily printed or emailed.

Sentence Ninja has many customization choices from the “select a player” screen and from within each target page. The facilitator can choose to record the students saying the sentences, display hints, automatically increase in complexity, or turn on color coding cues. In addition, the facilitator can select the “customize word list” to select/deselect item choices.

Sentence Ninja has the following features:
•39 levels of increasing difficulty and skill levels
•Up to 5 players
•Receptive and expressive Language skills
•Data Collection over time for each student
•Compatibility with Therapy Report Center for easy report writing and progress monitoring
Author: Susan Rose Simms, MA, CCC-SLP
Designer: Barbara Fernandes, MS, CCC-SLP

Romeo and Juliet – Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song Edition


Take a listen into Rome and Juliet in a whole new way. With over 38 original songs to Shakespeare’s text you’ll experience the story and love of Romeo and Juliet in a whole new way.

Download “Romeo and Juliet – Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song Edition” for your apple device here.

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song

Shakespeare as you have never heard him before.

“better than Jesus Christ Superstar”

“Forget Baz Luhrmann’s madcap updating of Shakespeare’s classic tale – Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song presents the star-crossed lovers as you’ve never seen – or heard – them before”

38 original songs using Shakespeare’s original text.

Michael O’Neill and Peter van der Fluit have created a score that brings Shakespeare to a new generation. Never before has his timeless language been explored through music and with such innovation.

Presented here for the first time are the original recordings in their entirety.

Math Mathews : Mental Math


“Math Mathews – Mental Math” allows children to practice arithmetic in a fun way (addition and subtraction).
This new version of the game prompts players to find the missing numbers in addition and subtraction problems and alternates with fun gameplay. (collecting coins and treasures).
Unlock the eight levels of play to help Captain Mathews and his crew get to the heart of the Temple of the Earth!
The ability to choose the difficulty level (easy, medium, hard, expert) according to age and ability
8 levels of play and lots of different exercises to see the continuing adventures of Captain Mathews
View a report after each session to see the player’s progress in mental math.
Up to 10 players to register accounts.
A secure environment: no advertising, in-app purchase or links to social networks. It is the game, that’s it!
Kiupe is an interactive publishing company founded by professionals from the world of serious games and gaming.
Our ambition is to make you live great experiences with our games.
Life is better with video games!

Download ‘Math Mathews : Mental Math’ for your Apple device here.

Tic Toc Time – Understanding Time for the Children


iPads are for more than just aimless games. Tic Toc Time is a great tool to instruct children on how to tell time and why we tell time the way that we do. Through a number of different exercises along with friendly graphics the mind of young ones’ are growing in understanding and how to share time in a conversational manner.

Another great setting of the app is the fact that as a parent you can log into the app and monitor your children’s progress through the lessons.
Below the video demonstration is a link to download Tic Toc Time for your iPad.

***SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: From September 5-19, 2013 you can download Tic Toc Time: Break Down the Day to Learn How to Tell Time and save 40%!***

Are you a parent or educator in search of a UNIQUE, FUN, EASY and EFFECTIVE way to teach young learners aged 5-8 how to read a clock face and tell time?

Then you’ll love Tic Toc Time: Break Down the Day to Learn How to Tell Time!

> Special Limited Time 40% Discount
> Designed for iPad and iPhone
> Created in Conjunction with Renowned Mathematician and Astrophysicist > Certified by the kidSAFE® program

Learning to read a clock face is not an intuitive process for children. Tic Toc Time for iPad and iPhone is the world’s first time-telling app that teaches children aged 5-8 how to read a clock face using elements that they’re already deeply familiar with: sun, shadow, night and day.

Once the foundation is laid, children are taught how to read a clock face and tell time via a simple, easy and fun learning path that was crafted in conjunction with renowned Swiss astrophysicist Slim Hamdani.

Tic Toc Time meets the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, including standards for telling time in grades 1, 2, and 3. And because it’s so much fun, children won’t even realize that they’re learning!

Tic Toc Time lets you create up to 40 unique profiles for all of the young learners in your life. It’s ideal for school use, home use, while in transit/traveling, or anywhere else!

You’ll find it easy and simple to manage all of Tic Toc Time’s settings, including text, audio, sounds and AM/PM or 24 hour mode.

Visit the Seven Academy Online Community for support, and to suggest future improvements and enhancements at

Download Tic Toc Time for your iPad here.