Piano Spirit


Piano Spirit is a different music game designed exclusively for iPad. With Piano Spirit everyone can play beautiful music after a few minutes practice with great fun. Piano Spirit supports two players play a song in collaborative/opponent way. Also it provides a full functional virtual piano for skilled players. Your fingers dance, Piano Spirit sings.

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Best Biking Roads


Looking for new places to go on your bike?
Or are you on a trip and want to find great motorcycling roads near to you? Look no further.
The BestBikingRoads.com app is the latest extension of the webs largest motorcycle touring resource. Benefit from the experience of over 11000 motorcyclists from all over the world who have added their favourite roads and reviewed those of others.
Add your favourite roads and contribute to the community, search for a road, look up roads and routes in new areas for trip planning or weekend rides.

Price: $3.99
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